Trump pulls out of the “Iran Deal”


It’s no secret that I’ve strongly supported Trump the past few years. I’ve lost friends in real life for doing that, but I haven’t let that deter me, because it’s more important to me to say what I believe is right, rather than what is popular. I truly believed that out of all the potential candidates in the 2016 election, that he was the best choice available, and I still stand by that belief. However, contrary to what readers of this blog, or those former real life friends, may or may not believe, I am not an ideologue, nor am I the kind of person who will attempt to defend the indefensible. When Trump does something that I believe is wrong, I will not make excuses for him, nor will I betray my own beliefs for him. Just as I found myself a little over a year ago, I once again find myself having to criticise Trump for an action that he has undertaken, namely, his actions towards the Iran nuclear deal.


In the years since the 9/11 attacks, the Western world has had to deal with Islamic terrorist attacks on a pretty frequent basis, and this has really gone into overdrive in the past five years or so. It is also quite well known that the vast majority of this terrorism can be linked back to Saudi Arabia, a country which has one of the worst records when it comes to “Human Rights”, and a country which is known for supporting groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, groups which have the blood of countless innocent people on their hands. Yet despite these obvious facts, Saudi Arabia is never a target of Western regime change. Saudi Arabia never suffers sanctions. Saudi Arabia barely even suffers so much as simple criticism, either from the American political establishment, or the tightly controlled mainstream media.

Just look at the video above. The US official is asked an uncomfortable question about the hypocritical double standards that the US has in regards to Saudi Arabia and Iran. He spends about 20 awkward seconds in silence trying to think of an answer, only to start rambling a non-answer instead. This is because there is absolutely zero justification for how the US treats Iran in comparison to how they treat Saudi Arabia, to the point were it’s impossible to even give a plausible bullshit response.

Meanwhile Iran, a Shiite Muslim country which wages war against the Sunni terrorist groups such as ISIS, and which has never been conclusively linked to any terrorist activity in the US or Europe (that I’m currently aware of at least), is without evidence, treated as one of the biggest sponsors of terrorism on the planet, is scrutinised by the international community (under US leadership) in everything that it does, and has sanctions imposed on it just for existing. This isn’t because a strong Iran is a treat to the wellbeing of the people of the US or Europe. No, this is done because Iran is perceived as a threat to one very specific country.

When the US and Europe get involved in the Middle East, it’s always for the benefit of Israel, not the for the benefit of their own citizenry.

Thanks to the internet, and the new ways of spreading information, more and more people are waking up to the “other side of the story” in regards to Israel and its conflicts in the Middle East. It’s becoming more obvious that Israel isn’t just an “innocent victim” of Muslim aggression, and  it’s becoming easier to understand that Muslim hatred towards Western civilisation is motivated by a lot more than George Bush’s idiotic explanation of “They hate us for our freedoms.”

No, they hate us because of our undying support for, and our aiding and abetting of, a country which has for the past 70 years, been committing acts of aggression against them. Murdering them. Stealing their land. Threatening them with annihilation. And using its influence in our countries, to get us to fight their battles for them. Obviously, an understanding of history will show that Muslim aggression would be happening regardless, but we’re certainly not helping with our own unnecessary aggression towards them.

This is not a photoshop btw. He really had that diagram.

It’s an open secret that Israel has an undeclared supply of nuclear weapons, an estimation of anywhere between 80 and 400 of them. Israel is one of the few countries that has never signed the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Nothing is done about this. Yet Iran, a country which has signed the treaty, and has agreed to a deal to develop a peaceful nuclear program, under the watch of inspectors from the world’s great powers, has been undermined and slandered ever since, by a country which has been crying wolf about the “”threat” of both Iran and Iraq before it, for decades.

“Sure he lied all those other times, but he might be telling the truth now. He’s one of God’s chosen people afterall. If we can’t trust God’s chosen people, who can we trust?”

And unfortunately, Trump has gone along with it. It’s not really surprising, because in fairness, he did outright say that he was planning on doing this, during the time that he was campaigning. To give credit where credit is due, he does seem to sincerely try and implement the policies that he ran on, both the good and the bad, but it’s still disheartening to see him go along with such a stupid decision.

“Such an aggressive country. If only they were as peaceful as our great and trusted ally, Israel.”

Anytime something like this happens, whether it’s bombing Syria, or backing Iran into a corner, I’m concerned that it could set off a conflict, which with how precarious international relations are right now, could escalate to the level of a World War. This is why I must make it clear that I strongly oppose this action on Trump’s part, and I condemn him for it. I think the Iran deal was a good thing, and it’s something I have to give Obama credit for. I’m not pleased at all with Trump for backing out and if I was Kim Jong-un, this would make a very strong negative impression on me.

This one is a Photoshop, but is it really that much more absurd than the real thing?

There is however one potential upside to this action. It once again draws attention to how much power and influence Israel has over American foreign policy, and it might help wake up more people to how much of a problem this is. If enough people realise that America’s policies are done, not for the benefit of Americans, but instead for the benefit of someone else, who gives back nothing in return, they may finally start demanding that changes be made. And if those changes are made, we might start seeing some improvements in the world.


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