Pakistani gang preying on drunk Irish women in nightclubs

Just a quick one here. There’s really not much commentary that I can add to this one. The message that should be taken from it is already quite clear.


Gardai are on high alert for a gang targeting and isolating drunk women across the southeast.

A 28-year-old man of Pakistani origin — who was acquitted of rape in recent years — is the main suspect but gardaí believe he has friends who are also involved. The man is known to drive a grey Kilkenny-registered Audi.

There have been reports about the gang in Dungarvan, Co Waterford, in recent weeks. It has also been active in Carlow and Waterford.

A source said that the gang is a ‘real concern’. ‘This man was acquitted of rape in recent years but is considered a real concern. He and his friends go to clubs and pubs where they target drunk young women, try to isolate them and take them away.

‘Pub staff and bouncers copped them in Dungarvan and managed to stop them. This is deliberate targeting and isolating drunk women and claiming consent.’

Yes, yes, I’ve heard it a million times already, that this sort of thing happens everywhere, has happened in Ireland long before the borders were opened, and that members of every demographic commit these kinds of crimes.

I understand that, but that’s not an excuse for any of this at all. Unfortunately, no matter where you go, there’s always going to be bad people who do bad things. It’s impossible to eliminate these problems entirely. We just have to try to be vigilant, protect ourselves and the people we love, and bring the criminals to justice when they engage in their crimes.


But just because we have these problems already, doesn’t make it acceptable to add to the problem and make it worse. Our own home grown scumbags are our burden to deal with, and when they commit their crimes, it is our responsibility to punish them. Like it or not, we have an obligation to them, because they are our own. But we have no obligation to the scumbags of the rest of the world.There’s no reason for them to be our burden as well.

It’s just a simple mathematical reality that more rapists in a country means more rapes in that country. Less rapists means less rapes. We can’t eliminate 100% of rapes because no matter what, we’ll always have our own home grown rapists. But we can however lessen the number of rapes in our country by not importing the dregs of the world, and letting them roam our streets freely. We can’t protect every woman from sexual predators, but we can lessen the number who fall victim to it by just having common sense and not flooding our country with people from parts of the world, with a poor record in terms of how they treat their own women.

But I know I’m wasting my time  here. We’re still going to pretend that there is no difference in the crime rates of different ethnic groups, no difference in the attitudes towards women, of different ethnic groups, and no way to solve the problems we’re seeing. Ireland is just going to end up like the UK, Germany, and Sweden eventually, at this rate.

The only thing I can say at this point, is try not to let yourself become a statistic ladies. Take care of yourself when you’re out. Watch what you drink, stick with people you trust, and always be alert. I’m just sorry that this country has learned nothing from the mistakes of other countries.

3 thoughts on “Pakistani gang preying on drunk Irish women in nightclubs

  1. Is it ognorance, wishful thinking or just plain idiocy what comes to my mind ehen reading your lines? Here it is:
    Over decades the Irish battled one another thanks to Britain.
    Each group showed their opposing group that they’re fearless, real men and proved that they’d fight (and die) for what they believed was right.
    How come the Irish don’t have the balls to stand up united against these invaders?
    I don’t blame you – wherever you look men become sheeple in fear of being a racist…

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    • Decades of propaganda has brainwashed our people into the same kind of self hatred, that is affecting the rest of Western and Central Europe. Most people here don’t even understand that we are being invaded. They look at the invaders as people who were “also oppressed by colonialism”, and feel sympathy for them. For those of us who are awake, it’s very frustrating to see.

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