World bank tells the truth about globalisation.

So this is unusual. The World bank has actually come out and admitted the truth for once. That is, that globalist policies have a negative impact on the lives of ordinary people in first world societies. Who could have possibly seen that coming?


From RT

The growth of free trade has not had a positive effect for all in the developed economies, according to a World Bank document quoted by the BBC.

Of course it hasn’t. Globalisation just allows massive corporations in the first world to ship their jobs abroad to third world shitholes, in which workers are paid pennys per day. These jobs could have instead gone to people in the first world, as they did in the past, but seeing as we have actual employment laws in place here, they’re less able to exploit us like slaves, so they go elsewhere instead to do so. Can anyone honestly explain how it’s a benefit to those of us in the first world, having all of our factories leave us? It’s not as if they can’t afford to employ people in the first world, seeing as they were able to do so just fine in decades past. It’s simply greed that is preventing them from doing so.


According to an internal memo from the Washington-based organization seen by the British broadcaster, the side effects “may have led to rising wage inequality.”

Yeah, no shit.



The document, written by World Bank economists, says”trade has played a powerful role in creating jobs and contributing to rising incomes in advanced economies,” but also highlights its cons.

It may have created some jobs in advanced economies, by creating new types of jobs that wouldn’t have existed otherwise, but I’m sure if these were weighed up against all the potential jobs which were lost (such as low skill manufacturing jobs), then the net result would be far less jobs overall.


“Recent evidence from the US suggests that adjustment costs for those employed in sectors exposed to import competition from China are much higher than previously thought. While trade may have contributed to rising inequality in high income economies, so has technological change and the weakening of institutions that used to represent the interests of labor,” the report said.

Yep, automation has definitely had an impact on job availability as well. If anything, that just proves the point that mass immigration isn’t needed at all. One of the biggest reasons given to justify mass third world immigration to the first world is that people in the first world “aren’t having enough children”, and this is leading to a population decline. They claim that a lower population means less potential workers in the economy, so we need to import people instead, to make up the difference. However, we already see millions of highly educated youths in Europe and America who are unemployed as it is, because in actuality, we already have more people than there re jobs available.

It is an absolute lie, that we need to import more people from the third world, to fill job vacancies, because we already have more people than available jobs as it is, and this will only get worse as automation increases. If anything, we could allow our population to decline a little, and it wouldn’t be an issue. There would still be enough people to run the economy just fine. Or, we could actually work on trying to figure out a way to increase the birth rates in the first world instead, if we’re really so concerned about a declining population.

Of course, that won’t ever happen, because as I’ve addressed on many an occasion already, this is a deliberate policy of genocide against us. They’re delighted that our populations are decreasing, and are only too happy to ethnically replace us in our own homelands. Instead of working to solve the problems, they deliberately pursue policies which make it worse, such as the very ones that this article is addressing.

“Given overall efficiency gains, the dislocation effects of trade in advanced economies must be addressed through stronger safety nets and enhanced skills and flexible labor markets,” it added.

All meaningless buzzwords, to pretend they’re taking the problem seriously. They aren’t. It will just be business as usual.

World Bank president Jim Yong Kim explained why people in the developed economies are angry with the free trade.

“I hear them and they are saying that my life is not better than my parents and my children’s life does not look like it’s going to be better than mine,” he said in a BBC interview.

“We understand you’re pissed off, but just please don’t do anything crazy like resisting globalist interests, such as voting ‘Out’ in the Brexit referendum, or voting for anti-globalist political candidates, such as Donald Trump.”

Seriously, this is what it’s all about. The idea that these people have any concerns about the average person all of a sudden, is laughable. They aren’t showing concern, because they’ve suddenly started to care. They’re showing concern, because they’re in full on panic mode, that the people have finally had enough, and are starting to vote in their own interests, instead of their’s. The propaganda campaigns have failed miserably so far, so now they’re pretending to care and to offer solutions. Don’t fall for it, they’ll stab us in the back as soon as the chance to vote against them has passed us by.

“So there is a real concern but the answer is to have more robust social security programs, so you have a safety net. And then you need to get serious about getting the skills you need for the jobs of the future,”he added.

“Yes peasants. Go to college, take on massive debt to fund it, and learn the skills necessary for the ever shrinking supply of available jobs, many of which will be obsolete by the time you’ve paid off your debt anyway.”

This June’s Boston Consulting Group Global Wealth report said that millionaires will control more than half of the world’s wealth by 2020. In particular, people who are worth more than $20 million in the United States will control 29 percent of the country’s wealth by 2020, compared to 20 percent in 2010.

What could possibly go wrong?



Somebody get this poor man a pig to cheer himself up with.

Wow, I’ll be damned.  I was starting to buy into the propaganda that it wouldn’t actually happen. Yet here it is. The UK actually voted to leave the EU. With all the negativity in the media surrounding it, I was expecting a very close win for the remain side (like literally around 50.1% to 49.9% in favour of remain), or even for them to rig the vote somehow. I am shocked to see that it really has happened. It feels surreal.

Sorry Angela, you’ll just have to deal with the migrant situation that you orchestrated by yourself now.

There’s a lot of fear and worry about what this will mean, not just for Britain, but for the rest of Europe as well. Most people on social media (at least in my social circles) seem to be convinced that this will be a disaster. The way I see it though, we don’t actually know yet what will happen. It could indeed be a disaster, or it could end up being  the best decision that Britain has ever made.

Have the Brits done this…
…or this?

I do however believe that the EU, in its current form at least, was inevitably doomed no matter what. I think the mishandling of the migrant situation, the Eurozone financial problems, and the rising popularity of extreme parties would have caused the EU to either collapse eventually under its own weight, or force it to become more authoritarian and centralised in its power structure, in order to survive…completely contrary to the ideals it was supposedly set up under. When choosing between the guaranteed misery of less sovereignty, less democracy, and less control of your own destiny, along with the increases in terrorism, riots, rapes, and welfare payments due to the migrant situation, or the great unknown which could go either way… can you really blame people for taking the risk on the great unknown? In fact, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if other countries eventually follow suit, and bring the whole project down with them in the process. I could see economically devastated countries like Greece or Italy getting fed up and leaving at some point. Maybe France might leave as well due to their own growing resentment towards the problems they are dealing with. The UK leaving could just be the first in a domino effect.

Personally, I do believe that there will be a lot of hardship, for the EU and the UK alike, at least in the short term. I can see the EU levying heavy sanctions at the UK, both to spite them, and to make an example of them to any other country which thinks about doing the same thing. In the long term though as I said, I think the EU project itself is doomed so by that point, any sanctions will be meaningless. We’ll all be fending for ourselves as individual nations and will be looking to do what’s best for us including, if necessary, getting back on good terms with the UK.

Black Pigeon speaks made a video where he gives his theories as to what could happen.

Whatever happens, all I know is this. We’re seeing huge historical events unfold before our eyes in real time. These are the times that we’ll be telling our grandchildren about. I’m genuinely excited to see what happens next. Maybe, just maybe…






Chinese stock market plummets

A Chinaman looks on helplessly as his shares in rhino horns and ghost cities plummets before his eyes.
A Chinaman looks on helplessly as his shares in rhino horns plummets before his eyes.

I’m no economist, but this sounds really bad. I’ve heard people say before that the bust part of boom and bust cycles happen once every seven years or so. 2008 was the last big crash. If the cycle is true, we’re due one later this year. China is the second largest economy in the world. They are the largest foreign holder of American debt. An economic collapse there will surely spread to the rest of the world before long.

From Irish Examiner

Chinese stocks suffered a huge blow as the Shanghai share index recorded its biggest one-day fall since early 2007.

The Shanghai Composite Index closed down 8.5% at 3,725.56 with most of the plunge occurring in the last hour of trading.

Other stock benchmarks around the world were also lower.

In Europe, Britain’s FTSE 100 fell 0.3% to 6,563.67 and Germany’s DAX shed 1% to 11,232.43. France’s CAC 40 dropped 1.1% to 4,999.60.

The fall on the Shanghai market was the biggest one-day decline in Chinese stocks since an 8.8% plunge on February 27, 2007.

Some analysts said the dive was sparked by brokerages restricting credit used to finance stock purchases, also known as margin trading.

Chinese authorities took aggressive steps to stabilise the market after it tumbled last month. But analysts have been sceptical that such efforts could be sustained.

“The continuous check on margin trading by security companies has triggered today’s sell-off,” said Xu Xiaoyu, a market strategist at China Investment Securities. “In addition, the recent economic data shows it still takes time for the economy to recover from its sluggishness.”

The 30% slide in Chinese shares in June came after a year-long rally took the market to multi-year highs even as the world’s second-biggest economy slowed.

A period of stability was achieved after the government announced support measures earlier this month that included forbidding major shareholders from selling any of their shares and ordering state companies and others to buy.

Many companies also voluntarily suspended trading in their stocks on the Shanghai exchange and its smaller counterpart in Shenzhen.

For quite some time now, people have been predicting that much like how the 19th century belonged to Britain, and the 20th century belonged to America, that the 21st century would belong to China. However, there was also a time, back in the 1980s, when Japan’s rapid economic growth had many people convinced that Japan would eventually become the number one economy in the world. Instead, everything went to hell in the early 90s, and Japan has been in a state of slow decline ever since.

It's a shame in some ways. If they had taken over the world, we may have gotten our fully automated robot hotels sooner.
It’s a shame in some ways. If they had taken over the world, we may have gotten our fully automated robot hotels sooner.

I can’t help but wonder, is something similar happening to China as what happened in Japan? Could we perhaps be seeing the beginning of a long Chinese economic decline? Whatever is happening, I predict this much. It’s not going to be good for the economic prospects of the rest of the world.

We could be seeing more scenes like this soon enough.
We could be seeing more scenes like this soon enough.

So, it turns out I was wrong about something.

They both ruled over countries that experienced severe hyperinflation. The difference however, is that Hitler inherited the problem and fixed it in his country. Mugabe caused it in his. Winner: Hitler
Hmm, let me think. What do they have in common? Oh, I know. They both ruled over countries that experienced crippling hyperinflation. The difference however, is that Hitler inherited the problem and fixed it in his country. Mugabe on the other hand, caused it in his.
Winner: Hitler

Yesterday, I posted that video of a bunch of Danish cucks, begging refugees to come in to their country, so that they may have their culture enriched in some vague, unspecified way. After posting the video, I screenshotted a few of the comments, in order to convey the attitudes of viewers of the video (many of which, were similar to my own). One comment that I highlighted was this one…

I love how blunt this is, though I didn't hear anything about Mugabe wanting the white farmers back. I think he, being the most incompetent moron of all, is too stubborn to admit that he has destroyed that country with his policies.
I still laugh at the unapologetic bluntness.

My reaction to Otto’s comment was one of disbelief. I didn’t think for a second that the retarded terror lord, Mugabe, would ever actually realise the stupidity of his policy of seizing thriving farms off whites who knew how to run them, and handing them over to bunch of incompetent morons, whose only qualification was being black. Turns out, Mugabe actually did realise the truth after all, so I was wrong to doubt this comment.

From Zimbabwe Daily

Zimbabwe’s government has for the first time suggested it may give official permission for some white farmers to stay on their land, 15 years after it sanctioned widespread land grabs that plummeted the country into an economic crisis.

By Peta Thornycroft, and Aislinn Laing in

Douglas Mombeshora, the Zanu-PF Lands Minister, said provincial leaders had been asked to draw up a list of white farmers they wanted to stay on their farms deemed to be “of strategic economic importance”.

“We have asked provinces to give us the names of white farmers they want to remain on farms so that we can give them security of tenure documents to enable them to plan their operations properly,” Mr Mombeshora said.

2000 AD~ “Fuck off whitey, we don’t want you here”

2015 AD~ “Come back whitey, we be starvin’ here without you”

Beneficiaries of the land grabs that started in 2000, mostly President Robert Mugabe’s officials and allies, will in future also have to pay a small rental per acre which will be used in part to pay compensation to evicted white farmers.

More than 4,000 white farmers lost their land after Mr Mugabe lost a referendum to the new Movement for Democratic Change party and, in a bid to regain popularity, authorised land grabs by disaffected war veterans.

Today, fewer than 300 white farmers remain on portions of their original land holdings in Zimbabwe and many of the seized farms lie fallow, meaning the former Breadbasket of Africa has to import food to feed its population.

Hmm, how can we find a way to blame the whites for the blacks not being able to run farms properly? As we know, everything bad that has ever happened in the world, is the fault of white people, so they must be to blame for this too, somehow. Maybe all that legacy of racism and oppression caused post-traumatic stress disorder in the blacks, leaving them incapable of first world standards of living. It’s the same reason why every other Sub-Saharan African country is also a poverty ridden hellhole. Yes, that must be it. I mean, just take a look at this educational cartoon, which illustrates how advanced the native Zimbabweans were before the white man showed up.

In all honesty, the history of Zimbabwe is almost like a real life version of Star Trek’ “Prime Directive” being violated. They simply weren’t ready to cope with how much more advanced the Europeans were. Going from living in mud huts and having a hunter/ gatherer lifestyle, to a modern lifestyle in just one century was simply too quick a change to make. In that sense, the white man does deserve some blame for their problems. They should have just been left to their tribal lifestyle, free from modern technology.

Among remaining farmers who have been recommended for a reprieve of Mr Mugabe’s edict that whites can no longer own land in Zimbabwe is Elizabeth Mitchell, a poultry farmer who produces 100,000 day-old chicks each week.

Her farm, Barquest, which lies around 160 miles south of Harare in Masvingo Province, had been allocated by the government to Walter Mzembi, the tourism minister, but he recently retreated after the provincial leadership backed her request to stay.

Shuvai Mahofa, Masvingo’s Provincial Affairs Minister, has recommended five more white farmers be issued with 99-year leases because their operations were, she said, of “strategic economic importance”.

Mr Mugabe regularly tells white farmers who have survived years of uncertainty, violence and threats to move off the parcels of land they have hung on to.

“Don’t be too kind to white farmers,” Mr Mugabe told supporters at a recent Zanu PF rally. “They can own industries and companies, or stay in apartments in our towns but they cannot own land. They must leave the land to blacks.”

And of course, the Western media is not even slightly outraged at the idea of such blatant inequality, because the 2nd class citizens in this case are white. If the roles were reversed, there would be global outrage. The reactions of people towards Rhodesia, Jim Crow era America, and Apartheid era South Africa are proof of this.

Mr Mombeshora also announced the long-delayed establishment of a “Land Commission”, which the EU has said it will help fund, to survey how seized white farms were distributed during the chaotic and sometimes violent land grab.

He said new land laws were almost ready to go before parliament which would require beneficiaries to pay rent. Those funds would, he said, be used to start a process of compensation for evicted white farmers.

George Charamba, Mr Mugabe’s spokesman, told The Telegraph during a recent visit to South Africa that the review would be “founded on productivity” and beneficiaries would be subjected to a “use it or lose it” rule.

“Not many have made land reform work and they will not hold on to it if they are not making it sweat,” he said. “There will be tears, black tears this time.”

Hendrik Viljoen, director of the Commercial Farmers Union, which represents interests of thousands of evicted white farmers and the roughly 300 who remain, said he was “pleased” the government was talking about compensation and urged more farmers be given the right to stay.

“So many of the evicted farmers are old now and destitute and desperate for compensation,” he said.

He said he hoped that the UK, would, as the former coloniser and in accordance with Zimbabwe’s constitution since 1992, also meet its commitments to paying some compensation.

“If the UK, alone or with other donors, paid the small amount for the land, we believe international financiers, such as the World Bank would assist Zimbabwe pay white farmers for the more expensive part of the deal, improvements to the land,” he said.

“We doubt the government will raise enough money from rentals to pay much compensation, but it is a start.” – Telegraph

Yes, because throwing financial aid at countries like Zimbabwe has already been so successful. It most certainly wasn’t the equivalent of just flushing that money down the toilet.

Now, to finish this post off, here’s a rather interesting video. It’s a 1976 documentary showing what life was like in Rhodesia at the time. This was 11 years into what would be a 15 year civil war in the country, 11 years in which the country had been effectively isolated globally.

Despite this ongoing war, and despite the isolation, it’s pretty clear to see that the country was actually quite prosperous and civilised. It’s also quite obvious that the blacks were indeed treated as second class citizens by the whites. While I don’t condone the idea of one group marginalising another like this, I do think it’s particularly important to point out that even though they were treated worse than whites, they still seemed to enjoy a much better standard of living, not only than blacks living in other African countries, but in that very same country in 2015. I can’t help but wonder, was black majority rule really worth it, after how everything has turned out?

Oh look, number 5. Well, at least you have less people than 4 other countries.
Well, at least you have less people getting HIV/AIDS than 4 other countries.
That's a severely reduced lifespan.
But your lifespans are reduced much further than the others. I wonder why this is.
Oh but look, they're not spending any money to fight it.
Oh I see. Other countries have the money to try and fight it. Not Zimbabwe though.
It takes some extraordinary incompetence to turn things around this badly in this short a time.
It takes some extraordinary incompetence to turn things around this badly in this short a time.
Oh look, nobody wants to stay in such a failed country.
Oh look, nobody wants to stay in such a failed country.

Yes, clearly it was worth destroying the functioning country of Rhodesia, because things are obviously so much better now that those white devils are no longer in charge.

Zimbabwe finally phasing out their failed currency.

This man might have just about enough money to buy a carton of milk right now, If he waits another hour or two, he won't.
This man might have just about enough money to buy a carton of milk right now, If he waits another hour or two, he won’t.

It’s mad to think that what we know of as Zimbabwe (one of the worst run countries on the planet) was once Rhodesia, probably the most prosperous country in Africa, bordering on first world status. In fact, at one time it was known as the “Breadbasket of Africa” because its well run farms produced such a huge surplus of crops, that they were able to export this surplus to the rest of the continent, generating enormous wealth for the country in the process. The problem however was that these farms were in the vast majority of cases owned by the white minority. The black majority were treated as second class citizens. Sure, they still enjoyed a standard of living higher than that of any other black person in Africa, but ultimately, this injustice couldn’t stand. Eventually, Mugabe took power and what has since become known as Zimbabwe has seen its living standards plummet. Some of the worst hyperinflation in world history has occurred in Zimbabwe because the once productive nation is no longer producing enough goods and services. It has gotten to the point where they have finally decided to just abandon their worthless currency altogether.

From BBC

Zimbabwe is phasing out its local currency, the central bank says, formalising a multi-currency system introduced during hyper-inflation.

Foreign currencies like the US dollar and South African rand have been used for most transactions since 2009.

Local dollars are not used except high-denomination notes sold as souvenirs.

But from Monday, Zimbabweans can exchange bank accounts of up to 175 quadrillion (175,000,000,000,000,000) Zimbabwean dollars for five US dollars.

Higher balances will be exchanged at a rate of Z$35 quadrillion to US$1.

The move has been “pending and long outstanding,” central bank Governor John Mangudya said, quoted by Bloomberg.

“We cannot have two legal currency systems. We need therefore to safeguard the integrity of the multiple-currency system or dollarization in Zimbabwe.”

Zimbabweans have until the end of September to exchange their local dollars.

Correspondents say this is likely to only affect those with savings accounts.

Hyper-inflation saw prices in shops change several times a day, severe shortages of basic goods and Zimbabweans taking their money to market in wheelbarrows.

Ahead of the abandonment of the Zimbabwean dollar in January 2009, officials gave up on reporting official inflation statistics.

Towards the end of 2008, annual inflation had reached 231m%, pensions, wages and investments were worthless, most schools and hospitals were closed and at least eight in 10 people were out of work.

None of this happened when the country was Rhodesia. Of course I’m sure it’s pure coincidence that it just so happened to be that Mugabe was unlucky enough to be in charge when everything went wrong. I’m sure it all would have happened exactly the same way if the old regime was still in power.

The highest denomination was a $100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar note.

So you would need to carry 350 of those notes just to exchange for $1US

Look what the tooth fairy left under this young boy's pillow. Too bad it's still not enough to actually buy anything.
Look what the tooth fairy left under this young boy’s pillow. Too bad it’s still not enough to actually buy anything.

A four-year unity government, that ended in 2013 with President Robert Mugabe’s re-election, helped stabilise the economy but it still faces huge challenges.

One of the problems has been the shortage of coins that kept prices high as retailers often rounded them up and shoppers were given change in sweets or pens.

The metal they were made of was probably worth significantly more than the actual face value of the coins, that’s how bad the inflation got. It would be like the equivalent for us if the €1 coin was actually made of gold and silver instead of just being coloured that way. Why would you use it to buy €1 worth of goods when you could save the gold and silver and sell it at a higher value?

Over the last six months, the central bank has introduced about $10m (£6.4m) worth of “bond coins” into circulation, but they have not been popular with consumers who fear that it is the first step in the re-introduction of the Zimbabwe dollar.

During campaigning ahead of the last election, some ruling Zanu-PF party supporters had suggested this could happen, but the central bank governor has since ruled that out.

Zimbabwe’s economy has struggled since a government programme seized most white-owned farms in 2000, causing exports to tumble.

Mr Mugabe has always blamed the economic problems on a Western plot to oust him.

Why am I not surprised. When something bad happens, whose fault is it?


Yep, just as I thought. It’s all white people’s fault.

If we Europeans don’t stop persecuting the Jews, our economy is doomed.

In what can only be described as a thinly veiled threat, the President of the European Jewish council has said that if Jews are forced to leave Europe due to anti-semitism, that it would spell disaster for our economies.

"Goyim, I demand that you feel sorry for us eternally oppressed victims and bring in draconian laws to prevent any criticism of us"
“Goyim, I demand that you feel sorry for us eternally oppressed victims and bring in draconian laws to prevent any criticism of us”

From RT

European leaders should be quick in adopting real measures to counter anti-Semitism or witness Jews leave, taking away their money and businesses, says the President of the European Jewish Congress (ECJ).

The rise of xenophobia and anti-Semitism in Europe has led to many Jewish families pondering escape, ECJ’s Russian-born president Moshe Kantor said.

“This minority is going in case authorities are not delivering some real, real stuff,” Kantor told Reuters. “This minority is going to leave Europe, definitely because this question just now in every Jewish family in Europe: to leave or to stay.”

A Jewish organization which collects data on anti-Semitism, Community Security Trust (CST), reported last months that Britain’s Jewish community suffered its highest number of anti-Semitic incidents on record last year – 1,168 – primarily due to the conflict in Gaza.

France demonstrated a similar rise in anti-Semitic acts: they doubled in 2014 to 851 registered, compared to 2013’s 423, according to the major Jewish group, the Representative Council of French Jews (CRIF).

This year’s attacks on Jews in Paris and Copenhagen have led to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling on European Jews to immigrate to Israel.

If Jews do it, that would trigger a serious economic crisis in Europe, Kantor warned.

“I think out of three million Jews that are living in Europe at least one million, a very active part or young part, self-sufficient part are going to leave and it will be a disaster, an economic disaster for Europe in general because first of all some supporters, non-Jewish supporters will come with Jews. It’s a lot of cash and money currents are going to leave Europe and also businesses,” he said.

He added that there is“a strong demand from civil society to modify the legislation fighting against racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.”

I’m very confused. I was always led to believe that Jews are just a poor and oppressed minority with no real wealth or power, and it was just antisemitic lies to disagree with this. But now we have this leading Jew claiming that Jews (who make up about 0.5% of the European population) are essential to the European economy, to the point were it could collapse without them. So which is it Jews? Are you a poor oppressed minority with no real power, or are you an essential part of the European economy?

It’s kind of similar to how the Jews run Hollyood (and even brag about it themselves) but if any Gentile says the same thing, it’s “anti-semitic”.

What also needs to be pointed out, is that (despite the attempts to frame it otherwise), most of this anti-semitism is not coming from native Europeans, but from Muslim immigrants who were brought to Europe by Jews. So instead of blaming Europeans for the rise of anti-semitism, why not direct it where it belongs, at the members of your own tribe who caused it all such as…

This woman isn’t even European, but is demanding that we change our societies without asking if that’s what we want. When shit hits the fan, people like her can flee to safety in Israel, leaving us to suffer in our own countries.

Looking at the comments on the article though, it seems that the rise in anti-semitism is becoming something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. People are getting sick of all this whining and demanding, and are actually calling his bluff and telling him to take his fellow Jews and leave. Interesting times ahead.