South Africa rapidly heading the direction of Zimbabwe.


There’s not a single successful black run nation on the planet. Don’t take my word for it. Take it from the good people over at

Their words, not mine… though I do agree.

All kinds of excuses are made for this fact. There’s the lingering impact of colonialism for example. However, if that was the case, then why is it that Ireland, which was colonised for far longer than any black run nation, is far more successful than Ethiopia and Liberia, two black run nations which were never colonised?

There’s the excuse that their natural resources were stolen from them. But if that was the case, then why is it that Japan, a country with virtually no natural resources, is so successful?

There’s geographic location and the associated environmental factors. But if that was the case, why is the Dominican Republic doing so much better than Haiti, when they share the same island? And why was Rhodesia under white rule so successful, but Zimbabwe under black rule so unsuccessful, when it’s the same country in the same location?

Haiti, left. Dominican Republic, right. Notice the difference?

Then of course there’s the good old fashioned “racism” excuse, were some kind of invisible, unquantifiable force, is somehow preventing them from succeeding, even in countries were they make up the demographic majority.

Racism hurt their feelings so much, that it caused them to turn their country into a dump. This is the fault of white people who live in different countries.

All these excuses are complete and utter crap. While no single factor can be given sole credit for a country’s success, or lack thereof, there is one factor above all others, which the evidence suggests has the biggest impact of all. That factor, is the racial demographic of the people who inhabit, and are responsible for running that country, and the evidence also suggests that not all demographics are equal. When looking at historical precedent and every example of when it has been tried so far, one thing is abundantly clear. As a whole, black people are seemingly incapable of creating (or even maintaining one that is already created) a functioning, first world society.

I’ve discussed the South African topic on a couple of occasions already. Check out here, here, and here, to read some of my previous posts. However, I had to go back to the topic again, after watching the latest “Black Pigeon Speaks” video on what is going on there.

If I wasn’t already so experienced with dealing with topics like this, I think I would actually be dumbfounded by what is going on. But I’m not inexperienced at all, so none of this surprises me. I’m not surprised that after handing over control of the country to the black majority, that South Africa is rapidly heading in the same direction that Rhodesia did when the same happened there. I’m not surprised that the black majority are persecuting the white minority, without having the longterm foresight to realise that they depend on this white minority to create any prosperity in the country at all . I’m not surprised that there is so much corruption. I’m not surprised that there is so many murders and rapes. I’m not surprised that there is such huge increase in HIV/AIDS. I’m not surprised that pretty soon, the once first world city of Cape Town, won’t even be able to keep the water running. And most importantly of all, I’m not surprised that the virtue signalling governments of the Western world and the tightly controlled mainstream media, aren’t lifting a finger to help the persecuted whites, all while they bend over backwards to advocate for the millions of Arabs and Blacks who are illegally flooding into Europe.

None of this, none of this at all surprises me. And do you know why it doesn’t surprise me? Because this is exactly what was supposed to happen by design. Ending apartheid was never about empowering the black South African majority, in the same way that mass immigration from the third world to Europe, was never about helping people from the third world, or how affirmative action and diversity quotas was never about helping minorities ( in South Africa they give affirmative action to blacks despite blacks being the majority btw). These policies have always had one primary goal in mind. Causing harm to white people.

The situation in South Africa is a warning to us all (a warning that we should have already taken on board from the situation in Zimbabwe). This is the inevitable future in all white majority countries, if we ever become powerless minorities. Don’t think for a second that the laws and values that we create, will protect us in the future. We will be at their mercy.

And I get the distinct impression, that they don’t know the meaning of the word.

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