Four black thugs kidnap and torture a white guy.

We constantly hear in the media about how there is still a very big problem with racism in America. We hear about how all white people benefit from some vague form of “white privilege” that somehow grants them all these undeserved and unspecified benefits that other races (particularly blacks) don’t also benefit from. Then, we also constantly hear that 150 years post slavery, and 50 years post civil rights movement, that white people are still oppressing black people. No evidence for this accusation is ever needed. It’s just repeated over and over again until stupid white people are guilted into believing it must be true. We must be the racist oppressors that the media keeps saying we are. We must be the ones who as a racial demographic, are committing the most violent crime overall, and the most interracial violence must be white on black. Sure, it looks as if blacks commit more crime, but we can’t believe what we’re seeing, because the media disagrees, and they wouldn’t possibly lie to us so blatantly, right? Well actually… they would.


Meanwhile, those of us in the world of reality understand that the exact opposite is true. The reality is that most violent crime in the United States is committed by young black men, and this is even despite the fact that blacks make up about one fifth of the population percentage as whites.

Shaun King (real first name, “Jeffery”) is a white guy who pretends to be black by the way.  If he can’t even tell the truth about what race he is, why should we trust anything else he says?

This is what has been happening the entire time. The vast majority of interracial crime in the United States for the past few decades has been black on white, but the media has always made a habit of deliberately trying to cover this uncomfortable truth up and minimising any coverage of these crimes, while at the same time, taking the rare stories were the opposite happens (white on black violence) and making them international sensations that get attention for months, even years after happening. For a long time, these lies have worked, and the majority have believed them. However, I really can’t see any way that they can lie about this one. It’s just too blatant that even the the big lie technique can’t cover it up.

Unfortunately, the original video is now gone, due to YouTube’s policy on graphic content, but let me summarise what happened. Four idiotic black thugs, kidnapped a young white man with special needs, tied him up, taped his mouth, and uploaded a livestream to Facebook (like I said, they’re idiots), footage of themselves beating him, cutting him with a knife, and forcing him to drink toilet water, all while yelling “Fuck Donald Trump” and various slurs against white people. In other words, the attack was racially motivated, and therefore fits the definition of a “hate crime” under American laws. Certainly, if the opposite had happened (ie. four white thugs doing the same thing to a black guy), the media would be up in arms about it.

Here are two videos which give some interesting insights into the original video and the hypocrisy of the whole situation.

This is the sort of thing that led to the Trump victory. Make no mistake about it, even though most people are asleep, there are still quite a lot of people who on some level, are worried about the future. They understand that we white people are the most despised race on the planet, and that as our numbers go down, and the numbers of other races goes up in our countries, the more persecution we will face. People can see this and are frightened, because they know that we’re on the way to minority status in our own countries, and that we will be treated far worse as a minority ourselves, than we treat minorities now. We can look at attacks like this one and see a preview of the future facing us. Mark my words, we are being targeted for genocide, and if they can act like this now, when we greatly outnumber them, can you even begin to imagine how bad it will get, when they eventually outnumber us? We only need to look at what happened in Haiti in 1804, Zimbabwe since Mugabe came to power, or South Africa post Apartheid, to see our future.


Black Lives Matter morons causing trouble in Britain now.

So a bunch of morons from the Black Lives Matter movement, whose IQs are probably about as high as the temperature on a mild Spring day, decided to lie on the road at Heathrow airport, causing pointless disruption,  in order to protest some perceived injustice that they think they’re experiencing in Britain regarding deaths at the hands of police. I don’t know where they got that idea from. When was the last time you ever heard about an unarmed black man getting killed by police in Britain? I can at least understand why these gullible idiots are protesting in America (even though that whole narrative is a complete load of bollocks as well) . There actually are a few deaths there that the media can exploit to rile them up. In Britain, not so much. They don’t tend to kill many suspects when dealing with them. Even yesterday, in my last post, I discussed a case of a Black Somali man who was taken alive after stabbing random people in the street and I noted that it was just as well they did or the BLM idiots would be up in arms about it. But now I’m thinking, what difference does it make? Apparently, they’re going to get up in arms anyway, so the police may as well have shot that Somali guy, for all the good it did taking him alive.

Check this video out.

And here’s some information about what happened from the video description.

Police arrested several protesters after dozens of ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists blocked the motorway route into London’s Heathrow Airport on Friday, by laying down in the middle of the motorway road.

Unfortunately, I don’t think a single one of these idiots was run over by mistake. It would have made this story much better if they had been.

Protesters locked themselves arm-in-arm in the middle of the motorway road leading to Heathrow, blocking all traffic entering into the airport, while displaying a banner reading “This is a crisis.” A long tailback of vehicles built up at the scene, with cars being redirected.

How exactly is this a crisis? Just look at this list on Wikipedia of the number of people in total who were killed by law enforcement in the UK. By my count, not counting  Bloody Sunday and the 1969 Northern Ireland riots (which were both exceptional situations), there have only been 56 individual people killed by police in the UK since 1920. That’s like one every year and half on average. I don’t know how many of these people were black, but I bet the vast majority weren’t. This is an even more stupid narrative than the one they’re trying to present in America.

Even The Guardian’s figures, slightly higher than what Wikipedia provides, debunks this ridiculous narrative.

Earlier in the day a group of Black Lives Matter protesters blocked the main road leading to Birmingham Airport while in Nottingham, protesters lay in the middle of the road to block tram lines in the city.

What is the fucking point? What are they trying to accomplish by doing this?

The Black Lives Matter demos are a part of the ‘BlackAugust’ national day of protests to raise awareness of racism and police brutality, five years after the police killing of Mark Duggan sparked an uprising of protests across the entire nation.

They’re literally whining about one black guy who was killed by police five years ago, and acting as if there is some kind of epidemic of British police killing innocent unarmed black men for absolutely no reason. Except the guy they’ve chosen wasn’t even unarmed apparently. Nor does he come across as an innocent victim. Just look at this guy’s Wikipedia page.

The poor, innocent, armed, drug dealer, who was brutally murdered by British police, just because they hated his skin colour.

You know what the most annoying part of all is? Unlike in America, were most of the current black population are the descendants of slaves who were brought there against their will, in Britain every single black person living there is there by choice, either their own, or that of their parents. Nobody forced them to leave Africa and come to Britain. They willingly chose to do so because they wanted to live off the prosperity created by the British population. They should be grateful to have the opportunity to better their lot in life at all. Instead, they’re a bunch of ingrates and they choose to whine and complain about non-existent issues, rather than accepting responsibility for their own problems. If Britain is such a horrible, oppressive place, where they fear that they could be brutally murdered by police for no reason, then why do they choose to live there? If it’s so bad, then why not return to the countries they came from? There’s no racist white supremacism over there.

Oh right, that’s why they won’t go back. Because without the help of the white people who they despise so much, they are completely incapable of building or even maintaining an already pre-built, functioning society of their own. All they can do is leech off of existing civilisations, so they need to come live among “the white devils” while at the same time complaining about us non-stop. It’s going to backfire eventually. Our tolerance has its limits. Sooner or later, people are going to start asking the questions “Why do they come to live among us if we’re so terrible?”, “How exactly are we oppressing them when most people are not only opposed to, but are terrified of being thought of as a racist?”, and most importantly, “What exactly do they contribute to our societies, and do these contributions make up for all the hassle they cause us?”.

The reality is, we’re not oppressing them at all. They just can’t take responsibility for their own failings.

The truth about “racist” police shootings.


So like everyone else, I have been unable to avoid the omnipresent media circus surrounding the deaths of two more “innocent, unarmed” black men at the hands of “evil white supremacist, white cops” (one of whom happened to be Asian). These racist cops, we’re told,  gunned them down for no good reason, simply because they hated them for the colour of their skin.

This is literally the narrative that we’re being fed by the media right now.

And there are many people out there who actually seem to be buying into this bullshit narrative. Just think about it for a second. Most white people are against racism. Obviously genuine white racists do still exist, but they seem to be an extreme minority these days. Racism is just not socially acceptable these days, especially if you’re a white person. Cops are people like anyone else. Yet we’re supposed to believe that despite genuinely racist people being the minority, that somehow there’s a big racist conspiracy among American cops to murder innocent black people for absolutely no reason, despite the fact that doing so could potentially destroy their careers, and even their lives. We’re literally expected to believe that a large number of cops are so filled with hatred towards the skin colour of black people, that they’re willing to risk everything in order to kill them.

This is one of the stupidest conspiracy theories that I’ve ever heard of.

For those of us who actually bother to research things properly, it’s easy to prove just how flawed this narrative is. And that, is exactly what I’m going to do right now. So first, lets take a look at the estimated percentages of racial demographics in the US currently.



So by looking at both 2010 and 2015 demographics, and the small changes that have occurred in that time,  the combined White and Latino population is roughly 80%. The reason that I’m counting the two together is because in crime statistics, Hispanics are counted as white (and this skews the crime rate numbers committed by “white” people somewhat). Arabs are counted as white too. This is important to remember, as I’ll explain later in this article. The black population, according to 2015 statistics, is roughly 13% of the population.

So next, lets take a look at an article which discusses the demographics killed by cops. According to this article, in the year following the death of Michael Brown (one of the first notable examples of this alleged racist conspiracy, and a topic which I covered in the past), 1083 Americans were killed by cops. The racial breakdown of the dead can be seen in the screenshot below.


So out of 1083 people, 273 of whom (or 25.2%) were black. The combined White/Hispanic death count (again let me remind you that I’m counting them as one group because they’re treated as one group in crime statistics) is at least 660, or could be as high as 781, depending on how many of the “unknown” category are from one of those groups. I think it’s pretty obvious when someone is black, but a mixed white/Hispanic, or a darker skinned white person (for example of Greek or Spanish descent) person’s race might not be so obvious, and therefore would be more likely to fall into the unknown category than a black person. This works out as a percentage of between 60.9 and 72.1%, depending on how much or how little of these unknowns were actually white or Hispanic.

So on the surface, this looks as if there might be merit to the claims of “Black Lives Matter” advocates that black people are killed disproportionately. A group making up 13% of the population has 25.2% of police deaths, versus a group making up 80% of the population, having only between 60.9 and 72.1% of deaths. However, this doesn’t tell the whole story.

When you look at FBI crime statistics on arrests for the three most recent years available, 2014, 2013, and 2012, we can see that blacks are arrested in disproportionate numbers to their population size. The figures show that they make up roughly 28% of arrests per year, as opposed to roughly 69% per year for Whites/Hispanics/Arabs.




So the narrative we’re originally presented is that an encounter with cops is much more likely to end fatally for a black person than a “white” person. But if a group which makes up 28% of all arrests has 25.2% of all deaths by cops, and a group which makes up 69% of all arrests results in somewhere between 60.9 and 72.1% of all deaths by cops, then can that really be true? If anything, it looks as if based on encounter rate with cops, the likelihood of death is roughly equal for all races.

So the next point that people will try and make is that the disproportionately high arrest rate for black people is where the racism really is. That for some reason, cops are going around and harassing innocent black people and then arresting them for no reason. Again, this is a ridiculous narrative, with no evidence to support it. There is however evidence to suggest that black people simply commit crime at a much higher rate than other races, and this leads to them getting arrested a lot more. This can be seen from reading the 2016 Revised Edition of The Colour of Crime , which records crime statistics based on race. I won’t summarise the findings here, because there’s too much to cover, but I would suggest reading it for yourselves. These disproportionately high crime rates from blacks are perfectly illustrated from looking at a list of the 30 cities in America with the highest number of homicides.

The list

Just look up the black population percentages for each city on the list. To save you time, I’ll do it for you and put the results in a table. Figures are taken from the Wikipedia articles for each city and are based on results from the 2010 census. Any city where black people are the largest demographic will be typed out in bold. In addition, any city in which black people make up the overall majority (more than 50%) will have the word “MAJORITY” written beside the percentage. Any city where black people aren’t the largest demographic will be left in normal text.


Just… wow…

Out of a list of the top 30 most dangerous cities in America, 20 have an overall majority black population, 4 more have black people being the largest demographic overall, another 4 have black people being a close second, and only 2 (Desert Hot Springs and Myrtle Beach) have a relatively low black population. The number one worst city of all, East St. Louis has a near 100% black population. Therefore I think it’s safe to say that when looking at this list of the most dangerous cities in America, cross referencing it with its population demographics, and when reading “The Colour of Crime”, that it’s pretty safe to say that no, the disproportionately high arrest rates for blacks aren’t just some racist conspiracy. They really do commit crime at a far higher rate than their population size, and the arrest rates reflect that.

So next up we gotta address the excuses that will be made. One of my personal favourites that I’ve heard is that they commit more crime because they’re profiled more. The sheer stupidity of this logic speaks for itself. They’re literally saying that “people act more suspicious that they’ll engage in criminal behaviour, that it causes them to engage in criminal behaviour”. This kind of logic is on par with “If Donald Trump bans Muslim immigration to the US, it will cause more of them to join ISIS”. The implication in both of these situations is that these people are emotionally unstable ticking time bombs who aren’t capable of controlling their own behaviour.

He was a good boy, just like you and me. He could have contributed greatly to America. Unfortunately Donald Trump hurt his feelings so he decided to blow people up instead. This is the fault of Trump supporters.
GA De’Marquise Elkins 2013 3-22
He was a good boy, just like you and me. He could have been president someday. Unfortunately, a shopkeeper hurt his feelings by racially profiling him by following him around the shop so he wouldn’t steal. Because his feelings were hurt, he went out and raped a bunch of white women, and killed his neighbour to steal his crack cocaine. This is the fault of white people.

Again let me repeat myself, the sheer stupidity of this logic speaks for itself. The next excuse that I’ve heard is that many black people in America come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds at a rate far higher than other races, and this causes them to turn to crime more. While it is true that black people in America are more likely to live in poverty than other races, it’s untrue to blame poverty alone for their crime rates. There was a study conducted which compared the homicide rates of white majority and black majority neighbourhoods, based on the average family income of each neighbourhood. The table from the study which shows the relationship between race, income, and number of homicides can be seen below.

table 6.png

While it is true that on average, the poorer neighbourhoods tended to have the most homicides, when race was factored in as well, the black neighbourhoods had a much higher homicide rate than the white neighbourhoods with the same average income. Therefore, if poverty is what causes an increase in crime, then why aren’t poor white people committing as much crime as poor black people? These results were backed up by another similar study (which is now unfortunately behind a paywall, but I remembered to save the results first) which found that 2.7% of poorest white males end up in jail at some point, as opposed to 10.47% of poorest black males and 7.16% of the poorest Hispanic males. In fact, only the wealthiest black group (with an income between 91 and 100,000 dollars) have a lower rate of incarceration than the poorest whites with a 2.43% incarceration rate. Every other income group for black males has a higher incarceration rate than the poorest white group, thus proving that the poverty excuse is absolute nonsense.


So again, all they’re left with is that some ridiculous invisible white racist conspiracy is causing black people to commit a disproportionate amount of crime, which results in more encounters with police, which results in a higher incarceration rate or a higher fatality rate from resisting arrest (white racism must also cause them not to cooperate when being arrested either). Again, this is a completely stupid argument with absolutely no evidence to support it. As I’ve already pointed out (and as should be completely obvious) but being a racist is not only socially stigmatising if you’re a white person, but most people are genuinely opposed to it. So if most white people are opposed to racism, then where exactly is this invisible, and unquantifiable white racist conspiracy, which nobody can actually explain how it works, or give specific examples of it in action, coming from?

“It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s true, I tell ya. White racists are causing black people to commit lots of crimes by being racist in vague and unexplained ways. It’s the only explanation I can think of”

The reality is that there is no racist white conspiracy at all, but people aren’t allowed to make that claim, because doing so would mean that we would have to admit the forbidden truth. White people aren’t the ones who are at fault for the problems affecting the black community in America. Black people are. Again, let me go back to the most dangerous cities in America again. In the number one worst city for homicides, East St. Louis, with a 97.74% black population, in which you can be sure that the majority of the cops and city officials are black, how can white people possibly be to blame? It makes absolutely no sense, but because we’ve made it forbidden to acknowledge any uncomfortable truths that may be politically incorrect to discuss, we have to ignore the obvious and reach further and further for excuses.

“Ok gentlemen. Lets try to figure out why the room doesn’t seem very spacious any more. Anybody have any ideas?”…. “Yes, Clyde?”….”Um..the moisture in the air caused our table to expand, sir?”….”YES, EXCELLENT WORK CLYDE!!! That must be the reason.”

In conclusion, let me just make the point of this article clear. I’m not trying to excuse police brutality. I’m not saying that racism doesn’t still exist. What I am saying is that the police shootings in America are not a racial issue, and shouldn’t be thought of as one. Police shootings are an issue that effect people of all races. There are more white people killed each year than black people in real numbers and quite possibly also in proportion to their crime statistics as well, but the media just makes a bigger circus out of it when the victim is black because they want to divide us.

It’s easy to find out information about Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling, or any of the other black victims. When these people die, it’s an international news story for weeks at a time. However, how often do we hear names like Dylan Noble,  Abraham Smith, William Tracy Patterson, Blake Peacock, or any other white names to have died at the hands of cops? Honestly, it’s very rare. These deaths are never as a big a story as when the person is black so this creates a false perception in the public that almost all victims (or at least a disproportionately high amount) are black. While this is true in terms of population size, when arrest rates are considered, this evens out. And when crime rates (which are also not a racist conspiracy) are considered, these disproportionately high arrest rates make perfect sense.

There is a race problem in America right now. But white people aren’t the ones to blame.



Shooting that gorilla in the zoo was “racist” apparently.

So you’ve probably all heard that recent story about how a child fell into a gorilla enclosure and the zookeepers shot the gorilla dead in order to ensure that it didn’t harm the child. Well a bunch of black people on twitter are claiming that this was racist apparently. No, this isn’t some crude joke comparing black people to apes. They really thought this was racist apparently. Check out this video.

And just in case the video ever disappears, here are screenshots of the tweets these people made.













See how they all cry about how the gorilla was only shot because the child was white. They claim that if the child had been black, that it wouldn’t have been shot because supposedly, black people’s lives aren’t valued as much as white people’s. There’s just one big problem with their complaints.






See these idiots didn’t waste any time pushing their ridiculous victim complex. They never actually cared about what happened. They just heard a story and without bothering to investigate it themselves, decided to bitch and moan about non-existent problem so they could further promote the usual “hate on whitey” campaign. To these people, the truth doesn’t matter. Only the narrative does. And you can be sure that none of them will retract their statements or issue any apology. They’ll just stay quiet and wait for the next opportunity to attack whitey over trivial matters again.

This is just yet another example of the big lie propaganda technique in action. They just keep shamelessly lying about everything until eventually, people just assume it’s the truth. They cannot be allowed to keep lying like this. They must always be exposed and treated with the contempt and ridicule that their idiotic complaints deserve. Nothing less will be enough.



Cop killed with own gun by “unarmed” black criminal.

“Da po-lice is racist. He wuz a gud boy. He dindu nuffin. He wuz goin’ to church every week. He wuz gettin’ his life back on track. Black lives matter”~ The kind of reaction we would have seen if the cop had actually managed to defend himself.

The prevailing narrative in the media every single time an “unarmed” black criminal is killed by cops, is that the cop killed them needlessly, due to some kind of irrational hatred they feel towards the colour of their skin. It has gotten to the point were even in cases where black cops are involved, such as the Freddie Gray case, the media still plays up the idea that it was racially motivated, cold blooded murder.

All six of these cops were apparently motivated to murder career drug dealer, Freddie Gray out of hatred for his skin colour.
All six of these cops were apparently motivated to murder career drug dealer, Freddie Gray out of hatred for his skin colour.

This of course is completely ridiculous. We’re actually expected to believe the insane assertion that in the modern, overly politically correct and tolerant world that we now live in, that there are countless people out there, who are driven to a blind homicidal rage when they encounter people with a non-white skin pigmentation. The narrative has gotten so ridiculous, that they’re now trying to claim that even other people with that same skin pigmentation, are just as liable to feel this rage, and commit cold blooded murder, if given the opportunity to do so. It absolutely boggles my mind that they’re able to tell these stories with a straight face, and people actually seem to believe it.

The lives of black criminals, rightfully put down in self defence matter. The lives of blacks killed by other black criminals don't however.
The lives of black criminals, rightfully put down in self defence matter. The lives of blacks killed by other black criminals don’t however.
No, but this also doesn't take into consideration that blacks also commit far more murders per capita than whites do.
No, black on black murder isn’t significantly worse than the white on white murder rate, but this also doesn’t take into consideration that blacks also commit far more murders per capita than whites do, meaning that blacks are killing and being killed at a far higher rate.

The problem with all this outrage directed towards cops who defend themselves using lethal force against these black criminals, is that it’s making them reluctant to do their job properly. We saw a perfect example of this in Baltimore following the Freddie Gray protests. Cops were reluctant to go in and enforce the law, for fear that they too could end up being on the wrong side of the Black Lives Matter movement. The result? The number of homicides quickly skyrocketed.







This of course included plenty of black deaths, but did this matter to the Black Live Matter movement? It sure doesn’t seem that way. In all their eagerness to cry racism because a bunch of black criminals were killed in encounters with law enforcement, they achieved nothing, but to allow other black criminals an opportunity to take the lives of other black people… criminal and innocent alike.

This reluctance and fear felt by cops isn’t limited to simply not bothering to enforce the law. There are cases were cops still try to do their job, but don’t do everything necessary to do it properly. When that happens, we get cases such as this one.


According to St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz, three women were allegedly stabbed by a man who later shot a Sunset police officer. The sheriff said the incident started off as a possible domestic issue and quickly turned into “hell in a hand basket.” 

Two sisters of Grand Coteau Interim Mayor Shaterral Johnson were stabbed while trying to stop 35-year-old Harrison Lee Riley Jr., of Arnaudville, from stabbing his wife, Courtney Jolivette. Despite earlier miscommunication, one of the sisters, 40-year-old Shameka Johnson, and Officer Henry Nelson both died on the scene. 

51-year-old Nelson was responding to the scene of a stabbing on Anna Street when he was shot by Riley with his own gun. According to the sheriff, Riley had taken the gun from Nelson during a confrontation. 

I think it’s a very real possibility that based on the media stirring shit up the past few years, regarding cops attacking black criminals, that this cop may have been hesitant to use the force necessary to protect himself, for fear of the reaction he would get. As a result, the criminal was given an opening he never should have gotten, and was able to wrestle the cop’s gun away from, and use it against him. You see despite the ridiculous lies being told by the media, that somehow an unarmed criminal couldn’t possibly be a danger to armed cops, meaning that there’s no excuse for a cop to ever use lethal force to defend themselves, this story proves it completely wrong. That “unarmed” criminal was able to arm himself quick enough and murder that cop, a murder that could very easily have been prevented, if the cop had used his gun first.

As already pointed out in reference to the Freddie Gray story, the fact that the cop himself was black is irrelevant. The media still would have portrayed him as some kind of hate filled racist, murdering an innocent black criminal, for absolutely no reason. He could have potentially lost his job, but instead he lost his life. The question is, will the Black Lives Matter crowd be out protesting over this death, seeing as the officer himself was black?

America’s “race problem” summarised in three short videos.

How can there be any doubt now? Clearly white people are the ones causing all the racial problems in America, what with their uncontrolled and unprovoked violent attacks towards poor, defenseless black people. Just look at how those cowardly whites either use sucker punches, or attack individuals as part of a group of 4 or 5. Note as well how all those white people keep stomping on the heads of their black victims, long after they’re already unconscious, without worrying about the possibility that they may kill them in the process.

Now lets compare what happens in a fair one on one fight between a black American and a white American. As we can clearly see here, in a fair fight, the black guy kicks the white guy’s ass, but rather than continuing to beat on him while he’s down (like a white guy would do to a black guy), he walks away, once he has proven his point.

And here we see another video of a fair fight, in which the black guy wins and walks away peacefully.

And another one.

Clearly those white liberals and Jews who live in 95+% white neighbourhoods, and who run the media (and therefore dictate how the rest of us should think), are completely right in their assessment that white people are the ones causing all the problems.

I also think that based on the precedent from the videos above, that it’s pretty obvious that the current narrative we’re fed by the media about innocent unarmed blacks being killed by racist cops for no reason, is definitely 100% accurate. Those cops couldn’t possibly have been defending themselves against violence. Clearly, seeing the non-white skin pigmentation of their victims, was like a red rag to a bull, and it filled them with a blind rage, that caused them to murder those innocent blacks in cold blood for absolutely no reason.

Even black cops seem to become racist towards blacks for some reason. Obviously this extreme homicidal racism which causes them to risk their careers, their reputations, and even their lives, makes far more sense than the idea that they were actually defending themselves. The videos above prove that. The mainstream media would never dream of lying to us when they write about how blacks are the victims, and whites are always the cause of all the racism in America. No, clearly they would never dream of lying at all.

*EDIT~ 24th October 2016*

All but one of the videos in this article have since been deleted. As it probably won’t be so obvious now without them, I’ll just come out and say it. I was being sarcastic.

Ferguson installs permanent memorial for Michael Brown.

It was the greatest tragedy since the holocaust, an innocent cigar thief who was gunned down just because a racist white cop hated the colour of his skin. The fact that the innocent cigar thief was attacking the cop and trying to take his gun has absolutely no relevance unless you're also a racist.
It was the greatest tragedy since the holocaust, an innocent cigar thief who was gunned down just because a racist white cop hated the colour of his skin. The fact that the innocent cigar thief was attacking the cop and trying to take his gun has absolutely no relevance unless you’re also a racist.

It seems that Saint Michael of Ferguson is finally going to be honoured in the city he died in with a special plaque.

No, this isn't a joke. It doesn't matter that Michael Brown had just robbed a store minutes before his death. Nor does it matter that he caused his own death by attacking an armed cop. What matters is feelings, which are more important than facts.
No, this isn’t a joke. It doesn’t matter that Michael Brown had just robbed a store minutes before his death. Nor does it matter that he caused his own death by attacking an armed cop. What matters is feelings, which are more important than facts.

From Fox News 

A plaque and metallic likeness of a dove have been installed in Michael Brown’s memory near the spot where the unarmed, black 18-year-old was shot and killed last summer by a white Ferguson police officer.

I always hate how they have to emphasise that he was unarmed. This conjures up images of a poor defenceless person on his knees in the surrender position being gunned down mercilessly. The actual reality of the situation was that the 6’4″, 20 stone Michael Brown was attacking the cop and trying to reach for his gun. He may not have been armed, but he definitely was a threat to the life of the officer, who only responded in self defence. What was the officer supposed to do? Should he have handed his gun over to Brown and then try to take him alive unarmed? That would have been suicide.

Crews installed the plaque and dove Thursday hundreds of feet apart on a sidewalk in Ferguson, Missouri, one day after the mid-street memorial for Brown was cleared. Wednesday would have been Brown’s 19th birthday.

The makeshift memorial had cropped up within hours of Brown’s death and became what many saw as a symbol of a new civil rights movement over race and policing.

The original memorial was essentially just a pile of rubbish dumped in the middle of the road.
The original memorial was essentially just a pile of rubbish dumped in the middle of the road.

Brown’s death touched off protests and a “Black Lives Matter” movement that gained momentum with subsequent police killings of unarmed black men in other U.S. cities.

They’re acting as if there is some kind of conspiracy among cops to kill unarmed black men for absolutely no reason. This is completely ridiculous. I’ve already pointed out before that cops kill more whites than blacks on average every year, but we never hear about it because the media makes a circus out of the times when blacks are killed. This media circus causes blacks to think they’re being unfairly persecuted, and this causes them to riot, which in turn causes more chaos for the media to report on. It’s completely insane. This is why there is so much racial division in America. Instead of holding everyone to the same standards, they’ve acted as if one group is being unfairly targeted by the law, made that group feel like perpetual victims, and now we see the consequences of all this.

I’d like to see a fairer world where all people, regardless of race are treated equally. If a black person is murdered in cold blood, he deserves justice as much as any white victim. At the same time, if a black criminal is killed because of his own stupidity, he deserves as little sympathy as a white criminal would get in the same circumstances. He certainly should not be honoured with a plaque.

Pure evil: Leaflets saying “#White lives matter” distributed.


In what can only be described as “a new holocaust”,  someone has taken it upon themselves to commit one of the greatest evils imaginable… they dared to suggest that white people have a right to live.

From CTPost

Flyers with the slogan — “#White Lives Matter” — an apparent racist response to the widely used social-media hashtag, #Black Lives Matter, have been tossed on local driveways and lawns in the Compo Road area, prompting local officials to denounce the message.

So by denouncing the message, doesn’t that mean that you believe that white lives don’t matter then?

Officials say they are troubled by the distribution of the flyers in town, which have unsettled many of those who found them on their doorsteps over the last week.

“I am deeply concerned and disappointed that statements like this have found their way to Westport homes,” First Selectman Jim Marpe said in a statement Friday. “This kind of racial ugliness has no place anywhere, and certainly not in Westport.”

He’s deeply concerned at the idea that there are white people out there who have the audacity to think we have a right to exist.

The first selectman added, “I have always been proud to speak of Westport as an open and welcoming community, and I continue to believe that the vast majority of Westporters practice that belief through tolerance, inclusion and everyday civil behavior … This past year has reminded us that our nation still needs to deal with some serious racial issues, and now we know that Westport is not immune.”

Tolerant and inclusive…except for white people because they don’t count. In fact, they don’t even exist. Race is just a social construct, except when white people do bad things, or non-whites suffer, in which case, it does exist.

The local flyers apparently respond to the #Black Lives Matters hashtag used on social over the last year in the wake of the deaths of black men in confrontations with police in several high-profile incidents.

Marpe said he has asked TEAM Westport, a group that tries to foster greater diversity and tolerance locally, “to work with Interfaith Clergy, the Board of Education and the appropriate town agencies, to lead our community’s response to these outrageous statements and, more importantly, the behaviors and beliefs that underpin them.”

It’s so outrageous that we need to think of an idea to put a stop to such thoughts. Perhaps we can send them to gulags for re-education.

Say it with me now...White lives don't matter.
Say it with me now…White lives don’t matter.

Harold Bailey, the TEAM Westport chairman, said Friday he’s working on setting up meetings with the leaders of a number of organizations to get a “consolidated response” to the flyer distribution.

An excellent idea. This is clearly the biggest threat facing your community today. We can’t have any white people thinking they have a right to exist.

As of now, he said, “We’re not sure why this is being done or who is doing it.”

Bailey said that taken on face value, the flyers could be an answer to “Black Lives Matter,” which in addition to being used widely on social media, has been chanted at demonstrations following the black men’s deaths.

“Black Lives Matter, he said, is “really a statement of a reminder that” some people feel “they are marginalized by society.”

Bailey said by turning the flyer’s message “completely on its head,” it could mean “you don’t matter” or “we matter more,” but added, “That’s not what this town stands for.”

Only black people feel marginalised. Despite the fact that whites are blamed for every single thing in the world, there isn’t any possibility that innocent whites could themselves possibly feel marginalised…seeing as there’s no such thing as an innocent white.

The only people whose lives matter.
The only people whose lives matter.

He said TEAM Westport strives to incorporate diversity in all institutions in town. “We feel diversity is an attitude,” he said.

Similar flyers were also recently distributed nearby in Milford.

Meanwhile, local police have not received a formal complaint about the flyers so they haven’t begun an investigation into the matter, according to Capt. Samuel Arciola, police spokesman.

“We’re aware of the situation,” he said, adding that police will be on the lookout for anyone “arbitrarily” tossing flyers on lawns or driveways.

Thank goodness we have the cops looking into it. As we all know, this is how it all starts. First, racist white people start thinking they have a right to live. Then, they start sharing that belief with others. Eventually, they start building gas chambers for everyone else.

Such scary times we live in….

“Hands up, don’t shoot” They finally admit it was a blatant lie.

Truly the greatest tragedy of all time -_-
Truly the greatest tragedy of all time -_-

Back in November, I discussed the situation in Ferguson which had been going on since around August. For those not up to speed, I’d suggest reading what I wrote here. Without repeating myself too much, let me just summarise it quickly. An 18 year old black teenager was shot by a white cop. The cop claimed it was in self defence. “Witnesses” claimed that the black teenager had his hands up in surrender and was murdered in cold blood by the cop. What followed was months of rioting by the black community of Ferguson, the usual self-loathing from pathetic white people who wanted to reassure the world that they weren’t racists like that cop, and the usual trial by media which found the cop guilty, regardless of the lack of evidence. The most annoying part to me was the obnoxious “hands up, don’t shoot” meme, which seemed to spread like wildfire.

Pathetic white people in London who should instead be marching to show their disgust at all those English children who were raped by Muslim men.
Pathetic white people in London who should instead be marching to show their disgust at all those English children who were raped by Muslim men.
Another march from London. Remember, the fake story from across the Atlantic is more outrageous than the 1000s of real stories of innocent children suffering in your own country.
Another march from London. Remember, the fake story from across the Atlantic is more outrageous than the 1000s of real stories of innocent children suffering in your own country.
CNN hosts. The one holding the sign is referencing Eric Garner, another black guy who was killed by a white cop. In fairness, Garner's death was a lot more outrageous than that of Michael Brown.
CNN hosts. The one holding the sign is referencing Eric Garner, another black guy who was killed by a white cop. In fairness, Garner’s death was a lot more outrageous than that of Michael Brown.
An American football team (I have no idea which one because I don’t watch the sport).
Random black guys (plus one token white guy)
Random black guys (plus one token white guy)
A bunch of US politicians trying to look good for the electorate. I hope now that the truth is out that it backfires on them.
Al Sharpton
Al Sharpton
"Witness" with her Jew lawyer.
“Witness” with her Jew lawyer.

Well it seems that one of the main proponents of the lie, Eric Holder (the Attorney General for the US) has finally come out and admitted  what plenty of people who actually did their research instead of just blindly accepting the narrative already knew, that the whole thing was just a complete lie.

From Daily Caller

The “hands up, don’t shoot” slogan used by Democratic activists since August 2013 is a complete falsehood, outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder admitted Wednesday.

He acknowledge the faked story as he released the Justice Department’s investigation of the August 2014 shooting of Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Mo.

“I recognize that the findings in our report may leave some to wonder how the department’s findings can differ so sharply from some of the initial, widely reported accounts of what transpired,” Holder said at the press conference.

However, Holder declined to criticize the TV-media frenzy — and the claims by local African-American protesters — that spread the false claim that the dead youth, Michael Brown, had his hands up shortly before his was shot by police officer Darren Wilson.

Instead, Holder suggested the media and Americans recognize the fakery. “It remains not only valid – but essential – to question how such a strong alternative version of events was able to take hold so swiftly, and be accepted so readily,” he said.

It’s pretty obvious why the “alternative version of events” spread so quickly Eric. It’s because people in positions of power like you, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the entire media pushed that version of events as being true. I can’t really blame the naive public for believing it. It goes back to the idea of the big lie again. If you keep saying something over and over, eventually people will naturally assume that it’s the truth. The idea that so many people could lie so blatantly and unashamedly, is beyond the comprehension of most people.

It wasn’t a lie because it came from my imagination. It was real in my mind.

So, now that one of the main proponents of the lie has come out and admitted as such, shouldn’t he and anyone else who spread the lie be forced to pay compensation to anyone who was injured or had their business looted during the ensuing riots?

Yes, I think they should pay up.

“You might be Mike Brown if…”

It seems that the anger over the death of black teenager Michael Brown at the hands of white cop Darren Wilson still hasn’t cooled. A stand up comedian did a bit mocking the incident and managed to troll the fuck out of audience big time.

Personally, I found it pretty amusing to watch. Not so much because of the jokes (which were lame) but because of how annoyed the audience were getting. It was also pretty obvious that the comedian took a lot of pleasure in trolling the fuck out of the audience, just from looking at his mannerisms and listening to his tone of voice.

What’s particularly amusing is the fact that what he was saying is all true. I discussed the Ferguson riots a few months ago here, and all his jokes are about the things I discussed back then.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in now, facts are irrelevant. As far as the idiots in the crowd are concerned, Darren Wilson should have allowed Michael Brown to take his gun from him and possibly even use it against him, rather than using it to defend himself. All that matters is that Michael Brown was black (and therefore the innocent victim) and Darren Wilson was white (and therefore the evil oppressor). Anything that goes against that narrative, they don’t want to hear.