My thoughts on the “suemepaddy” hashtag.

So a few days ago, I gave my thoughts on the social media backlash surrounding the verdict in the recent high profile Belfast rape trial. I mentioned that I’d never before, seen so much anger from an online lynch mob (in Ireland at least), and in the few days since, I think it has only gotten worse. One of the things I mentioned in my post was the comment made by Senator Aodhán Ó Ríordáin on twitter, which I believed at the time could potentially be considered defamatory in nature.

The quote again, just to remind you. To me, it seems he’s implying that they’re definitely guilty, but only got off because of their class background, rather than because of the evidence.

Well it seems that the solicitors for one of the defendants, Paddy Jackson, felt the same way, because the very next day it was announced that they would be pursuing legal action against him. So how does the online lynch mob respond? Do they stop to think that maybe an innocent man is simply trying to do everything he can to salvage his destroyed reputation, by standing up for himself against those who are defaming him? Of course they don’t. Instead, their natural conclusion is that he’s just a money hungry scumbag, looking to make a quick buck at the expense of an innocent public figure, who was simply giving his opinion on the matter. They’ve gone as far as to create a twitter hashtag, “suemepaddy”, were hundreds of them reiterate their belief that he’s definitely guilty, and dare him to try and sue them as well. Lets take a look at some of the posts that are using the hashtag.

I agree that he’s a disgusting person. The text messages speak for themselves. Unfortunately, being all the things that are mentioned here, are not evidence of being a rapist.

No. He’s not suing people who “believe the victim”. People are free to believe what they want. He’s suing people who are publicly making defamatory comments about him.

That could just mean another 8525 people to sue then. Or it could just mean more trouble for Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, as it would further prove how damaging his original comment.

It is “entitlement” to attempt to defend your reputation now apparently. He should just shut up and let everyone make defamatory comments about him.

He sure did, and for that alone, he should be called out for. It STILL doesn’t prove that he’s guilty of rape though.

It’s “factually accurate” that he only got off because he’s “well-connected” and “middle-class”.

I actually think that it’s the people on your side who haven’t. The more of you who use this hashtag, the more attention you draw to the original defamatory tweet, and thus the more potential trouble you cause for Aodhán.

And there are countless other tweets in the hashtag, but I’ll leave it at that. The thing is, as I’ve said before, I don’t have a gut feeling on the truth of this case either way. As far as I’m concerned, it could be a case were justice was done, and innocent men were acquitted, or it could be a case were the justice system failed, and guilty men did get away. But whichever it was, I don’t have the information to confirm either way, and neither does anyone else who are commenting.

Yes, it sucks that it’s so difficult to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt in these cases, but what is the alternative? Do we instead change to a default of “guilty until proven innocent” and put the burden of proof on the defendants? Or do we just automatically take accusers at their word, and skip the trial entirely? And does this new policy only apply to rape cases, or in regards to all types of crime? Do we require people to video tape all their sexual encounters, in order to prove their innocence, and if the tape gets “lost”, do we assume that they’re actually hiding the truth and automatically convict them anyway? Do we get people to sign contracts before engaging in sexual activity? If so, what happens when someone claims they were forced to sign the contract against their will and then raped? Do we then make sure to require witnesses to be around for the signing, to make sure it was entered into willingly? And do they have to sign a new contract every single time they plan to engage in sexual activity? Where does it all end? Is there an actual plan in the works to deal with these problems at all, or is it just nothing more than an excuse to get outraged and virtue signal to the world.

And in regards to the outrage, I want to ask those of you who are involved, this very simple question.

Where were you when this happened?


Or when this happened?


Or how about this?


Remember the big events from Cologne a few years back?


And of course, don’t even get me started on Sweden.


I could go on and on and on, but I think I’ve made my point. There have been countless examples over the past few years, of women and girls being victimised sexually all over Europe and in many cases, in ways far more brutal than what is alleged to have happened in Belfast. Where was the feminist outrage? Where were the twitter hashtags? When did the marches take place? The reality, is that when all these incidents took place, the current social media lynch mob were silent. They didn’t speak out against what was happening to women and girls then. In fact, in many cases, they attacked those who were.


So forgive me, if I’m a bit skeptical when I hear these people now coming out and talking about how much they want to protect women and impose justice on those who harm them. They didn’t seem to care much about all the women and girls who have been raped, tortured, and in some cases, killed, by the very real rape culture that is making its way into Europe. Quite the opposite actually. They’ve thrown their fellow females under the bus, in favour of bringing in even more of the rape culture.

I know the picture is a fake, but it’s not far off how they actually think. Or at least, how they’re acting without thinking.

The vast majority of people are easily led sheep. And the majority of those who are involved in this lynch mob, have no genuine care for the wellbeing of their fellow human beings at all. They don’t care about that woman, or what she may have gone through. They just see an outrage bandwagon to jump on, so they jump on it. When there’s no bandwagon to jump on, as there never is in regards to “oppressed groups” like Muslim rapists, they’re too damn cowardly and apathetic to say anything at all. They stay silent in those situations, but save their outrage for the easy targets, like the “smug, well-connected, middle-class” white men.

And this is why I have so little faith in humanity.


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