Ireland following in Sweden’s footsteps.


The past few years, I’ve written extensively about the gradual self destruction that has been taking place all over the Western world. Some of the countries that I’ve written about most frequently include France, The United Kingdom, Germany, and of course, Sweden. However it’s pretty much a universal problem so it would be inaccurate to suggest that the countries that I’ve spoken about most frequently, are the only ones in serious danger. The reality is that some countries are just further along the path to destruction than others are, but that doesn’t mean these other countries aren’t on the same path. My own country of Ireland has been relatively lucky for the most part, and hasn’t been suffering too much… at least not yet. However based on our current trajectory, it is inevitable that Ireland will eventually end up going the same way, and it’s stories like today’s that are a sign of things to come. This is only the beginning. It will get a whole lot worse.

From Irish Independent

Gardaí are appealing for witnesses after a young woman alleged she was attacked by three men and raped by one of them while walking home.

Yes, I know that attacks on women can happen anywhere, but lets be honest with ourselves. How often do attacks with multiple perpetrators happen in Ireland? I would say it’s very rare. Most attacks would be done by individuals acting alone. I’m not saying it would never happen, but it would typically be the exception, rather than the rule. This kind of modus operandi with multiple men acting together against a single victim, is more up the ally of certain other groups of people.

The incident is alleged to have taken place on Millicent Road, Clane, Co Kildare, between 1am and 1.30am yesterday. The woman, who is Irish, was returning from a night out socialising at the time.

How dare she be out in public alone at night, without a male relative to escort her? Was she even wearing her burka at the time? Probably not. And “socialising”. Is that just code word for “consuming alcohol”, which as we all know, is haram? Wow, clearly she has nobody to blame but herself, for not adhering to the proper behaviour that is expected of her.

It’s believed the three suspects are foreign nationals and it has been alleged one of the men raped the young woman.

Foreign nationals?

I think it’s obvious who did this.

Those damn Poles.

It’s understood the young woman then called into a house in a nearby estate and raised the alarm.

The young woman has spoken to gardaí and has said that she did not know the men prior to the attack. Gardaí in Naas are investigating and are asking anyone who may have noticed anything suspicious in Clane on Monday night or early yesterday morning to come forward.

I can guarantee you that based on precedents that we’ve seen take place in other countries, that these attacks will start to happen so often, that eventually the media won’t even report on the description of the attackers as being “foreign”. They wouldn’t want people noticing the pattern that is emerging. It will just be reported as yet another attack and the clueless masses will be scratching their heads and wondering why Ireland started getting more violent over time.

And then we’ll be just like the UK, France, Germany, and Sweden. Isn’t that wonderful?

This is the future that they chose unfortunately. Things are going to get a whole lot worse, before they start getting better.


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