Paedophile has sentencing delayed so he can go on holiday.

Normally I come up with my own headlines, but in this case, I think the one from the original article cannot be bettered. This is the world we live in now.

I said it a few days ago, and I’m going to say it again. If there’s any country right now, that stands a legitimate chance of surpassing Sweden in the race to national suicide, it would have to be the United Kingdom. Every time I think they’ve already sank so low, that there’s nothing more that they could possibly do to surprise me anymore, they somehow manage to find a way to do so anyway. Just look at that headline. What more needs to be said?

From Metro UK

A paedophile has had his sentencing postponed so he can go on holiday in the Lake District.

And imagine if he just happens to do something to a child when he’s there because he knows he’s going away for a long time anyway, and won’t get another chance in the near future?

But sure who cares about that? It would be mean to not let him go on holiday and as we all know, being mean is a much greater evil, than sexually abusing children.

Last week, Kristopher Cook was scheduled to be sentenced for attempting ‘penetrative sexual activity’ with a child.

However instead, he has been told he is free to go away with his family. Cook will now be sentenced a week later in a move dubbed a ‘joke’ by paedophile hunter group Dark Justice. A spokesperson said: ‘What sort of message does that send out to victims?

It sends the message that their suffering doesn’t matter. But we already knew that from how pathetic their reaction has been to the countless numbers of Muslim child rape gangs that have been active with impunity, for the past four decades.


‘He’s been told to go and enjoy himself, when any potential victims may have had their lives ruined. ‘He has committed a crime so he should be punished, not told to go on holiday.’

Oh don’t exaggerate. He isn’t that bad. The UK still doles out proper justice to the real criminals, like the guy who trained his pug to do Roman Salutes and posted a video of it on Youtube.

The UK police and justice system, heroically jump to action, whenever the “real dangerous criminals” start acting up.

The South Shields sex offender pleaded guilty to attempting to engage a child under 16 in sexual activity at a hearing on March 14. The 24-year-old was warned he faced jail by Judge Amanda Rippon, who then agreed to the defence’s request of a delay for the pre-booked break.

Another useless Judge who needs to be removed from her position.

As I said before, we need to start bringing in better judges.

Dark Justice added: ‘It shouldn’t matter if it was pre-booked. ‘If he’s committed a crime, that should be more important than if he’s got a holiday booked.’

This was just common sense a few short years ago. It’s incredible just how quick things have gone to hell.

Unshaven Cook stood largely silent in the dock as he entered his plea at the brief hearing.

A psychiatric report will also be carried out after the court heard the St Cuthbert’s Avenue man suffered from ‘a number of educational and emotional difficulties’.

“He’s the real victim here. He should probably just be released.”

Ordering an all options report, Judge Rippon told him: ‘I’m releasing you on unconditional bail so you are free to go on that holiday with your family. ‘It is possible you may be looking at a jail sentence.’

And if he decides to just not come back from his holiday at all. then “oh well.”

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