On Facebook, saying “Honk” is now against the rules.

The offending post in question.

We live in a world that has basically been turned upside down. What was once regarded as normal is now regarded as evil, or as a sign of some kind of mental illness, and what was once regarded as insane, is now regarded as progressive and healthy.

Just take a look at what is going on in the world right now.

  • White people in first world countries are regularly getting murdered, raped, or becoming the victims of other forms of violence, randomly in the streets, at the hands of other races. Their own media and political establishment do everything in their power to cover it up and downplay what is happening.
  • On the rare occasions were the opposite happens, and a member of a different race is the victim at the hands of a white person, it becomes an international scandal and the whites are collectively held responsible for the action.



  • In America specifically there is a major problem with interracial black on white violence. The media claim that the opposite is happening, and there is some massive racist conspiracy, that nobody can provide any evidence of, but apparently it’s omnipresent.


  • College students are pushing for the implementation of Communism, and believe that they have a better understanding of it, than people who actually lived and suffered under real examples of it.
  • Women in the first world are parading topless in the streets screeching about how they’re oppressed by a patriarchal system, while simultaneously demanding a massive increase in Muslim immigration.





  • European history is being re-written to be more diverse. Anyone who has a problem with these blatant lies is a racist.


  • We are being told with a straight face, that Gender is just a “Social Construct”, and doesn’t actually exist.
  • At the same time, we’re being told that people can be born the wrong gender, and that the only way to help them, is to irreparably mutilate their bodies.


  • Heterosexual men are being shamed, if they don’t want to engage in sexual activity, with biological men who identify as female. This happens despite the general consensus also being that sexuality is something you are born with, and not something you can choose, or force to change.
  • We are being told that the traditional nuclear family is evil and sick, despite all evidence showing that the breakdown of the nuclear family, has been disastrous for society.



  • In America, one in six adults require some kind of psychiatric drug, just to function on a day to day basis. Nobody is questioning how a society that needs to drug one sixth of its population, could possibly be considered a success.
  • Our entire economic system is basically a giant pyramid scheme, that requires infinite growth in order to survive, meaning it’s a question of “When?” not “If?” it will inevitably collapse.
  • The West is funding terrorist groups to overthrow stable governments, that are supported by their own citizens, ostensibly in the name of “human rights” and “democracy”. They use ridiculous lies to justify these actions.
  • At the same time, the West is run by leaders (eg Macron) who are absolutely despised by their citizens, and who brutally oppress them. The media pretend that these leaders are good, while criticising popular leaders (Putin, Assad, Duterte, etc).

m as b header.jpg



  • A huge number of people are morbidly obese, to the point were they can’t even get out of bed, let alone actually contribute in any productive way to society whatsoever. Yet despite not being able to work, or look after themselves, they still somehow are able to afford enough food to maintain their massive weight, while at the same time claiming that they’re victims.
  • Despite the fact that it could potentially destroy the planet, Europe and America are trying to incite WW3 with Russia, for reasons that make no logical sense at all, all while claiming that Russia is the aggressor. Many people have accepted this narrative, despite no evidence having been presented, based purely on the fact that it has been repeated so many times.


  • Testosterone levels in men have been plummeting over the past few decades. Nobody is concerned or trying to find the cause for this.
  • For the past half century, we’ve been subsidising the third world, causing it to have a population explosion. Living standards never actually increase, because all aid given just causes a population increase instead. Africa had a population of 200 Million in 1950, and based on current projections, is expected to have a population of 4.2 Billion in 2100… a 21 fold increase in just 150 years. If those rates continue, they will have 88.2 Billion people in the year 2250, and 1.85 TRILLION people by the year 2400. The only plan to address this issue is unlimited immigration to the first world, where they can live on welfare, paid for by the dwindling first world population.
  • In California, it’s no longer a felony to intentionally infect another person with HIV. STD rates have seen a massive increase since then. Officials think “stigma and racism” are the cause of this.


  • Drag Queen Story hours are a thing now, and seemed to just spring up out of nowhere. Parents who have a problem with having their young kids exposed to people who resemble gender confused demons, are bad. Parents who do expose their kids to them (even though some are actually convicted child sex offenders) are good.


  • Speaking of drag queens, there are little boys who dress in drag, and dance for money, thrown at them by adult men. Instead of worrying about the very real possibility, that these kids are being sexually abused by these men, the media celebrates them.


  •  A war in Syria (that’s practically over anyway at this point) is being used as a justification to allow infinite immigration from the entire third world. No explanation is given as to how the West is supposed to assimilate and support these people, and anyone who even asks questions about it, is shut down.
  • People who are obviously adults are claiming to be children, in order to have an easier time getting refugee status. People who point out this obvious reality are considered racists for doing so.


  • LGBT activists are harassing and suing Christian bakers, claiming it’s discrimination if they don’t bake an LGBT themed cake for them. Keep in mind, that these bakers aren’t refusing to sell them ready made cakes, and aren’t refusing to make them cakes, period. They’re just refusing to bake cakes with specific messages that they disagree with. The media and left wing activists claim that these bakers must be forced to bake the cake, whether they like to or not, or they must lose their livelihood, even though there are thousands of other bakeries, that they could go to instead, if they really wanted the cake so badly.
  • Meanwhile tech monopolies are censoring and banning people, who express opinions that they don’t agree with. The media and left wing activists are saying that they’re private businesses, and that they’re free to ban and censor whomever they want.

I could go on and on, but I think I’ve said enough. We live in a giant, open air, insane asylum, and at this point, many people feel as if things are never going to get better. It’s just going to get worse and worse, until inevitably, the whole thing just collapses. Seeing all this, and knowing that there’s nothing that can be done to stop it, it’s only natural that many people will be driven to despair. Instead though, a lot of people have decided to just laugh about the whole thing. They feel it’s hopeless anyway, so it’s better to just try to see the funny side of it all.

This led to the creation of the “Clown World” meme, because we live in a world so absurd, it may as well be run by clowns. The whole point of people saying “honk honk” in response to absurd and objectively insane stories, is to try to find a positive way to look at things, by at least finding it funny.


Now, we’re not even allowed to do that.


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