Nigerian couple in Ireland in massive welfare scam.

We need a lot more immigration to our ancestral homelands of people from the shithole countries of the world.  It is a transformation that MUST take place. Without infinite and uncontrolled immigration from these countries, Europe will not survive. Don’t take my word for it. Instead take the word of one of God’s Chosen People.

If you can’t trust the word of one of God’s Chosen People, then really, who can you trust? Unfortunately a couple of  little things called “evidence” and “reality” have this nasty habit of coming along and contradicting this narrative that we’re presented with. Instead of the evidence suggesting that Europe will not survive without multiculturalism, it actually seems to suggest the exact opposite. That not only would Europe survive just fine, but if anything, would actually do a whole lot better.

From The Journal

A 36-YEAR-old man has been jailed for two years and his wife received a three-year suspended sentence for what has been described as one of the largest welfare fraud cases in the State.

The combined fraud totals more than €400,000 and took place over a period of more than eight years.

Don’t you feel good, Irish men and women. You work hard in a job that makes you miserable. You pay some of the most exorbitant taxes in the world, in proportion to the public services you receive in return. You’re trapped as a debt slave paying off a mortgage, that you won’t clear until you’re in your 60s or 70s… and that’s if you’re lucky enough to even have one.  If you’re in your 30s or younger, you’ll probably never even be able to afford a mortgage at all. Yet while you’re trapped living paycheck to paycheck, with little hope of ever improving your lot in life, there are parasites out there, scamming the money that you had stolen from you. Isn’t that wonderful to hear Irish men and women?

Kenneth Gboboh and his 41-year-old wife Franca arrived in Ireland from Nigeria in 2006.


Both applied for and began to receive unemployment benefit.

What is the actual justification for this? How is it possible for someone to just enter the country and immediately start claiming benefits, without ever having paid into the system in the first place? As I’ve tried making clear in the past, the actual reason is that all across the Western world, governments are at war with their white citizenry, and are trying to exterminate us. But rather than rounding us up and killing us, they use a more subtle approach. They deliberately create situations were it’s unaffordable for us to build a life and start families of our own, with the aim of eventually making us go extinct as a race.

Meanwhile, they exploit our productivity, steal the fruits of our labour via taxation, and hand this money over to the peoples that they want to replace us with. This means that while we can’t afford to own a home of our own and to have children of our own, despite working hard to earn a living, we’re subsidising the living standards and reproduction of the people who were brought in to replace us. We’re literally working to support our own ethnic cleansing.

This is the real reason for why this is allowed to happen, but what I’m asking, is have they ever at least given some pretend justification for it? An official explanation for why it’s OK? I won’t believe the official justification, but I would at least like to hear what it is.

Mr Gboboh then established a second identity under the name Patrick Akim and worked as an IT project manager using this name.

“IT Project Manager”


He also took out a €240,000 mortgage from EBS in 2008 using the name Patrick Akim.

If only native Irish people could get mortgages as easily.

During this time, his wife was continuing to claim jobseeker’s benefit and did not inform the Department of Social Protection that Mr Gboboh was in employment.

A “jobseeker” who wasn’t seeking a job. Why does Europe need to import people like this in order to survive, again?

After he bought the property, at 49 Willow Avenue, Primrose Gate, Celbridge in Co Kildare, Franca Gboboh applied to switch their rent allowance to the newly purchased house.

Her husband filled out a tenancy agreement and signed it as Patrick Akim.

Giving evidence at the sentencing hearing at Naas Circuit Court earlier today, investigating garda Tomás Burke said “the rent allowance granted by Irish State was effectively used to pay that rent under false pretenses”.


Overall, Kenneth Gboboh had fraudulently claimed more than €4,000 in jobseeker’s allowance and fraudulently obtained a mortgage of over €240,000. Franca Gboboh had claimed jobseeker’s allowance of more than €132,000 and rent allowance of almost €49,000. The court also heard that since the State stopped paying rent allowance the couple, who have four children have run up €40,000 in arrears on the mortgage.

They have four children. While you can barely afford to own a couple of cats. You’re being ethnically replaced in your own homeland whitey, and you don’t even know it.

Garda Burke, who told the court he had worked for three years investigating welfare fraud said: “I believe this one, combined with the mortgage application and the welfare fraud is one of the largest, if not the largest investigated to date.”

“”They’ll be working hard and paying the pensions of elderly natives in no time.”

Judge Michael O’Shea was informed by defence counsel of a number of mitigating and personal factors in the case, in particular in the case of Mrs Gboboh.

Oh here we go.

The court heard that investigating gardaí discovered during their questioning that she could neither read nor write, and she claimed her husband had filled out all of the claim forms on her behalf.

“Seeking a job”

“Can’t even read or write”.

Once again let me say it. How does Europe benefit from the presence of people like this? What contributions can they make? If she can’t even read or write, what kind of job was she ever going to do?

Garda Burke told the court that he believed it was Mr Gboboh who was “directing and controlling” the fraud.

“She’s just an innocent victim. We should probably let her go free. Of course, seeing as her husband will be in prison for a few years, and she can’t work, we’re going to have to keep giving her welfare, so she and her four kids don’t suffer. Too bad about all the Irish homeless by the way.”

When asked about the stress the woman had been under over this period, he replied: “She had to essentially commit fraud every week, so I can imagine it was stressful.”

Not as stressful as things are for the native Irish people who are trying to keep a roof over the heads, while being taxed into oblivion, in order to subsidise worthless parasites like this.

“But…but…but… look at the tears. She’s crying. Don’t you feel sorry for her? She was under stress.”

A psychological assessment found the 41-year-old woman had a difficult upbringing in Nigeria and ranked in the bottom one percentile intellectually. The court was also told that the couple’s youngest child has autism.

Wow. The average IQ in Nigeria is 84. And she’s in the bottom 1%, so her’s is significantly lower still.


Justice O’Shea handed down a three-year sentence to Kenneth Gboboh, with the last 12 months suspended. In sentencing his wife, he acknowledged that she had been “under the control and influence of her husband”.

He’ll be out in half that time, and she doesn’t get punished at all. Irish justice for you folks.

We need real judges in this country.

And while he said children should not be “used as a shield”, he asked: “Can the children lose two parents in one day?”


He sentenced her to three years for each of the 14 counts of fraud to run concurrently and suspended all three years.

Pathetic. No lesson will be learned.

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