Somalis: “We just came to Germany to live on welfare”.

I’ve mentioned many times before (including in my most recent post) that a country is a reflection of the people who live there, not the other way around.  What I mean by that, is that the country doesn’t make the people what they are, the people make the country what it is and so, when those people are moved to another country, they will have an effect on the new country, rather than than the new country changing them.

Now lets take a look at Somalia. There’s a reason this country is a poverty stricken, dangerous hellhole, and it isn’t because of colonialism, racist white people, voodoo curses, kryptonite, radioactive spider bites, or any other lame excuse that might be given to explain it. No, the reason why Somalia is the way it is, is because the people who live there are a bunch of feckless, lazy, violent, moronic, imbeciles, with an average IQ of 68… borderline retarded by first world standards. Moving hundreds of thousands, or even millions of these people to Europe, isn’t going to bring them up to European standards, and it certainly won’t be a boom to the European economies. Instead, they’re going to drag Europe down to Somalia’s standards, and that can be clearly seen, when reading this article.

From Lietuvos Rytas (Translated by Google)

“Somalia, Sudan, Libya,” – the names of countries patter begins to pour on the outskirts of Munich, Heidemanis street, located in the center of the approaches to meet migrants dark-skinned young men.

Isn’t it interesting how everyone is so focused on the Syrian civil war, that nobody is paying attention to every other country that people are coming from? I still have yet to see an explanation as to how Europe can possibly handle the influx of people coming in from what seems to be the entirety of the Middle East, South Asia, and Northern and Central Africa. We will be overrun eventually.

Not wanting to be overrun and ethnically cleansed in our own ancestral homelands is “racist” don’t you know?

City outskirts, semi-industrial area, set up a reception center for migrant simultaneously accommodated about 1,200 people. Although after a few weeks, migrants from the center raised elsewhere, it is never empty.

And it never will be empty, because there’s no end in sight for this mass migration. They will keep on coming until Europe chooses to put an end to it. By the time the willpower exists to do that, it may already be too late.

More than 40 years ago, the reality we’re facing now, was the plot of a post apocalyptic novel, The Camp of the Saints.

On arrival at the center approaches impossible not to notice a bright blue painted and sprinkled with various inscriptions fence: looking at the white background of the winter very bright street art, between different people’s cultures and religions attributed to characters in the eye drops are repetitive inscription “Welcome”. It is in this greeting a few months ago the Germans greeted their country arrived in the overcrowded trains migrants from southern Europe.

Central approaches can be seen not only back and forth over by volunteers, but their destination have reached the migrants, who are from this center can go out and come back to it again in the security station to produce documents.

At first glance it seems that the majority roam around 18-30 years for men. These groups are attracted to public transport stations, from where travel to the city center or just go for a walk after the center approaches. In the city center through the half-open net rushing and one other family with children.

Yeah, we already know it’s mainly young men. Young men, who are supposedly fleeing from a civil war in Syria, while the women, children, and elderly, stay back home to fight it. Of course, we know the Syrian war narrative is a complete fabrication at this point, and most migrants aren’t coming from there, but you would think even people who are clueless to the fact that it’s mainly non-Syrians who are arriving in Europe, would at least wonder why it’s mainly men. Unfortunately, most people are asleep, and don’t think about the world, beyond whatever is happening on Coronation Street, or whatever Kim Kardashian is doing lately.

“An army of fighting aged, rapists and terrorists flooding into Europe, you say? Who cares? I’m too busy trying to admire Kim’s new dress.”

How then were able to learn certain premises populated center of the family, individually housed and single mothers with children, as well as separate facilities at the living men who arrived without families.

Part of the center supervisors – as well as non-ethnic Germans, and people who can communicate with the different sides arrived migrants and natives all cultural, religious or communication with foreigners characteristics.

English understands, but does not want to speak

Most agree the center of the migrants do not speak. Although often they obviously pay, or at least understand English, when asked whether she would accept a few minutes to talk, just shakes his head and pressure away.

True, there are those who agree to talk, but after seeing the work of a journalist’s license and are confident that this particular document, begins to smile shyly and say do not understand questions. Centre volunteers have also confirmed that the majority of migrants, at least a little English.

But sure they’ll be a boom to Germany’s economy in no time at all. They’ll be paying the pensions of retiring Germans, for decades to come.

The portal women journalists met ten days ago to talk to the migrant reception center comes Abdulah, just asked to have reached Germany from Somalia, began brandishing hand to tell the smallest details of the trip.

He spoke broken English, regularly įpindamas and their native language words, so the long narrative was able to understand that the Somali boat he reached Italy and then took a train to Germany.

“He had to escape the brutal civil war in Italy.”

Seriously, does nobody else think this is insane? That uneducated and economically useless people from the third world, can just walk into Europe like this without doing so legally, and isn’t sent back straight away? How does this benefit Europe?

Laugh travel price

Asked whether this was an expensive trip, the guy replied that the cost is very high – up to eight thousand dollars. As soon as they heard this statement, his buddies, until all the questions atsakinėdavę “no english” throws voice kvatotis and fellow pat on the shoulder praising him for ingenuity.

“But they’re so poor and impoverished”.

“I come alone, but in Somalia remained in my family,” – continues even not ask the other person says and hints that he got only reached Germany immediately to his family reported that he is alive and healthy. Here again during the course of the conversation with curiosity the next circle of mocking laughter swept wave.

Abdulah Germany – yet only ten days, but already has a very big plans: “As soon as I get the German citizenship as soon as you bring your family here. Our family is not very big – only ten people. It’s my parents, brothers and sisters. Or maybe they will be able to enter the bus as much as before, “- he considered.

“As soon as I reached Germany, they immediately telephoned. They are very happy, “- smiling broadly Abdulah and his fortune friends, just heard about it, that called to the house in Somalia, once again he began to chuckle.

“Not a big family.”

“Ten People”.

Germany meanwhile has the lowest birth rate on the planet.


The Germans are well on their way to being ethnically cleansed and replaced.

But sure, that’s a good thing remember? The Jew politician told us so.

“People shouldn’t be judged based on the group they came from. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all gypsies are thieving, parasitic scum. Not all blacks are violent thugs. However, all ethnic Germans are Nazis, and are guilty of crimes committed 70 years ago, even if they weren’t born at the time.”

In Germany – not to work and live

Abdulah rushing to assure that it is sure to remain in Munich and will not take place anywhere from here, he likes the conditions. “Here I will be able to learn the German language, it’s got to do first,” – says a young man. But when asked what later would like to work in Germany, he smiles: “No, no … I like to walk in the mountains, but to work – not. I want to live in Germany. “

He doesn’t want to work in Germany. He just wants to live off German tax-payer funded welfare, like the worthless parasite that he is. You can be sure his friends with “no English”, feel the same way. Then when they bring their “small families of ten” to live in Germany with them, they’ll be equally as lazy and useless. Meanwhile, the Germans will be taxed into oblivion to pay for these wasters, and won’t be able to afford to start families of their own, because of the high cost of living. This is genocide, no matter how they might try and dress it up.

Also, can you see what I mean now about blaming the Somali people themselves for Somalia being a failed state? How could anyone expect the country to be in any other state than what it is, if this is the caliber of people who live there?

Germany isn’t what it is, because of its geographical location. It is what it is, because Germans are a hardworking and industrious people. If the Germans are replaced with Somalis, a useless and idiotic people, Germany will turn into Somalia. It’s really that simple.

Heidemanis street migrants can spend up to eight weeks. It heard Abdulah pretend that this information is new to him: “No, they promised me that I have lived here. Only eight weeks? We are here to stay forever. “

A parasite doesn’t leave it’s host willingly.

“We love Germany”

Heidemanis street in the center of migrant arrivals can live, here they are fed, they are advised to attend an intensive German language course, provided free of charge to doctors, as well as dental services.

Newcomers are provided with clothing, they are provided, and various other forms of assistance.

Nothing is for free. German tax-payers are paying for these services.

Winter – no problem, the Germans made sure that we make up. There are very good people, we like them a lot, “- said the guy showing his down jacket. The conversation still trying to interfere with his fortune friends smiling broadly kept repeating that they really like in Germany.

Yes, I’m sure they do really like their benefactors. In much the same way Anna Nicole Smith really loved her 90 year old billionaire husband, for the year she was married to him before inheriting his fortune.

The relationship between the Somali migrants and the German tax-payers in a nutshell.

“We love Germany” – an enthusiastic thumbs-up raised Abdulah friends goodbye and went their own ways.

It’s pretty sad isn’t it? As I said, the average IQ in Somalia is 68, yet in this case, the Germans are the ones being outwitted in this relationship. But that’s political correctness for you. Certain obvious realities have to be denied, in case it’s offensive. And so, the Germans are doomed to subsidise the lives of parasites like these until they finally go extinct, all to avoid being called mean names like “racist” if they dare to resist.

2 thoughts on “Somalis: “We just came to Germany to live on welfare”.

  1. America killed Gaddafi and France takes whatever it wants from Africa. The immigrant problem was started by the west sticking its nose in where its not wanted and moaning when shit goes wrong. Powerful people with powerful allies have caused these issues. There are violent, lazy, rapist weirdos everywhere you go. At the end of the day identity politics is used to fuel our hatred towards each other and keep us ignorant to what the powerful are really doing to us. Ive met people who where living in direct provision and Ive met people that have gone in as workers its not a nice experience. Our government gave 43mill to these privately run centers. The people there live on 19 euro a week. Does it not stink of corruption to you? MY obvious reality is that if you are living in shit conditions that can be dangerous you go and look for better. Its a human reaction and seeing as we only live once its not too much to want a comfortable life for yourself. As far as integration goes it works both ways, its not easy but people are willing to work at it. At least from what I’ve experienced. Diversity is strenght because if we ever where to really achieve it we would be focussing on whats actually happening to the world. But there is too much hate so we will never see that and the powerful remain safe.


    • Never once denied that the problem was started by western intervention in the region. In fact, I’m almost certain that I have mentioned it numerous times already. I’ve certainly never condoned these actions either. Problem I have, is that the outcome we’re seeing now is all part of the plan, rather than some unintended side effect from short term thinking.

      – Cause chaos in the third world.
      – Use this chaos to encourage mass immigration from the third world to the first world.
      – Use guilt and shaming tactics on people in the first world, to pressure them into accepting this mass migration.
      – Redistribute assets in the first world (taxes, living space, education/training opportunities, and job placements etc) from people in first world, to incoming people from third world.
      – The people in power who are actually responsible for causing these problems, aren’t the ones whose assets are redistributed. Instead, ordinary people who aren’t responsible are the ones who pay.
      – This redistribution of assets, causes an increase in the cost of living on first world citizens, leading to a decline in living standards and birth rates.
      – Governments claim that “birth rates are dropping” in our countries and use this as justification for more immigration from incompatible people.
      – Natives in each country decrease, and outsiders increase.
      – Policies which cause these problems continue to be pursued, rather than working to end the problems.
      – Eventually, societies are so diverse, that there’s no sense of national unity, meaning there is no resistance to a one world global society, in which a global elite rule over an easily controlled populace, with no ties to a community or nation state.

      And I do agree that integration is a two way street, but the way I see it, people in Europe have given more than their fair share to make it work. In a world where being a racist is like the worse sin of all, were crimes by outsiders have been covered up by those in power, were identity politics is pushed for every group you can think of: Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, Gays, Trans, Feminists etc, every group except white people, I can’t honestly see what more we can do on our part at this point.

      And no, I do not think diversity is a strength. A diversity of ideas and skillsets is a strength, but that can be found in a culturally homogenous society just fine.A diversity of cultures and value systems is not, and never has been.


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