Exciting times in Dublin: Somali jailed for stabbing.

If you’re an Irish person, below a certain age, you might not remember just how boring a city Dublin used to be. I’m fairly young myself, but I am just about old enough to remember those dark and dreary times. The place used to be so safe and uninteresting. It was terrible. Thank God we now get to experience exciting happenings, such as today’s story, in Dublin. It really has enriched our lives.

From Irish Examiner

A Somalian father-of-three who stabbed another man in the neck during a prearranged fight has been jailed for 18 months.

The average Somali has an IQ of 68. So you can clearly understand why people like this guy have been brought to Ireland.


That’s right, we need their incredible skills and intelligence, in order to improve our economy,  and raise our living standards to similar levels  seen in Somalia.


Judge Melanie Greally said it was “a matter of chance alone” that the wound inflicted by Mohammed Adan Ali (26) was not more serious.


What a surprise.

The court heard the knife did not strike any major blood vessels and the injured party, a Somalian acquaintance, was treated with stitches.

Well the good news is that in this situation at least, it wasn’t an Irish person that was harmed.  I really don’t give a damn what they do to each other. I just would prefer if they were doing it back in Somalia.


Em, no, what I meant, is that I’m glad they’re doing it here, because it makes our boring city so much more exciting to live in. It’s so exciting and wonderful, having violent, 68 IQ, dullards, stabbing each other in the street. They culturally enrich us. They strengthen us with their diversity. *additional generic virtue signalling comment, here*.

Ali, with an address at Balfe Road, Walkinstown, Dublin pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assault causing harm at Mountjoy Square, Dublin, on June 22, 2017. He has no previous convictions.

He probably hasn’t been here long enough to rack up any convictions yet. If a guy was here only one month, and another guy was here 30 years, and both committed a “first offence”, does saying that that neither of them have any previous convictions, really mean the same thing for both of them.

“I know your crime was horrific, but seeing as this is your first offence, in the whole 3 days you’ve been in the country, I’m willing to go easy on you.”

At the sentence hearing, Garda Stephen Rooney told Antonia Boyle BL, prosecuting, that Ali rang the injured party asking for money to send to his daughter.

Gda Rooney said Ali used “choice words” in this call and during subsequent phone contact arranged to meet the injured party for a fight.

The court heard a third Somalian national broke up the initial confrontation, but Ali then pulled a knife from his jeans and came towards the injured party.

See? They’re not all bad. The third one broke up the fight. He’s a true hero. He’s the proof we need that Ireland needs infinity Somalis, in order to progress.

The victim later told gardaí that he didn’t run because he didn’t think Ali would use the knife.

Is it even possible to “think” with a 68 IQ?

Gda Rooney told Ms Boyle that the knife broke when Ali stabbed the injured man in the neck.

Gda Rooney agreed with Karl Monaghan BL, defending, that his client had had a difficult life and had witnessed his father’s murder while a child.

“We need to import people who suffered severe traumatic experiences, that may make them emotionally unstable and violent. It will be good for the economy.”

The garda agreed that Ali was estranged from his mother because of his continued alcohol abuse. He accepted Ali was apologetic and had a “grievance” on his mind at the time.

Judge Greally acknowledged that Ali had a history of alcohol abuse, but had addressed his issues and was deemed at low risk of re-offending.

Well if he apologised, we should probably just let him go. I’m sure he’s perfectly safe now.

She took into account the “difficult, chaotic and often violent circumstances of (his) youth in Somalia”, but said stabbing a person in the neck necessitated a custodial sentence.

If only we could figure out what causes all the violence in Somalia. Also, what causes Somalis to be violent when they aren’t in Somalia. We know for a fact that it couldn’t be the Somali people themselves, because that’s politically incorrect, which means that it couldn’t possibly be true.

I guess we’ll never figure it out.

Faysal Ahmed, Barkhad Abdi, Barkhad Abdirahman, Mahat Ali,
A real mystery on our hands.

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