The worst form of inequality…

“What do you mean when you say that the work of a cashier and a warehouse worker aren’t equal? They both do the same amount of hours, damn it.”

Guys, you’re not going to believe this. Apparently Tesco think that it’s OK to pay women less than men for doing the same work. I just can’t get over this. I am feeling seriously triggered right now that such blatant sexism has been going on for so long. Thankfully, some brave, heroic women, have taken a stand for their rights and are taking legal action against this sexist behemoth. Lets read on to learn more about what these women have had to deal with.

From RTE

Tesco is facing Britain’s largest ever equal pay claim and a possible compensation bill of up to £4 billion, according to a law firm which has begun legal proceedings. 

Tesco is Britain’s biggest retailer and its largest private sector employer with a staff of over 310,000. 

Wow I can’t believe this. Didn’t Tesco get the memo? It’s illegal to pay women less than men for doing the same work. How is it that they think they can get away with paying women less than men for doing the same work, in *current year*. It’s just disgraceful really that a company as large as Tesco, could possibly think it’s acceptable to pay women less than men, for doing the same work.

Your typical Tesco executive.

Law firm Leigh Day said that thousands of Tesco employees working in its predominantly male-dominated distribution centres are paid considerably more than the largely female-staffed Tesco stores. 




“Distribution centers.

Tesco DC






In distribution centers, workers have to lift very heavy boxes and operate potentially dangerous machinery such as forklift trucks. In stores, people have to put stuff on shelves, and sit at a till scanning stuff. Call me sexist or whatever, but that doesn’t sound like doing the same work, to me.

It said distribution centre staff may earn in excess of £11 an hour whilst the most common grade for store staff sees them receive around £8 an hour. 

Maybe because the work in the distribution centers is more physically demanding and also potentially more dangerous. As a result, distribution center staff are in a position to demand better remuneration than store staff. Also, the store staff does include men, and I’m sure the distribution centers do include women (albeit a much smaller amount), so wouldn’t those men in stores also receive £8 an hour, and the women in distribution centers, also receive £11 an hour? In other words, it has nothing to do with their gender. Rather, it’s purely down to the role which they perform. If the women who work in the stores are so unhappy with the “sexism” of getting paid less than the men who work in the distribution centers, then the solution is obvious. They should apply for jobs in the distribution centers and take part in the heavy lifting and use of dangerous equipment, alongside those privileged men.

Follow this lady’s example.

This disparity could see a full time distribution worker on the same hours earning over £100 a week, or £5,000 a year, more than female based store staff

Oh but the male store staff aren’t also earning £100 less a week than the distribution staff. No, this only effects the female staff apparently.

Leigh Day said it has already started submitting claims on behalf of its clients. 

It said the underpayment could apply to in excess of 200,000 Tesco employees and with estimated pay shortfalls that could reach £20,000 the final bill for Tesco could be as high as £4 billion.

I don’t even like Tesco, but in this case, I sincerely hope they win this one. This is such a stupid claim that I really think its stupidity is completely self evident. These stupid bitches don’t seem to understand that working an equal number of hours, is not the same thing as providing “equal value” in terms of the work that they do. It would be one thing if male cashiers were getting paid more than female cashiers. If that was the case, I could completely understand their argument, because that would be a clear cut case of one group getting paid less for doing the same work. But these are two entirely different jobs, so there’s no justification for demanding the same amount of money. If something like this is actually allowed to go forward, where will it end?

“I should be getting paid the same amount of money as the doctors. We all work in the hospital so it’s not fair that janitors are paid less than them.”

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