Terror attack in London.


So who would have thought it? There’s been yet another terrorist attack in a European city (London this time). You know what the most shocking thing of all is about this? It’s the fact that people still act shocked when this sort of thing happens. I don’t understand how people can really be shocked by these incidents anymore. We’ve seen this pattern play out over and over again. All over Europe, in countries in which there are large Muslim minorities, we’re seeing a drastic increase in violent attacks (whether it be terrorism, rapes, or just other forms of violence) being committed against the native populations. In fact, the current Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, literally came out and said that terrorism is just ‘part and parcel’ of living in a major city.

“Sorry infidels. Terrorism is just a normal unavoidable inconvenience… like the rain. There’s no stopping it, so you’ll just have to get used to it.”

It’s completely insane how people just aren’t able to see what’s going on. We’re literally in a war for our very survival against a force that is invading our lands, outbreeding us, and is quickly ramping up the violence against us. There’s never going to be a point were they suddenly decide to integrate peacefully, and adopt our cultural values. They’ve been coming to Europe for the past 50 years or so, with some of them now being third generation settlers, and they’ve still shown absolutely no indication that they’re any closer to integrating. If anything, the more their numbers increase, the less they seem to integrate.

The problem is, most people on our side don’t realise yet that we’re in a war, and aren’t willing to say that enough is enough. Eventually, something has got to give. We can’t keep living under these conditions. What was once something very rare, started happening every few months, then it was every few weeks. Pretty soon, there’ll be attacks like this happening every few days, then every day, then every hour. Eventually, we’ll be forced to submit to Islamic rule, just to stop the attacks from happening. That is, unless people wake up and resist. There are literally only three options left now. Submit. Die. Or fight.

15 thoughts on “Terror attack in London.

    • I’m referring to Europe in general. If the great powers in Europe such as Britain, France, and Germany fall, smaller countries like ourselves won’t be far behind.


  1. What happened today was really awful no one deserves their life to be ruined or taken like that.
    The guy was apparently on a watch list so why was it allowed happen.


    • It was allowed to happen because those who make the decisions that effect the lives of everyone else, don’t want to prevent these things from happening. The whole purpose of the policies being pursued by those in power is to bring in as many different groups as possible, force them to live within close proximity, and to exploit these differences, to play us all off against each other, so bad things happen. If people are divided and fighting among themselves, it makes them easier to oppress and exploit. A united people, could potentially join forces and overthrow their oppressors otherwise.


    • First of all, I actually do, do that as well. Plenty of other posts where I’ve done that. Second of all, even if the people in power weren’t aiding them, the Muslims would still want to conquer and enslave us. It’s not as if they’re just innocent victims being mind controlled by our political elites, being forced to rape and murder us against their will. They’re doing what they’d do anyway, except, they wouldn’t so easily have an opportunity to otherwise.


  2. But you havent been raped or murdered….. im just fucking with ya. Honestly I work with Muslims the scariest thing they did was teach me how to sew. Also your right if we all stood up to the powers that be itd be awesome. Everyone not just a select acceptable few…namaste.


    • And I work with Muslims too, and the majority of the ones I have worked with have been decent people. However, while I’m perfectly fine with allowing a limited amount of controlled immigration regardless of a person’s religious/ethnic/national background, I think the current situation is insane. I think it should be limited to educated people, with skills in an area in which we don’t have enough of our own to fill vacancies, and they must be forced to integrate. If they don’t have useful skills, they shouldn’t be here, and if they’re in anyway hostile to our way of life, they damn sure shouldn’t be here. In the current environment, you’re literally Hitler if you think importing infinity people regardless of their ability to contribute or integrate, might be a bad idea.


  3. Yup and your literally a fat minging feminist if you feel that there are genuine refugees that need help. Its all very sad the way we label eachother. You cant force people to integrate thats a bit Hitlerish and doesnt work. There are integration programmes and they do work quite well but funding is a problemo there and I can only speak for what Ive seen in Ireland.


    • To be quite honest, I don’t feel there are genuine refugees to help, or rather at least, I don’t see how the few genuine ones who do exist, are our responsibility. There are countries that are geographically, culturally, and racially, much closer that aren’t helping at all (the Gulf states), then as for some other states that actually are helping (eg, Turkey), if we really wanted to help as well, we could easily do so by sending supplies and aid workers directly to the refugee camps in Turkey itself. In fact, even in Syria itself, there are safe zones that people can stay in. There’s no actual need to leave these areas and come to Europe. This whole idea that we can only help them by letting them flood into Europe and spread everywhere, is complete nonsense. It’s just an excuse to undermine the ethnic homogeneity of every individual nation state with vastly different people, in order to implement the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. Sure, the war in Syria is almost over anyway ever since America stopped funding the terrorists.


  4. See that makes sense when its put like that but its different when you speak to people that have been in the situation.


    • Perhaps, but I find it difficult to look at it from outside of a cold and logical perspective. While I get the idea that there are always going to be innocents getting caught up in these situations, my natural compassion is going to be with the innocents I identify as part of my “in group” (ie. other Westerners), who could potentially harmed, over the innocents from the “out group”.


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