Paedophile has sentencing delayed so he can go on holiday.

Normally I come up with my own headlines, but in this case, I think the one from the original article cannot be bettered. This is the world we live in now.

I said it a few days ago, and I’m going to say it again. If there’s any country right now, that stands a legitimate chance of surpassing Sweden in the race to national suicide, it would have to be the United Kingdom. Every time I think they’ve already sank so low, that there’s nothing more that they could possibly do to surprise me anymore, they somehow manage to find a way to do so anyway. Just look at that headline. What more needs to be said?

From Metro UK

A paedophile has had his sentencing postponed so he can go on holiday in the Lake District.

And imagine if he just happens to do something to a child when he’s there because he knows he’s going away for a long time anyway, and won’t get another chance in the near future?

But sure who cares about that? It would be mean to not let him go on holiday and as we all know, being mean is a much greater evil, than sexually abusing children.

Last week, Kristopher Cook was scheduled to be sentenced for attempting ‘penetrative sexual activity’ with a child.

However instead, he has been told he is free to go away with his family. Cook will now be sentenced a week later in a move dubbed a ‘joke’ by paedophile hunter group Dark Justice. A spokesperson said: ‘What sort of message does that send out to victims?

It sends the message that their suffering doesn’t matter. But we already knew that from how pathetic their reaction has been to the countless numbers of Muslim child rape gangs that have been active with impunity, for the past four decades.


‘He’s been told to go and enjoy himself, when any potential victims may have had their lives ruined. ‘He has committed a crime so he should be punished, not told to go on holiday.’

Oh don’t exaggerate. He isn’t that bad. The UK still doles out proper justice to the real criminals, like the guy who trained his pug to do Roman Salutes and posted a video of it on Youtube.

The UK police and justice system, heroically jump to action, whenever the “real dangerous criminals” start acting up.

The South Shields sex offender pleaded guilty to attempting to engage a child under 16 in sexual activity at a hearing on March 14. The 24-year-old was warned he faced jail by Judge Amanda Rippon, who then agreed to the defence’s request of a delay for the pre-booked break.

Another useless Judge who needs to be removed from her position.

As I said before, we need to start bringing in better judges.

Dark Justice added: ‘It shouldn’t matter if it was pre-booked. ‘If he’s committed a crime, that should be more important than if he’s got a holiday booked.’

This was just common sense a few short years ago. It’s incredible just how quick things have gone to hell.

Unshaven Cook stood largely silent in the dock as he entered his plea at the brief hearing.

A psychiatric report will also be carried out after the court heard the St Cuthbert’s Avenue man suffered from ‘a number of educational and emotional difficulties’.

“He’s the real victim here. He should probably just be released.”

Ordering an all options report, Judge Rippon told him: ‘I’m releasing you on unconditional bail so you are free to go on that holiday with your family. ‘It is possible you may be looking at a jail sentence.’

And if he decides to just not come back from his holiday at all. then “oh well.”

Peter Sutherland finally passes into Hell, aged 71.

You won’t be missed, you evil piece of shit.

There’s some glorious news today, which coming this early in the year, I hope is a good omen for the rest of 2018. Peter Sutherland, one of the most vile and despicable human beings, that Ireland has ever produced, has finally taken the last breath of his worthless life. I personally have been looking forward to this day for quite some time, but I figured it wouldn’t happen for at least another decade, so this is definitely a pleasant surprise.

That cat is me right now.

I know there’s this whole concept of “do not speak ill of the dead”, but I’ve never understood that. By that logic, we can never speak negatively about Ted Bundy, or Joseph Stalin for example. Just becomes someone dies, doesn’t excuse the type of person they were in life, and Sutherland was not in my opinion, someone that I would call a “good person”.

Peter Sutherland was a leading member of Goldman Sachs, arguably the most greedy and ruthless financial organisation on the planet.  An organisation that makes profit off of the misery of ordinary people. He was a leading voice in promoting the narrative that Ireland had to pay the Anglo Bondholders, one of which was in fact “Goldman Sachs asset Management International”, his own organisation. He didn’t seem to have any problem asking ordinary Irish people to tighten their belts, while our money was stolen from us, in order to reimburse organisations like his for their bad investments.

According to Sutherland, it would be wrong to make Goldman Sachs take the financial hit for making a poor investment, but it was perfectly fine to make his fellow Irish people take the hit, for something they had nothing to do with.

But most importantly of all, Sutherland was a massive shill for globalisation, undermining the national homogeneity of nation states, and importing millions of incompatible savages to the EU, without regard for the consequences for doing so, or for the will of the majority already living here. We’ve seen how that has turned out. Like all the big players behind this goal, he hid behind the guise of “humanitarianism” when promoting it. That it was our obligation to help the poor unfortunate “refugees” desperately fleeing for their lives from their own countries. The fact that he did this while having a leading position in Goldman Sachs, an organisation that profits off of war and asset stripping the third world, is neither here nor there. Apparently, you can still play the part of humanitarian while involved in that sort of thing, and anybody who is suspicious of your true motives, is just a “racist”.

But yeah, I never bought into the narrative that he was just a concerned humanitarian, trying to help the same people that his organisation was making profits off of harming. What I saw was nothing more, than a cold-hearted psychopath, who was cynically preying on the altruism of ordinary people, in order to push a globalist agenda which was beneficial to him and his kind, but not in the interests of the ordinary people that he was pushing it on. As far as I’m concerned, every Irish person who committed suicide due to financial despair in the years since the bailout. Every woman and child who was raped by a Muslim migrant that entered Europe illegally. Every victim of a terrorist attack in Europe that occurred as a direct result of the open borders policies that Peter Sutherland championed. Their blood is at least partially on his hands, and he never showed any sign that he was even slightly remorseful in light of the damage that was done.

And this is why I’m glad this piece of shit is finally dead.

An artist’s rendition of what Sutherland is likely experiencing right now.

The question is, who’ll be next?

*fingers crossed*

The insanity behind the Libyan slave markets.

I’ve noticed recently that a lot of “normies” on social media, have finally caught up on something that those of us who have been paying attention, have been aware of for quite some time already. That is, they’ve finally become aware of the existence of slave markets operating quite openly in Libya, and in typical normie fashion, are virtue signalling about how “appalled” and “outraged” they are, and about how “something needs to be done” about it. Of course, as is to be expected, none of them seem to show any indication that they care to educate themselves as to “how and why” this whole thing has come about in the first place. They just care about how they can exploit it to present themselves as good and virtuous people, who “care” about their fellow human beings.


To really understand what has been going on in this world is to acknowledge the self evident reality of the following statement. Everything of significance that is taking place in the world, when looked at from a purely logical perspective, is completely insane. The events that led up to, and the reaction following the revelation of these Libyan slave markets, is no exception to this rule.

Lets really analyse what actually happened. In October 2011, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, was overthrown after an 8 month long “civil war”, and after having ruled the country for more than 40 years. I use the term “civil war” quite loosely, because in general, a “civil war” refers to a war between citizens of the same country. In the case of Libya, much like in Syria (and which I covered in detail about a year ago), it wasn’t so much a war between fellow citizens, as it was a war between the legitimate Libyan government, and a bunch of terrorists and mercenaries, armed, trained, and financed, by foreign powers which were at odds with the Libyan government, led by NATO.

So the question then becomes, “why were these foreign powers against Gaddafi’s rule?”. The official reason given of course was that Gaddafi was a brutal monster who was oppressing his people and that he needed to be eliminated, so that democracy could be installed. Does that sound familiar? It’s pretty much the same narrative they’ve used with Assad in Syria, or a decade earlier with Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the latter of which, they supported in the 1980s btw when he was fighting against their arch-nemesis, Iran. I guess it doesn’t matter how brutal a dictator someone is, when he’s useful to them. It only becomes a problem when he’s no longer useful. But then again, as I’ve stated time and time again, this is completely obvious, just from looking at the undying support that the West gives to Saudi Arabia, arguably the most barbaric regime on the planet.

Such a great and trusted ally.

The thing is, I’m not even denying that Gaddafi was a dictator, or that democracy was lacking in Libya. What I am saying is that the Western elites, their puppet politicians, and the controlled mainstream media which pushes their agendas with their propaganda, don’t actually care about any of this. If they did, they would never support a country like Saudi Arabia, nor would they have supported Saddam Hussein in the 1980s, just because he was useful at the time. They just cynically use the “we’re liberating the ordinary people and bringing democracy” narrative, as an excuse to push wars and regime changes that promote their real agendas, because they’re smart enough to know that if the general public knew what the real reasons were for these constant wars, they would never support them.

So in regards to Libya specifically, what was the agenda? There are various different agendas that are the motivating factor for actions in the world at any given time, but with Libya specifically, it was opposition (most notably in the US and France) to Gaddafi’s proposal to create a gold backed currency, which would have helped the African people, and threatened the supremacy of the US Dollar and the Euro. That is why he had to go, and that is why people like Hillary Clinton were so happy when he was gone.

Before the war, Libyan people were for the most part, quite well looked after by the Gaddafi regime. Free healthcare, education, electricity, etc. That’s not to say that the country was some kind of paradise on Earth. I have heard it suggested that the standards of healthcare and education were quite poor, and that many of the other entitlements that Libyan citizens could avail of, such as the $50,000 grant given to newlyweds to help them start a family, were a bureaucratic nightmare to claim, but the point is, they existed. Compare the failed state that exists now, were terrorists control large territories, and slave markets exist out in the open, to the country that existed under Gaddafi and ask yourself honestly. Did the Western intervention in the country really improve things?

After Gaddafi’s defeat, and Libya’s descent into failed state status, what has been described as the “biggest refugee crisis since WW2” kicked off. Of course as I’ve mentioned more times than I count, it isn’t technically a refugee crisis, as the vast majority of the so called “refugees” aren’t coming to Europe to escape danger, but instead, coming for economic reasons. Gaddafi himself even warned us that this would happen if he was taken out.

We should have listened.

So these people were attempting to get into Europe anyway, long before the Libyan and Syrian civil wars, but Gaddafi’s regime had always kept them out. However, these wars then became an excuse to justify these migrations, and Angela Merkel only encouraged it further, with her blanket invitation to the entire third world to come live in Europe. The consequences of this migrant crisis have included, but are not limited to:

  • Migrants drowning en route to Europe.
  • Migrants getting enslaved.
  • European women getting raped en masse by migrants who do make it to Europe.
  • Huge riots involving migrants.
  • A massive financial and political strain on the countries dealing with the migrants the most.

So just think about what has happened, what we’ve been told in the media, what we can see going on with our own eyes, and remember my earlier statement in this article in which I said…

“Everything of significance that is taking place in the world, when looked at from a purely logical perspective, is completely insane.”

  • The US and their NATO allies, are aligned with Saudi Arabia, but at the same time, claim they took out Gaddafi because he was a brutal dictator who oppressed his people.
  • Libya went from having some of the best living standards in Africa, to being a failed state because of this, and a country were slavery is practiced openly.
  • Those involved actually try to claim with a straight face, that this was done for the benefit of the Libyan people, and that they’re somehow better off now than they were living under Gaddafi with their free education, healthcare, electricity, etc.
  • Hillary Clinton was heavily involved in causing this, and celebrated what happened, yet was promoted by the media as someone fit to be President of the most powerful country in the world.
  • Obama was in power at the time that it did happen, and his administration (which included Hillary) was largely responsible for what happened. The media treats Obama like a saint, who is above all criticism.
  • Angela Merkel invites the entire third world to come to Europe, which encourages them to make the perilous journey, and results in people either drowning, getting enslaved, or if they do make it, become a heavily resented burden for the ordinary European people. The media celebrates Merkel as a great leader, even declaring her the “leader of the free world”, in light of Trump’s presidential victory.
  • Normies have no understanding of what is actually going on and continue to demand “more refugees” be let into Europe, even though they aren’t fleeing from danger, but are instead fleeing TO danger, by ending up in a situation were there is a good chance they’ll either end up enslaved, or drowned. Normies think they’re doing good by voicing their support like this.
  • These same normies who are so vehemently opposed to what is going on in Libya currently, also tend to support people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who are responsible for causing the mess in the first place, and are either too ignorant to the facts, or too hypocritical to care.

So when you really look at what has happened, how the media tries to spin things, and how normal people react to things, then is it not clear?


An important announcement…

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, a lot of soul searching if you will, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I was wrong, completely wrong about everything. I look back on this blog, and everything that I’ve written over the past two and a half years. Do you know what I feel? Shame, nothing but shame. I’ve written terrible things, despicable things, filled with irrationality and hatred. However, I realise that it isn’t too late to do the right thing, and so I’ve decided to make a very big change today.

I have come to the conclusion, that the only solution to my moral dilemma, is to covert to Islam, and dedicate my life to complete submission to the will of Allah. It makes perfect sense anyway, seeing as Islam is the inevitable future of all of Europe, so doing this now, while I’m still young, will make the transition a lot easier for me. 1.6 Billion (and counting) people couldn’t possibly be wrong after all. Lets get on the winning team, or get left behind.

You might be wondering, what’s with the sudden change of heart? Well, it’s quite simple really. After all my research, it turns out that they’re right, white people (particularly straight, white, males), really are the source of all evil in the world. The evidence for this is overwhelming. Or rather, evidence doesn’t matter. If my fellow Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, Feminists, Transgender people, and of course, God’s chosen people themselves, the Jews, all agree that straight white males are to blame for everything bad in the world, then who am I to disagree? Evidence is not necessary. We can just take them at their word. “Evidence” and “reality” are just horrible concepts invented by the straight, white, male, patriarchy, to oppress others. Feelings should take precedence over these concepts.

Not only will I be converting to Islam, but I’ll also be laying off Sweden from now on. It’s a fantastic country, and I think the rest of Europe can learn a lot from them. I long for a day when every country in Europe decides to ethnically cleanse its own population, by flooding it with infinity people from the third world. Diversity is our greatest strength. Someday, Europe will resemble some combination of Africa and the Middle East, and that’s good, very very good. Who needs the native populations of Europe, the descendants of the people who built it, when we can instead have the cultural enrichment of “diversity”? A few terrorist attacks, rapes, and an erosion of European culture, is a small price to pay, for these benefits, benefits which are so vast and obvious, that nobody ever needs to explain what they are.

I want to reassure my readers (all 2 or 3 of you), that this isn’t the end of Methodical Insanity. No, it’s just a new beginning. From now on, the purpose of the blog will be to post my favourite extracts from the Quran, and then discussing what these extracts mean in the modern world. Remember, just because an extract may call for the death of the infidels, that doesn’t mean it literally means death to the infidels. Islam is a religion of peace, no different than any other (except it’s obviously better, hence why I’m converting to it).

Yes today, April 1st, 2017, marks a new beginning in this blog. I hope you are as excited about it as I am.


“The increase in hate crimes are real… in my mind”.

A leading member of the Muslim community in Lancashire in Britain has come out and claimed that there has been an increase in the number of hate crimes against his community since Brexit. This is in direct contradiction to the actual statistics available, which suggest the exact opposite has happened. Nevertheless, we should probably believe him anyway, because it’s not as if people ever lie about this sort of thing… except for all those countless times in the past that they have.


From Lancashire Telegraph

‘There is an atmosphere of fear of intimidation’ – Community leader speaks out about concerns that hate crimes are not being reported

HATE crime is still being largely underreported in the region, according to a prominent community leader.

How can he be sure that the number of hate crimes are “underreported” if they’re not being reported? It’s kind of like the whole “If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” scenario. If hate crimes are not being reported, then how can he be so certain that they’re even happening?

“The tree does make a sound, because a Neo-Nazi, white supremacist, Islamophobe committed an unreported hate crime… or something to that effect.

The message from Lancashire Council of Mosques chairman Abdul Hamid Qureshi comes as the latest figures show reported incidents of hate crime have fallen in East Lancashire and the county as a whole since the controversial EU Referendum result in June.

Meanwhile, the number of fake hate crimes are greatly increasing since both Brexit and Trump’s election victory.

This happens a lot.

But Mr Qureshi said that was not a true reflection of the situation and said it would only get worse, especially for Muslims, in the wake of terrorism incidents such as the Berlin truck attack.

  • Muslim terrorists keep murdering European people who were kind enough to allow them into their countries.
  • Europeans keep turning the other cheek and virtue signalling about how it’s “Not all Muslims”.
  • European countries keep flooding themselves with more Muslim migrants.
  • More Muslim terrorists, murder more European people.
  • Muslims are the real victims in all this apparently.

Mr Qureshi encouraged victims of hate crime to contact the police or the third party reporting centre Resolve, based at 9a Town Hall Street, Blackburn.

While I disagree with the concept of “hate crimes” in general (because I believe that there shouldn’t be a victimhood hierarchy, were some victims are treated as if they suffer more than victims of another demographic from the exact same type of crime), I do think that crimes should be reported to the proper authorities.

He said: “I think the reason it is falling is because people still don’t feel confident coming forward and the third party reporting helpline is still in its fairly early stages.

“I think”

No evidence, just talking from his feelings.

happen to think that the real reason why there are so few hate crimes being reported, is because there are so few actually happening for real.

Also, isn’t it funny that there seems to be plenty of people feeling confident enough to report fake hate crimes, and they’re always believed by the media, until their fake story inevitably falls apart, but these alleged victims of real hate crimes apparently lack the same confidence to report their alleged real experiences, stories which shouldn’t fall apart under scrutiny?

“No, she didn’t lie. The racist, white supremacist cops just refused to believe her.”

“But those figures don’t reflect what is really going on, especially for Muslims. There is an atmosphere of fear of intimidation. That only gets worse when there are terrorist attacks. At the moment there is an increasing problem of Islamophobia, with women becoming an increasing target.”

Wow, if Europe is such a horrible, scary place for Muslims, then why do so many of them want to live here at all? Wouldn’t they feel a lot safer and less intimidated, living in a Muslim majority country, without all those scary European people to intimidate them?

Also, I think it’s very interesting that he brings up women specifically. What’s the worst thing that Muslim women have to experience from European people? Maybe some mean looks, or comments about what they’re wearing. On the other hand, lets look at what European women have to experience from Muslims.




And this piece of shit has the audacity to talk about the suffering of “the women”. What about the suffering of OUR mothers, sisters, wives, daughters etc., who have been victimised by YOUR community, after we graciously invited you into OUR homelands? Fuck you, you worthless piece of shit.

The statistics, obtained by the Lancashire Telegraph via a Freedom of Information request, show the figures initially rose in East Lancashire in July following the previous month’s referendum from 87 to 93. But in August there were 66, 69 in September, 53 in October and just 35 in November.

It was a similar picture in the county overall with a rise from 241 in June to 248 in July. They then fell throughout the rest of the year from 193 in August, to 184 in September, to 161 in October and to 139 in November.

A police spokesman said: “Hate crime in any form is wrong. That is why it is important that if hate crime happens to you or someone you know, that you report it. Sometimes you may feel that the incident is too minor to bother the police but reporting it makes a difference – to you, your friends, and your community.

I’d also bet that most victims of actual hate crimes in Britain are Polish, seeing as there seems to be this weird thing, were racists hate all foreign people, but they’re too scared of being exposed as racists, so they take out their hatred on Polish people specifically, because in their heads, it isn’t racist, as Polish people are white. At least, that’s how it looks to me. It’s the only explanation that I can think of that makes sense as to why Polish people are always singled out, in a country in which there are other outsiders who have integrated far worse than they have.

Big site update.

I would like to announce that after several hours of painstakingly creating new “categories” for posts, and going back through every single post one by one, that I’ve ever made on the site (nearly 300 in total), and assigning each of them to the appropriate category or categories, that it is now possible to see posts that follow a specific theme grouped together, rather than just in the order that they were all originally posted to the site.

I hope all 3 or 4 of my regular readers appreciate the work that I’ve gone to. I did this for you.




OK just kidding, I did it for myself. I think it’s pretty handy to be able to go back through the archives and follow how a specific topic has developed over the years. Nevertheless, I hope the readers enjoy it too.

Welcome to Airstrip One

“Hey look everyone. Sorry about all those violent Jihadists that we let into our country to live among you, for absolutely no sensible reason. Don’t worry though, we’ve got a fantastic plan to keep you all safe from potential future attacks. I’m sorry? What was that? Mass deportations and a sane immigration policy? No, don’t be stupid, that’s a doubleplusungood idea that you’ve suggested. No, we need to create a massive surveillance state, in order to track the movements of potential Jihadists, before they have a chance to attack anybody ever again. However, we can’t profile certain groups specifically, because that would be racist and Islamophobic, so we’ll have to spy on the entire population. Sorry about taking away your freedoms, but it’s for your own good. There isn’t any other possible solution to this problem we face. Wait what was that? No no no, I already told you, mass deportations and a sane immigration policy is not a viable alternative because… because…um… QUICK, TAKE THIS THOUGHT CRIMINAL TO THE MINLUV, RIGHT AWAY!!!!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll feel convinced soon enough”

From Fria Tider

A planned terrorist attacks against Britain was averted last year at the last moment, writes the Mirror. Now propagate the British government for more mass surveillance to stop jihadists rampage.

If only there was another way to prevent jihadists from rampaging. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Truth told us that there isn’t any other solution. They wouldn’t lie to us, right? I mean, they must be called the Ministry of Truth for a reason.

The planned attack is revealed in a recent report produced by the British government investigator David Anderson.

“The police managed to repel the last moment plans before the attack was carried out”, can be read in the over 200-page report. Terrorist attack should in accordance Mirror plotting performed sometime shortly after the terrorist attacks in Paris last November.

The report is, however, never what it was for the terrorist act was planned, who were part of terrorist preparations, if someone was arrested, they were in such a case were arrested and what happened to them since. The only thing mentioned is a “case study” where the terrorists are described as an “operational cell”.

Not important information. Why would they need to report any details about the would be terrorists? It was probably just a bunch of radical Christians planning to blow up a gay nightclub, or an abortion clinic. If only Christians were as peaceful as other religions, such as the Religion of Peace, Islam.

Requires mass surveillance
The purpose of the report is not so much about analyzing terrorist threats against the United Kingdom as propaganda for mass surveillance as a tool for fighting, not least, Islamist terrorism.

Islamist terrorists aren’t real Muslims though. They just hijacked the Religion of Peace for their own nefarious purposes.

The term used is “bulk Powers” and aimed at the authorities have the right to access and analyze large amounts of data to find, for example, terrorists.It can be about to take part by video from all cameras in an area or listen to mobile traffic to detect suspicious behavior or patterns.

Could probably be used to sniff out “thought criminals” and other undesirables as well, who say things that aren’t approved by the powers that be. Though I’m sure they wouldn’t dream of abusing this power like that. I’m sure we can trust them to only use it for the sake of protecting us from terrorists.

Some of the authorities having the right, the British intelligence agencies MI5, MI6 and GCHQ. The alternative, going through the prosecutor and possibly a court order to obtain the right to search or carry out interceptions, considered by these bodies to be too cumbersome.

Mass surveillance of British citizens is something that is praised in the report and considered a necessity to tackle the emerging Islamist threat.Among other things, lifted another example from 2009, when an Islamist terrorist cell was uncovered, until.

It’s a necessity because other possible solutions such as a a sane immigration policy, and mass deportations of existing hostile, unassimilated, alien populations back to wherver they originally came from, simply aren’t feasible for some reason which is never actually explained.

“[The case] is an example of the use of pattern analysis to identify members of an extremist Islamist cell that would not otherwise have discovered. Although I am not in detail can publish further details of the operation, I have learned that a very real threat an attack that resulted in huge losses averted, “explains Anderson.

Well I guess the argument is made then. It sucks that people will have to lose their freedoms, but protecting innocent people from being killed in attacks, such as this potential attack which was stopped, is far more important than being free and being able to have a private life. It’s a small price to pay for the vast benefits and cultural enrichment of mass third world immigration to the West, benefits which are never actually explained, but are apparently our greatest strength.

Wow, that sure is convincing. If they keep saying something it must be true afterall. They couldn’t all just be lying, right?


War is Peace

Freedom Is Slavery

Ignorance Diversity is Strength







Black Pigeon Speaks, Video on George Soros

A true hero if I do say so myself.

Black Pigeon Speaks is definitely becoming one of my favourite video producers on YouTube. His videos are not only informative, but concise, to the point, professionally edited, and most importantly,  they’re inoffensive enough that they can be used as a great starting point for waking people up to the problems in the world without scaring them off too quickly by being too politically incorrect.

His latest video is all about George Soros. I think it’s important to share this particular video because Soros truly is one of the biggest threats to the world right now, yet not many ordinary people are aware of him and the things he gets up to. Indeed, many of the things he does get up to sound very nice on the surface. If you didn’t look into him in great detail, you could easily mistake him for being a great humanitarian, whose only concern is helping his fellow man (and woman) whenever they’re in need. In reality, he’s quite possibly the greatest threat to the existence of western civilisation right now. I’ve already discussed Soros in a previous post of mine, and this video brings up a lot of the points that I already mentioned in that post (as well as several others that I wasn’t even aware of myself).

Check it out. It’s important that more people become aware of this guy and his schemes.

The British injustice system.

So I just read two very recent stories that are completely unrelated, but when looked at together, make the British justice system, look like an absolute farce.

The first case, involves a 46 year old Saudi millionaire who was tried, and acquitted, for the rape of an 18 year old British woman. The reason why he was acquitted? Well…

From Mirror

A Saudi millionaire has been cleared of raping a teenager after claiming he might have accidentally penetrated the 18-year-old when he tripped and fell on her.

Property developer Ehsan Abdulaziz, 46, was accused of forcing himself on the girl as she slept off a night of drinking on the sofa of his Maida Vale flat.

He had already had sex with her 24-year-old friend and said his penis might have been poking out of his underwear after that sexual encounter when he tripped on the 18-year-old

The 18-year-old met Abdulaziz in the exclusive Cirque le Soir nightclub in the West End on 7 August last year where she had been spending the evening with her friend, who was known to the businessman.

He invited them to join him at his £1,000-per-night table and then offered them a ride home in his Aston Martin.

The three went back to his apartment, where he offered them designer Roberto Cavalli vodka before taking the second girl into the bedroom for sex.

The teenager claimed she woke in the early hours with Abdulaziz on top of her forcing himself inside her.

Abdulaziz said he had accidentally fallen on the youngster as she tried to seduce him, and that was how traces of his DNA came to be in her vagina.

He said he had gone to wake her to offer her a T-shirt to sleep in or a taxi ride home, but she had pulled him on top of her and placed his hand between her legs.

The jury acquitted Abdulaziz of one count of rape after just 30 minutes of deliberations.

In his evidence, Abdulaziz demonstrated how the complainant had put her hand behind his head to pull her towards him, causing him to fall down.

“I’m fragile, I fell down but nothing ever happened, between me and this girl nothing ever happened,” he insisted.

He said it was possible he had semen on his hands after the sexual encounter with her friend.

Abdulaziz, of Nightingale Lodge, Admiral Walk, Maida Vale, was cleared of one count of rape.

During the trial, Judge Martin Griffiths permitted the rare step of allowing 20 minutes of Abdulaziz’s evidence to be heard in private.

Just read the above, and pay particular attention to the sections that I bolded. Have you ever heard such stupidity in your life? Keep in mind, that this wasn’t a Saudi Arabian court, where you would expect this sort of thing. This was a British court. It’s absolute insanity that in a first world democracy, where universal human rights and law and order are supposed to be recognised, that the guy could be acquitted with a story as fucking ridiculous as that.

“Yes your honour, I did “muh dik” on her. But it wasn’t my fault. I tripped and fell inside her. Allahu akbar” *hands brown envelopes to judge and jury*

So a couple of days later, I hear about another trial that occurred in Britain at roughly the same time. The “crime” it dealt with, the racial demographics of the defendant and “victims”, and the verdict, were all very different in this case.

From BBC

A far right activist who posted “vile, anti-Semitic material” online ahead of a planned neo-Nazi rally in London has been jailed for more than three years.

Earlier, Joshua Bonehill-Paine, 23, of Yeovil, was found guilty of inciting racial hatred at Southwark Crown Court.

He posted links to offensive material on Twitter in June before a rally planned in Golders Green, north London, an area with a large Jewish population.

The event was later moved and held in central London.

‘Free from fear’

Bonehill-Paine, who has described himself as “a rising star of the right-wing community” was arrested at his Yeovil home in Hudson Road on 26 June.

He was jailed for three years and four months and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £120 and £1,200 in court costs.

Det Ch Insp Andy Barnes of the Met Police, who led the investigation, said Bonehill-Paine “posted vile, anti-Semitic material online”.

He added: “There are challenges in attributing such material posted online to the originator but our digital forensic examiners worked tirelessly, carrying out extensive analysis of the material, phone data and online activity to prove that Bonehill-Paine posted the material from his laptop.

“The Met fully understands the hurt that is felt in communities affected by this type of crime.

“It is only by continually working with communities that we can ensure they are safe and free from fear.”

In 2014 Bonehill-Paine admitted posting hoax messages about a pub in Leicester banning military personnel in a bid to generate racial tension.

He was given 180 hours of community service and a two-year supervision order for malicious communication.

Again, this is absolute insanity. All this guy did, was post an offensive image with an offensive caption on Twitter. I won’t post it here myself, but I have seen it. The image showed “Le Happy Merchant” (an evil looking caricature of a Jewish man, for those unfamilar with it) in Auschwitz, and the text advertised the time and location of the planned rally, and said that the event “will be gas” (a double entendre that the event would be fun, while linking back to the image of the Auschwitz gas chambers).

While I don’t condone what he posted, I am ultimately a firm believer that freedom of speech is a human right that should be protected no matter what. The whole point behind freedom of speech is that some speech may not be palatable to everybody, but a person should be free to say whatever they want, present any opinion, any point of view, without fear of being persecuted legally for doing so. Freedom of speech laws exist entirely for the purpose of protecting controversial speech, which may cause offence to some (or indeed many) people. Speech that doesn’t offend, doesn’t need protection.

There was a time in the past, when speaking out in favour of equal rights for gay people, would have been offensive to the majority. Does that mean, that anyone who campaigned to legalise it, should have been put in prison for it?  Lets imagine they had been, and we lived in a society, where it had always been against the law to speak out in favour of gay equality, to the point where no progress on that issue had ever been made, because anytime someone tried to advance that cause, they were put in prison for opening their mouth. Anyone with gay friends or family should see the point I’m trying to make here…I hope.

Joshua Bonehill-Paine may not have said the nicest thing in the world, but that doesn’t mean he should be put in prison for it. He should be free to express whatever he wants, and people have a right to be offended by it, but they shouldn’t have the right to see the man imprisoned for it. They should either learn to ignore what he’s saying, and get over themselves or, they should tell him exactly what they think of him, and his beliefs. Instead, we behave in a manner similar to your typical totalitarian dictatorship, and imprison people who say “ungood” things.

I also just want to point out the general hypocrisy of the charge. Inciting racial hatred? Why is it, that a white guy saying mean thing to the Jews is considered to be this, but all those Muslims in Britain, who march through the streets, demanding Sharia Law, telling white women to cover themselves from head to toe, and threatening to behead anyone who doesn’t follow their belief system, aren’t being charged with this same crime?

This isn’t inciting racial hatred apparently.

I think it’s very interesting to compare these two cases. In one case, you have a wealthy non-white defendant who committed one of the worst possible crimes against a white victim, and he’s acquitted after using one of the most stupid excuses imaginable. In the other case, you have a working class white defendant, who committed a trivial offence (I find it ridiculous to even call it a crime) with no clear victim at all, and he gets more than three years in prison for it. Unfortunately, this is what happens, when you insult the Jew, who is currently number one on the oppression pyramid. And seeing as the defendant was a straight, white, male, the class at the very bottom of the pyramid (seeing as supposedly, we have all these privileges that we abuse, to oppress all other demographics in vague, unspecified ways), it only makes it worse. In the modern, politically correct, totalitarian dystopia that we live in, the second crime, was far worse than the first one, so the sentences reflect that reality.

White women are waking up.

This is fantastic news, and I really hope this awakening continues. Instead of working with the hordes against white men, they should be working with us for our common goal… our survival. As I’ve pointed out before, it doesn’t matter how sorry we claim to be for the “crimes” our people supposedly committed against other races. It doesn’t matter how much good our race has done in terms of scientific and medical advances which have been shared with the rest of the world. It doesn’t matter that we’ve turned our own white countries into multicultural ones, while those other races get to maintain their own exclusive countries. It doesn’t matter that white doctors and aid workers have risked their lives to treat ebola, or to give aid in foreign warzones.

They’re always going to hate us, they’re always going to find excuses to feel angry at us, and when given the opportunity, they’re always going to want to kill us. So why should we keep saying sorry? Why should our women be fighting with our men, while trying to get in the good graces with those who will never treat them right? Frankly, these women have the right idea to speak out like this, and I think they’re awesome for doing so.

I’ve covered a lot of the issues mentioned before, such as the Barbary pirates enslaving white women, or the Swedish rape statistics (in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about that more than anything else). However, there are plenty of issues that I haven’t talked about before, which the video addresses (such as the Jewish role in white slavery).

Overall, a very informative and refreshing video to see. Hopefully more women will see the light, and understand what is at stake.