Youth suicide (plus attempts) doubles in less than a decade in America.

We keep hearing about how the world is progressing. But progressing towards “what” exactly? To me, it seems as if the world is getting a whole lot worse, rather than better, and if this latest story is anything to go by, it seems that a lot of young people in America agree with me.

From Newsweek

The rate of children and teens thinking about or attempting suicide has soared in the last decade, with hospitalizations doubling between 2008 and 2015.

2008-2015. Notice anything about those years? Well someone in the comments section sure did.


Now I’m not going to say that this rise can be blamed on Obama specifically, because correlation =/= causation. However, I want to take people back to 2008. The result of the 2008 election was portrayed to the public as offering…




…after the disastrous eight years under Bush. Sure the worst financial crisis since the 1929 Great Depression was only just beginning, but there was still a lot of optimism, that things would get better, and that society was progressing. The election of Obama was a symbol of that expected progress. But here we are almost a decade later, and all that hope was for nothing. I don’t blame Obama specifically for that, but I can’t deny that things did not turn out the way the majority of us were expecting.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently published a study of children and teen hospitalizations related to suicidal ideation (SI) and suicide attempts (SA). They found that in 2008, 0.8 percent of hospitalizations at surveyed children’s hospitals were for suicide attempts and thoughts. In 2015, it was 1.82 percent.

Wow so it actually more than doubled then.

It’s a significant increase that affected all age groups in the study of people 17 and under. The older age groups had higher rates of SI and SA than younger groups.

Dr. Gregory Plemmons, of the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt University, told CBS News that depression and anxiety were rising among kids and teens, and that social media could be making it worse.

I don’t think social media is the main culprit somehow, though I’ll wait until the end, before I provide my own theories.

Mainstream media may also play a role in affecting suicide rates. In the past, media coverage of celebrity suicides was linked to increased suicides among the public—so much so that there are written media guidelines on how to avoid killing your readers. The Netflix series 13 Reasons Why was criticized by suicide prevention experts as dangerous and glamorizing teen suicide. After the first season of the show, Google searches for “teen suicide,” “suicide hotline” and “how to commit suicide” spiked.

This still doesn’t explain why these young people are feeling so depressed and anxious in the first place, that they would even consider suicide an option. It doesn’t matter how much you “glamorize” it, mentally healthy people, do not start killing themselves. There are obviously problems which are causing them to feel suicidal in the first place, problems which clearly got much worse between the years 2008 and 2015, and probably beyond that timeframe as well. Blaming the mainstream media and social media, seems to be about diverting away from the real causes.

The National Institute of Health encourages parents and physicians to know the warning signs of suicidal thoughts and take action. It recommends that doctors ask their patients if they are thinking about suicide, taking those thoughts seriously and restricting access to items they could use to kill themselves, like guns. The organization also suggests that doctors help such patients connect with resources like suicide hotlines and follow up later.

All very good advice, but it ultimately seems to be about managing the damage, rather than preventing the damage in the first place.

So anyway, I said earlier on that I was going to provide my own theory as to why this is happening, so here it is. The increasing rate of youth suicide attempts is not an isolated phenomenon. It’s just one of many symptoms of a society that is rapidly heading towards collapse. Other symptoms of this collapse include, but are not limited to:

  • Mass unemployment and underemployment.
  • Lack of job security for those who do still have jobs / Gig Economy.
  • Houses being completely unaffordable, even for a couple who both work, each earning the average industrial wage.
  • High taxation, without any visible improvement in services. In fact in many ways, services have actually gotten worse.
  • Poverty
  • People lacking a sense of community and camaraderie. General sense of isolation and alienation.
  • A decrease in law and order (for genuine criminals)
  • At the same time, an increase in persecution of the otherwise law abiding for frivolous reasons (commonly referred to as anarcho-tyranny).
  • Terrorist attacks happening on a frequent basis.
  • Natives being ethnically displaced in their own countries by invaders, that are being helped by their own governments.
  • (In America specifically) Mass shootings happening on a much more regular basis, even though gun laws haven’t gotten any more liberal in the same time period.
  • An increase in racial tensions and conflict.
  • Mental illnesses not only being normalised, but celebrated, and with demands that everyone else deny their own perception of reality and celebrate them as well (eg, recognising dozens of fictional genders with punishments for those who refuse to).
  • Obesity and the associated health risks on the rise.
  • Degenerate modern “art”.
  • Young people learning about sex from hardcore pornography.
  • Said young people becoming addicted to pornography, which warps their ideas and expectations on sex.
  • Terrible dynamics between males and females, resulting in both ending up lonely, unhappy, and resentful towards the other (ie. “cat ladies” and “MGTOW/Incels”).
  • A huge number of marriages that end in divorce, destroying the lives of at least one of the spouses, and any children involved.
  • Plenty of others that I can’t think of right now off the top of my head.

So when you look at all these problems that are effecting every Western country, is it not easy to understand “why” we’re seeing such a massive increase in suicides? The Obama years really seemed to kick things up a gear, in regards to many of the aforementioned problems, not just in America, but also here in Europe. We keep hearing about all the social/political developments that have taken place such as:

  • Feminism
  • Mass immigration from vastly different cultures than our own
  • Constant wars in the Middle East
  • Industry moving to the third world
  • Political censorship on social media
  • “Hate speech” legislation
  • Attacks on “toxic” masculinity
  • “Health at any size” propaganda
  • Mass population drugging
  • The easy availability of pornography
  • The Sexual Revolution
  • The destruction of marriage.
  • A media which tells only one side of the story on important issues.
  • Children being raised in daycare, because both parents have no other choice but to work
  • Property speculation

…and many other developments, have been sold to us as “good things” and “progress”. But the evidence seems to suggest the opposite. If the majority of peoples lives are worse off than ever, then how can any of this be progress? It makes no sense. That is, until you look at it from the perspective, that this is exactly how it’s supposed to be going. That all this “progress” is working how it was actually intended. That is, it was never intended to make things better. It was actually always about harming us.

And in that sense, mission accomplished.


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