Expecting basic literacy skills from teachers is “racist”.

I’m a firm believer that “equality of opportunity” is a good code of conduct to live by. I don’t see any reason why a person should be denied a fair opportunity for something, on account of their membership of a certain race, gender, sexual orientation etc., if none of these things are a relevant factor.

However, a lot of people seem to confuse “equality of opportunity” with “equality of outcome” and therefore assume that if we aren’t seeing equality of outcome in certain places, that this must be down to discrimination. The problem is, that while we might be all “equal” in terms of our rights and protections under the law, that doesn’t mean that we’re equal in every way. And that’s just it, we aren’t all equal. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and some people just aren’t as capable in certain endeavours as others. Some people are simply capable of reaching higher standards than others and it’s impossible to have equality while maintaining these high standards. The only way equality can be achieved is by dragging the standards down to the level of the weakest candidates which of course by definition means a lower quality of standards.

I’ve actually touched on this sort of thing before in a post I wrote nearly two years ago. The post in question dealt with a story about how the United Stated Marine Corps was lowering their fitness standards so that women could qualify (under the existing standards at the time, not one woman had ever passed). The logic given for this was that the test was “sexist”, and “outdated”, and that standards needed to be changed, so that women could pass. The standards that existed had nothing to do with sexism though. They were just the standards that it was felt Marines needed to meet in order to actually do their job properly. Men just had a natural advantage because due to biology, they’re physically stronger than women on average. If a man couldn’t meet the existing standards, he wouldn’t pass either. The obvious endgame of this decision to change the standards, is that in a potential future conflict, there will be marines on the battlefield who are less capable, and therefore, more likely to either die, or cause the deaths of their colleagues. That doesn’t seem to matter though. Not hurting the feelings of unqualified applicants is more important than keeping people alive apparently.

Today’s story deals with teachers, rather than military personnel. I don’t think we can expect any potential deaths because of this decision, but we could see plenty of students having their future earning potential and livelihoods hindered, because of having been taught by inferior teachers. I’m of the believe that the student’s needs are more important than the feelings of unqualified teachers. New York State doesn’t seem to share my views on the topic.

From Daily Caller

Prospective teachers in New York will likely no longer have to pass a basic reading and writing literacy exam, the Associated Press is reporting.

Who needs teachers who are capable of reading and writing? I’m sure they’ll do an excellent job teaching students how to read and write… without knowing how to do those things themselves.

The state’s Board of Regents is expected to ditch the Academic Literacy Skills Test in part because black and Hispanic teaching candidates struggled to pass the exam, according to the AP.


“Aw sheeeit. We wuz kangz yo. We don’ need no muh’fuggin crackah tests to be able to get dat learn on with those kidz n shit.”

“A+. Congratulations, you’re now a qualified teacher Tyrone. Your student’s future depends on how well you teach them.”

So because black and Hispanic candidates struggle to pass the test, it must be racist somehow. I don’t really understand how this could be exactly. I don’t think we’ll be getting an explanation as to how either. Just that it “must be racist because they aren’t passing”.

Also I would like to once again point out, that if America is such a racist, white supremacist, white privileged society, then why is it that on average, Indians, East Asians, and Jews, are more successful than white people? Why do the racist white people cause blacks and Hispanics to fail, but they don’t do the same for the other groups? It’s just such a mystery. Well, it is if you choose to be willfully ignorant, make certain possible explanations taboo, and therefore limit the possibilities as to what the answer could be.


It’s not even white supremacy. East Asians are the ones who come out on top.

Just 41 percent of black teaching candidates and 46 percent of Hispanics passed the test on their first try, compared to 64 percent of white candidates.

So a large percentage of white people fail the test as well then? And a fairly large percentage of black and Hispanic do actually pass, but just not as large a percentage as white people. Sounds like it’s just a tough test that passes the qualified applicants, and fails the unqualified, regardless of their race. What could be fairer than that?

The multiple choice exam is meant to ensure high standards among prospective teachers, which many teaching preparation programs have struggled to do.

A December 2016 study by the National Council on Teacher Quality found that 44 percent of teaching programs “cannot ensure that most of their incoming candidates are among the top half of college students.”

Maybe the teaching programs scrapped their own set of standards for prospective course coordinators, and now there are inferior people teaching prospective teachers.

Hey, anything is possible.

A state task force recommended the board scrap the exam because of the number of black and hispanic candidates struggling to pass it. The board is expected to adopt the recommendations on Monday.

Lets not maintain high standards. Lets allow our standards to be dictated by the level of the weakest candidates.

There are too many black NBA players. This must be because of racism. This white man’s skill levels should be the standard for playing in the NBA so we can achieve equality.

“We want high standards, without a doubt.


Not every given test is going to get us there,” Pace University professor Leslie Soodak told the AP.

“So lets just scrap the tests entirely then.”

Soodak was a member of the task force that advocated abandoning literacy tests for teachers.

“Having a white workforce really doesn’t match our student body anymore,” Soodak added.

But…but…I thought we were all equal, and race doesn’t matter. Surely we should judge people not “by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” That would be the proper thing to do, right?


This meme sure gets a lot of mileage.

Opponents to the exam unsuccessfully attempted to have it struck down in court in 2015, arguing that it was discriminatory because racial minorities performed worse on the test than white candidates.

No explanation as to how exactly a multiple choice questionnaire could be discriminatory. Like I said, there are other possibilities to take into consideration that could more easily explain why these minorities are performing worse on average.

Just posting this again, to let it sink in. Keep in mind that there are parts where there is overlap both in the high and low parts. This would explain the minorities who do pass, and the whites who fail. Outliers always exist, but the mean, median, and mode are what will define the pattern.

A federal judge declined to strike it down, however.

Nice to see there are still some good judges. Of course, that never stops these people. They’re like religious zealots. If they have a goal, they’ll keep pushing and pushing for it, until they eventually get their way. Ultimately, they can lose a hundred times in a row, and it doesn’t matter, because they’ll just try again until they finally win once.

And they only need to win once.


9 thoughts on “Expecting basic literacy skills from teachers is “racist”.

  1. Equal opportunity only works with equity. If someone from a good family is given the same opportunity as someone from a disadvantaged family its obvious the outcome. That cant always be blamed on the person from the disadvantaged back ground. For example black and hispanic communities in America dont have the best educational standards the teachers in your article are proof of that. The test gets changed the teachers become proper teachers and go back out into their own communities or one like it to teach which inturn lowers the standard again. This isnt an article about being racist or whatever thats an excuse used to lower the educational standards of the lower classes and keep everyone in their place. Seems kinda obvious.


    • Definitely just an excuse to lower the educational standards. Keep the proles dumb and asleep to prepare them for their future as a slave to the system.


  2. I mean it is racism but not the way its being put in that article. The standard of living is poor in those communities maybe because they are seen as not being worthwhile to invest in. Which is idiotic because if they did invest in it in the first place they wouldnt have a long run of shit living standards and you wouldnt be putting up IQ stats. It’s hilarious how the same people that want to make things fair are the same people that make everything extremely unfair.


    • They have tried to achieve parity for the past half century or so, and it has come to nothing. They’ve force integrated schools in order to try to prevent the idea of bad schools being more minorities only. They’ve created affirmative action programs for college admissions, that penalise white and Asian students, in order to give greater opportunities to black and hispanic ones. There are “diversity quotas” in a lot of jobs. They’ve made a point of finding the most homogenous white areas, and building section 8 housing in them for black families. It hasn’t made much of a difference. I think the problems are entirely within their own communities. If an Asian immigrant can come to Americas as an outsider, work in a dry cleaners all his life, but in doing so, works hard to create opportunities for his own children and grandchildren to succeed, then I don’t think racism is to blame in any way.


  3. But not all asian immigrants do that and there are black people that do work hard. Its not so black and white.(mega lolz excuse my pun) Those communities have been treated like shit from the get go. After slavery was gone it was made possible for land owners etc to buy labourers from the prison system. Alot of black men were arrested for no reason or shit reasons after that and in a round about way went back into servitude. If a community is not given a fair chance from the begining the attitudes of the people become embedded like the thinking that things dont change and why bother. While there are obviously a number of factors that add to it, those communities have been kept down.Blaming them entirely and not awknowledging the extremo corruptive power of governments is like flashing a blind person. Your pal Tyrone reminds me of the gombeen Irish man.We didnt like that very much did we?


    • Not suggesting that all Asians have worked hard, or that no blacks have. Obviously there are good and bad in any community. However, stereotypes usually come about because of some truthful basis. On average, despite America supposedly being a highly racist society, in which white people are privileged, and minorities are oppressed, East Asians, Indians, and Jews are usually the wealthiest and most successful demographics of all (moreso than whites) and in the case of East Asians and Jews (not sure if this also applies to Indians as well) they also tend to have the highest IQ scores on average. In the case of Hispanic, and in particular, black communities, they tend to usually score much lower in IQ tests despite decades of trying to achieve parity in the education system. No matter what they do, whites and Asians always seem to outperform them on average, when it comes to education.

      I don’t believe there exists external factors holding them back, which at the same time, gives those other racial minorities a pass. There is research to suggest that genetics plays a strong role in intelligence level (although there are other factors such as prenatal environment which can have an influence as well), so is it really hard to believe that from everything we’ve seen, that there is just biological differences in average racial IQ levels, and this is what hinders them, rather than racism? I mean, it’s not considered racist to point out that black people are usually more athletic than white people on average, and therefore dominate Basketball, sprinting, American Football, etc. It’s accepted that they seem to have biological advantages in those areas over us, but if people suggests that we are biologically more intelligent on average, it’s heresy.

      I think the fact that there are still plenty of successful black people in America at all proves that anyone who really has the drive and ability, has the potential to succeed. Some people are obviously gifted and will rise to greater heights than their peers,. The existence of people like Stephen Hawking, doesn’t define the average intelligence of all white people, in much the same way that existence of intelligent and successful black people, doesn’t define their average, and their average tends to be lower than whites, and the white average tends to be lower than that of East Asians. Doesn’t mean there won’t still be obstacles, but I don’t believe these obstacles are anything to do with racism, especially with all the programs that have been implemented to try and achieve parity.

      As for the reference to the discrimination that Irish people suffered, unless I’m misunderstanding the reason you brought it up, does that not prove the point I’m making? Our people were discriminated against, yet they worked hard and managed to eventually integrate into the general American culture, and didn’t have to give up their own religion or culture in the process. They just got on with things and managed to succeed back in a time that was less politically correct and when there was a less of a stigma to treating those who were different, badly.


  4. Lol yeah we suceeded we took over parts of America and our culture seeped in 🙂 isnt that what your afraid of? I don’t actually buy into blacks are better at this whites are better at that. I think there are circumstances that influence everything. There is systematic racism in America and it does hold people back.


    • Yes, yes I am afraid of that. I like European style cultures the way they are, and don’t want Middle Eastern or African style ones to eventually dominate instead.

      And I don’t see what kind of systematic racism exists in America. 50 years ago, I would agree with that statement, but not today.


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