“Europe ‘needs’ migrants to survive”

I really feel as if the time period that we’re living in now is the kind of time period were events of significant historical relevance are unfolding in real time. This is a time period that historians will study in detail. That numerous books will be written about. That children will study in school, etc. Or at least, that would be the case, except for one thing. In order for that to happen, there would have to actually be a future, something I find myself doubtful about. How can we expect historians to study the time period that will be known as “The Death of Western Civilisation”, when the rest of the world will inevitably die with it? Because when the architects of Western civilisation are inevitably replaced by people who have proven themselves incapable of ever building a civilisation of their own, then how can we expect the very concept of civilisation itself to survive?

From Politico

The European Union needs to “create legal ways” for migrants to come to Europe as the Continent “will clearly need immigration in the coming decades,” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in an interview published Tuesday.

You heard it right there folks. Even though an estimated 800 million jobs will be lost to automation by the year 2030 , the EU will still apparently need immigration from the kind of migrants who will only ever be capable of doing the kinds of jobs that are most likely to be made obsolete in the near future. Lets not fool ourselves. These aren’t doctors, engineers, and computer programmers that are flooding into the continent. The majority of them are illiterate in their own languages, let alone, the languages of the countries they are arriving in.  There’s not a chance in hell that these people will ever be able to contribute in any real way. Why exactly does Europe “need” people doomed to a life on welfare, in order to survive?

Without these low IQ retards to live on welfare, Europe will not survive apparently.

“We have to provide those who want to come and are able to come, and whose situation makes it possible for them to come, with legal paths to get to Europe,” Juncker told German broadcaster Deutsche Welle. “I believe that if we don’t offer legal ways of emigrating to Europe, and immigrating within Europe, we will be lost.”

Notice how he doesn’t actually explain why exactly he thinks Europe will be lost, without mass third world immigration? He just wants us to take him at his word. Funny isn’t it how Europe not only survived, but thrived for centuries without mass third world immigration, but now it’s apparently an issue for some vague and unexplained reason.

Juncker also said that if migrants “who are, generally speaking, the poor and needy, are no longer able to enter the house of Europe through the front door, they’ll keep making their way in through the back windows.”

See? He isn’t even bothering with the “they’re refugees fleeing war” narrative anymore. A narrative I pointed out was bullshit at least two and a half years ago. They always were just economic migrants coming to Europe for a better life, at our expense. Can anyone give any justification for why European people should put up with the increase in rapes, terrorism, riots, financial burdens, etc., that these people bring with them, when it has been outright admitted that they’re coming here purely for economic reasons. How can anyone reasonably justify this?

The Commission president also said he was shocked by reports from Libya of people being sold as slaves.

LOL, who could have possibly predicted that North African Muslims, would ever engage in slavery?

ARABS AND SLAVERYbarbary-slave-tradecaptured-victims-barbary-coastimage-127main-qimg-1a1f5387e90d32b3966903457a72eafb-cmain-qimg-5a752cf091ebf367ee9d84ef77b2ad3d-cmanhuntmaxresdefaultwhite-slaves

I guess this guy never heard of the Barbary Slave Trade, which wasn’t stopped until Europeans put an end to it. All that’s happening now is that they’re going back to their normal ways. Oh and the Barbary Slavers took European slaves too btw. You can be sure that these modern successors will do the same thing as well, if ever they get the opportunity.

“I can’t sleep easy when I think about what’s happening to those people who went to Libya to try and improve their lives, only to find themselves in hell,” Juncker said.

I personally have no sympathy at all for them. After seeing what the ones who do successfully make it to Europe have done when they’ve gotten here…

…I’m really finding it hard to sympathise with them for “finding themselves in hell”. They willingly chose to leave their countries, hoping to invade Europe and live off the productivity of the European people. They got themselves into this mess because of their own greed and idiocy, so I don’t care what happens to them.

This week, the fifth African Union-EU Summit takes place in Ivory Coast, at which leaders from the two continents will discuss the issue of migration from Africa to Europe.

They won’t ask the ordinary native European people what we want done of course. They’ll just make their own decision on the matter and force it on the rest of us, regardless of how we feel.

Mafia found to be embezzling money from migrant centre.

What’s this?


Financial embezzlement?

At a migrant centre?

Wow, who could have possibly seen something like that happening?

From The Journal

ITALY HAS BROKEN up a mafia ring accused of infiltrating one of the country’s largest migrant reception centres and capitalising on asylum seekers with the help of a Catholic association, police said today.

And anyone who claimed before that this migrant crisis was a money making scam that was being encouraged in order to enrich certain people, was dismissed as “racist” and “xenophobic”. But of course, the truth always comes out eventually. You can be sure that the Mafia weren’t the only ones making money out of this though. “Legitimate” organisations are as well.

Never forget that organisations run by the demonic George Soros, are also profiting from this crisis.

The Arena clan, a family belonging to the powerful ‘Ndrangheta crime syndicate, allegedly made a fortune by supplying services for the centre at Isola di Capo Rizzuto and syphoning off money from the state destined for the migrants.

Plenty of money going around to help take care of the African migrants who are pretending to flee the war in Syria. This is despite the fact that austerity is being forced on the Italian people at the same time. So the Italian taxpayers are seeing their tax burden rise and their services cut, in order to meet the demands of austerity. Meanwhile, taxes are being diverted to look after useless people like this who will forever be an economic burden… and there isn’t even any justification for it, seeing as the majority are coming from sub-Saharan Africa rather than Syria anyway.

The “new Italians” They may not be fleeing a war in Syria, or anywhere else for that matter. They may have no education or useful skillsets, and they may have IQ comparable to the reading on a thermometer on a mild spring day, meaning they’ll never actually be of any use to the Italian economy. Nevertheless, Italian taxpayers need to let infinity of them into their country, and pay for their upkeep, for reasons which are never actually explained.

“Over 500 agents overnight arrested 68 people … accused of mafia association, extortion, carrying illegal weapons, fraud, embezzlement to the detriment of the state, (and) theft,” police in Catanzaro, a city in Calabria, said in statement.

Their investigation revealed “that the clan controlled, for profit, the management of the reception centre” at Isola di Capo Rizzuto — which has held up to 1,500 migrants at a time — for over a decade.

Wow… over a decade? But both the Libyan and Syrian civil wars only started in 2011. What were these migrants fleeing from back in 2007?

African countries are very poor. This is sad. Therefore, we have to let every single poor African person to come live in Europe. Africa has almost double the population of Europe right now BTW, and is expected to have almost 7 times the population by the end of the century. Good luck finding the space and resources to accommodate this massive influx, European countries.
We have a duty to let them all into Europe. Lack of living space and resources be damned.

Police arrested Leonardo Sacco, the 35-year-old head of the Catholic Misericordia association which runs the centre, who has boasted of links to high-powered political figures.

Local priest Edoardo Scordio was also detained in the sting.

This won’t do much to help salvage the church’s poor reputation.

Cash for spiritual guidance 

“Some €32 million went straight into the clan’s pocket,” assistant prosecutor Vincenzo Luberto said, adding that Scordio had received €150,000 for offering “spiritual guidance” to the migrants.

Preaching the word of God doesn’t come cheap.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 22.39.34.png

Honesty, this is more like the kind of behaviour that I would expect from a rabbi than a priest.

Police say the Arena clan, through Sacco, awarded contracts for services such as the centre’s food supplies to associations it set up specifically for the purpose, as well as to other ‘Ndrangheta families.

It also provided food services to the reception centre on Lampedusa, the Italian island which for several years was the frontline of the migrant humanitarian crisis, the biggest influx in Europe since World War II.

The head of the country’s anti-mafia commission, Rosy Bindi, said the sting was “an important result in the fight against the ‘Ndrangheta and the infiltration of mafia in the management of migrants”.

About 175,000 people are currently living in reception centres, where the state provides food, clothing, Italian lessons, psychological support, health care and a small amount of pocket money.

All paid for by the Italian tax-payer of course.

Italy’s finance ministry has estimated the 2017 budget for migrant reception at three billion euros, depending on how many people are rescued in the Mediterranean and brought to the country.

And they still haven’t yet thought of maybe… I dunno… sending them back to where they came from when they rescue them, rather than ferrying them all the way back to Europe? As I wrote about almost two years ago to the day, the vast majority of these migrants being picked up in the Mediterranean, aren’t fleeing from warzones. They’re economic migrants leaving perfectly safe, (albeit very poor) sub-Saharan African countries, travelling through several safe countries on their way to Libya, and then getting on non-seaworthy boats, hoping to be rescued and ferried to Europe… which usually happens, unless they’re among the unlucky ones whose boat sinks before they can encounter a European naval ship (or in some cases, which they deliberately sink themselves). There’s no moral reason to rescue these people from their own self inflicted decisions and if anything, rescuing them is only encouraging more of them to do it, because the rewards for doing so successfully… a life on welfare in Europe, are too tempting to resist.

More than 45,000 people have arrived so far this year, a 44% increase from the same period in 2016.

This is unsustainable. They can’t just keep letting every single person who wants to come to Europe, to actually come. There needs to be a proper solution put in place.

‘Ghost’ migrants 

Raffaele Cantone, Italy’s anti-graft chief, said the mafia infiltration at Isola di Capo Rizzuto “is unfortunately, I believe, just the tip of the iceberg, and certainly not a one-off case”.

Nope. As I said, there’s definitely plenty more people scamming money from this whole situation. That’s why it’s being encouraged so strongly by the controlled mainstream media and the bought and paid for political establishment. Their financial masters are making too much money out of this whole thing and therefore want to keep it going as long as possible, regardless of how much it damages Europe or causes the ordinary European people to suffer.

“Sure, the increase in terrorism, rapes, and the decline in social cohesion, caused by this migrant situation might sound bad, but think about all the benefits. Our GDP has increased by half a percent, and already obscenely wealthy people, are becoming even wealthier. That’s worth being raped and killed for, right?”

The Calabrian centre had long been on the authorities’ radar. In 2015, Italy’s L’Espresso magazine published an investigative report alleging that managers at the camp were stealing funds earmarked for migrants and making money by starving them.

“If the organisation was supposed to provide 500 meals, it provided 300 and the rest went hungry,” prosecutor Nicola Gratteri said.

The Crotone prefecture said in 2014 that it appeared the official number of people recorded at the centre was grossly inflated, with management pocketing funds from the state for “ghost” migrants.

A health inspection in 2013 revealed that asylum seekers were being given miserly portions of out-of-date food, and that the centre was illegally hosting 70 unaccompanied minors who went barefoot and slept in a hangar with only two toilets.

I have no sympathy. These worthless invaders don’t deserve to be properly taken care of. I hope it was as uncomfortable as possible, to make them regret their decision to try and leech off the European people.

The Arena clan hit the headlines in 2012 after police seized assets from them worth 350 million euros, including one of Europe’s largest wind farms.

Slave markets in Libya.

You know how we’re always told that infinity third world migrants, with no discernible skills or qualifications, and with an average IQ that is comparable to the reading on a thermometer on a mild spring day, will somehow be a massive benefit to our highly technological, first world, European societies? Well, if you’re a regular reader of this blog, you will probably have noticed that I’ve been somewhat skeptical about this claim in the past. Today I am happy to say that I have been proven wrong. These enterprising geniuses have discovered a market niche that will undoubtedly have massive benefits for their economic prospects in Europe. They’ve gotten involved in slave trading.

From BBC

Africans trying to reach Europe are being sold by their captors in “slave markets” in Libya, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) says.

Black people from war-free (albeit impoverished) nations, looking to come live on welfare in Europe and probably rape as many white women as they can find, are getting captured and enslaved by Arab slave traders along the way. No doubt, that white people are the ones to blame, for creating functioning civilisations that attract these people to take these risks in order to reach them.

Victims told IOM that after being detained by people smugglers or militia groups, they were taken to town squares or car parks to be sold.

Migrants with skills like painting or tiling would fetch higher prices, the head of the IOM in Libya told the BBC.

What a tragedy. If these painters and tilers are getting captured and sold by slave traders, then European countries will never see the benefits of their skills. Instead we’ll have to… God forbid… hire native European painters and tilers instead.

Libya has been in chaos since the 2011 Nato-backed ousting of Muammar Gaddafi.

Which is exactly what will have in Syria as well if Assad is taken out. Even if you don’t believe in the possibility of World War 3 breaking out between America and Russia, you have to at least look at the precedent with Libya to see what Syria’s potential future could be.

And there are actually delusional people who think a similar fate for Syria is a good thing.

Hundreds of young sub-Saharan African men have been caught up in the so-called slave markets, according to the IOM report.

I honestly have no sympathy. After seeing the chaos that sub-Saharan African men have brought to Europe, I really do not care. As far as I’m concerned, they took a chance, hoping to come leech off of European productivity, and it simply didn’t pay off. Not my problem.

Why should anyone in Europe care about the well-being of members of an invading army, looking to plunder our wealth, destroy our infrastructure, and rape our women and children? Fuck them all.

Migrants ‘forced to starve’

A Senegalese migrant, who was not named to protect his identity, said that he had been sold at one such market in the southern Libyan city of Sabha, before being taken to a makeshift prison where more than 100 migrants were being held hostage.

Poor guy, just trying to escape the Syrian civil war that has obviously spread to Senegal.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 15.44.46.png


How gullible can people possibly be, to actually still believe the idiotic “They’re refugees fleeing war” narrative? It couldn’t be a more obvious invasion.

He said that migrants held at the facility were told to call their families, who would be asked for money to pay for their release, and some were beaten while on the phone to allow relatives to hear them being tortured.

This sort of thing will be happening in Europe before long. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it already is happening.

He described “dreadful” conditions where migrants were forced to survive on limited food supplies, with those unable to pay either killed or left to starve, the report adds.

Oh dear. I guess there’s only one possible solution. We’ll just have to set up migrant processing centres in every single sub-Saharan African country, and fly them all directly into Europe, so they won’t have to risk getting enslaved in Libya on their quest to invade us.  You know, seeing as they’re never going to stop trying to get into Europe, and we’re too paralysed with political correctness to tell them that they aren’t welcome.

Another witness, who was able to raise the funds needed for his release after nine months, was later taken to hospital with severe malnutrition, weighing just 5.5 stone (35 kg).

Women, too, were bought by private Libyan clients and brought to homes where they were forced to be sex slaves, the witness said.

This is hardly anything new of course. North Africa was always historically, a base for Arab slave traders. Not only did they enslave sub-Saharan Africans, but they also launched plenty of raids on Europe for slaves as well.

White people are expected to feel collective guilt for their ancestor’s role in Black African slavery. Nobody expects Arabs to feel collective guilt for their ancestor’s role in white slavery, or in Black African slavery (which was larger than that of white people).

The only reason it was eventually stopped was when Europeans (most notably the French) got sick of the constant slave raids, and conquered and occupied North Africa, so that the slavers would no longer have a base from which to launch attacks on Europe. Again, we’re always told about the evils of colonialism, but in some cases at least, it wasn’t simply motivated by greed or a lust for power. The desire to protect one’s own people (something Europeans have long since forgotten) was sometimes a motivator as well.

The IOM’s chief of mission for Libya, Othman Belbeisi, told the BBC that those sold into slavery found themselves priced according to their abilities.

“Apparently they don’t have money and their families cannot pay the ransom, so they are being sold to get at least a minimum benefit from that,” he said.

“The price is definitely different depending on your qualifications, for example if you can do painting or tiles or some specialised work then the price gets higher.”

An IOM staff member in Niger said they confirmed the reports of auctions in Libya with several other migrants who had escaped.

“They all confirmed the risks of been sold as slaves in squares or garages in Sabha, either by their drivers or by locals who recruit the migrants for daily jobs in town, often in construction.

“Later, instead of paying them, [they] sell their victims to new buyers.”

And again no doubt, Europeans will be the ones to get the blame for all this.

Some migrants, mainly Nigerians, Ghanaians and Gambians are forced to work “as guards in the ransom houses or in the ‘market’ itself”, the IOM employee added.

Nigerians, Ghanaians and Gambians, All just trying to flee the brutal civil war in Syria, and that madman Assad, who gases his own people, including children, for no reason whatsoever.

This mild mannered, well spoken, and highly intelligent, London educated, medical doctor, is so dangerous, that people as far away as sub-Saharn Africa, all need to flee to Europe, to escape his chemical weapons. Yes, people are this gullible.

The organisation has called the emergence of these markets “a disturbing new trend in the already dire situation for migrants in Libya”.

Their situation wouldn’t be so “dire” if they stayed in their home countries, rather than leaving to plunder Europe. People often make the argument that they wouldn’t take such risks, not only the possibility of being enslaved, but also the risk of drowning en route to Europe, unless the situation back home was so bad, that it justified the risks. That’s rubbish when they’re fleeing countries that aren’t experiencing war or any other humanitarian disaster. The reason they take the risk is because they don’t know what they’re getting into, and the lure of living in luxury in Europe, rather than poverty back home, is impossible to resist. There is no evidence to suggest that they are aware of the potential dangers facing them if they make the journey.

In February, the UN children’s agency Unicef released a report documenting – in sometimes horrific detail – stories of slavery, violence and sexual abuse experienced by large numbers of vulnerable children travelling from Libya to Italy.


Yeah, forgive me for being skeptical again.

Just look at all those “Children”. Source

The report, A Deadly Journey for Children, said that almost 26,000 children – most of them unaccompanied – crossed the Mediterranean in 2016, many of them suffering abuse at the hands of smugglers and traffickers.

Keep in mind, that as I’ve covered before in previous posts, a lot of these “children” are a lot older than is being claimed.

Tens of thousands of migrants arrived in Italy last year by sea, crossing from North Africa. But before they reach the jumping-off point in Libya, many migrants will have undertaken a perilous journey of up to six days across the Sahara in extreme temperatures.

Yeah… still not finding the will to care here at all.

So there you have it. There’s a war happening in Syria right now. People from sub-Saharan Africa are trying to invade Europe. Stupid people confuse the concept of refugees fleeing the war in Syria, with these Africans trying to invade Europe. Many of these would be invaders are getting enslaved in Libya, a country which was destroyed in similar fashion to what is being attempted in Syria right now. Some of the stupid people who support helping “Syrian refugees” (including these African people who they think are Syrian refugees), are supportive of the idea of America starting a war with Syria and potentially turning it into another Libya in the process.

This is why I have no faith in humanity anymore.

Idiotic invaders migrate to Libya…from Libya.

Does it make me a monster that I couldn’t help but laugh when I read this story?

From The Local

After several days at sea the migrants spotted land, thinking it was Italy. Several drowned trying to swim ashore. But when the survivors reached dry land they found they were still in Libya.
What a waste. All that effort trying to invade Europe, only to fail miserably.

The treacherous and ultimately futile journey by 80 mostly Senegalese migrants had begun in Sabratha in western Libya three days earlier, one survivor recounted.

I never knew there was a war happening in Senegal. I guess maybe some of the fighting going on in Libya and Syria spilled over the border, and that’s what they’re fleeing from.

Hmm, nope. The aren’t anywhere near Libya or Syria. I guess they’re just economic migrants, like the vast majority who are coming to Europe currently.

After setting off, the boat was buffeted by rough seas and eventually ran  aground on a beach in Tripoli some 70 kilometres (40 miles) to the east.

“We thought we had already arrived in Italy,” one of the survivors told AFP.

LOL, too fucking bad.

Witnesses said several people had jumped from the boat to try to reach the beach but were unable to swim and drowned.

I just can’t get over how stupid these people are. It’s not as if they fell off the boat and had no choice but to try and swim. They literally jumped off  and tried to swim to shore, despite not being able to, rather than just waiting for the boat to reach land itself. I thought those other idiots who sank their own boat on purpose and drowned were dumb, but at least they did so with the mistaken expectation that the fishing boat they encountered would be forced to rescue them. What excuse to these guys have for jumping into the ocean for no reason, when they can’t even swim?

And the most amazing part of all, is that the media actually tries to convince us with a straight face that these are all highly educated, highly skilled, intelligent people, who will be a great asset to our workforces and our economies. How could anyone be fooled by this nonsense?

“The tragic loss of so many brain surgeons, rocket scientists, and time travel machine engineers.” ~ The way the media acts.

Those who made it to the shore alive included two women — one pregnant – and a child, and they were all in shock.

The pregnant woman sat in tears on the beach next to what was believed to be the body of her brother. She was later hospitalized.

Wow… women and children. That’s definitely something unusual. Glad they survived all the same. Hopefully they, and others like them, will be dissuaded from trying again.

The Libyan Red Crescent said it had recovered the bodies of five passengers from the beach on Wednesday and taken 80 people to shelters.

People-smugglers have exploited the chaos in Libya since the 2011 uprising that overthrew dictator Moamer Kadhafi to traffic migrants in boats to Italy 300 kilometres away.

According to the United Nations, more than 5,000 migrants and refugees died last year while trying to cross the Mediterranean.

I personally blame Angela Merkel and others like her for her blanket invitation to the entire third world to come to Europe and live on welfare. Those deaths could have been avoided, if she hadn’t made such a dangerous journey so tempting. Their on her hands.

On Wednesday, after a riot in a northern Italian migrant centre reignited political debate over how to deal with the migration crisis, ministers said they would try to reach an agreement with Libya. Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said it was one of three ‘key countries’ whose co-operation was needed to resolve the crisis.

As if that’s really necessary. It can be stopped much more easily, if the Italian navy started stopping boats and dropping the passengers right back where they came from, instead of escorting them all the way back to Europe. That’s really what the problem is. They’ve demonstrated over and over, that all these migrants have to do is get on one of their non-seaworthy boats, and sail a few miles off the coast of Libya and the vast majority of the time, the Italians will pick them up and take them the rest of the way, rather than doing the sane thing and blocking them. If the Italian navy started sending people back, word would eventually get out that they’re no longer welcoming them, and the people leaving war-free countries like Senegal, will no longer have any incentive to attempt this journey. Ergo, unnecessary drownings will be prevented, and Europe would no longer be destroying itself.

Ireland finally starting to take in migrants.


I’m feeling really pessimistic about this news. I really can’t see this turning out well for us, based on what we’ve seen happen in other European countries that have done this.

From Irish Times

A total of 760 refugees had arrived in Ireland by the end of 2016 under the Government’s humanitarian programme for people fleeing conflict in Syria and other war-torn countries in the Middle East and north Africa.

What are these other  “war-torn countries”? Maybe… Tunisia for example?

Remember, if it hadn’t been a Tunisian “refugee” who did the truck massacre, it could just as easily have been a native German, because that truck massacre was predetermined by the universe, and was going to happen no matter what and couldn’t possibly have been prevented by keeping that Tunisian out.

Oh sorry, I forgot. That country isn’t a warzone, but Europe is just accepting “refugees” from there anyway. Same with the likes of Pakistan, Afganistan, Bangladesh, and various sub-Saharan African countries. The majority of so called “refugees” coming into Europe, aren’t fleeing warzones. The only other war-torn countries that people are coming from that I can think of are Libya and Iraq, both of which are sending people to Europe ahead of perfectly safe countries which are geographically closer, and are culturally, religiously, and racially, more similar to them, than the European countries that they are coming to.


Of course this is very easy to figure out why, when you understand what is actually going on. The powers that be don’t give a fuck about the lives of these people. If they did, they would never have supported the policies (ie. unjust and unnecessary wars) which destroyed their countries in the first place, nor would they stand in opposition to the forces of Russia and the Syrian government which are working to clean up the mess. It makes absolutely no logical sense to cause such destruction, and then try to claim an interest in helping these people, by inviting them to come live in Europe on welfare… unless there is an ulterior motive that isn’t so obvious. And that motive, as I’ve always made clear, is the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the European people, by flooding our countries with people who will eventually outbreed, conquer, and exterminate us. It really is that simple.

Never forget about the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.
They outright state their plans. This was written a couple of years before the Migrant crisis even took off.

The Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP) was a response to the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean region caused by the mass exodus of people from conflict zones, especially Syria.

Especially Syria? Funny, because statistics available suggest that about 80% [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] aren’t coming from Syria at all.

How could you possibly say no to these poor Sub-Saharan African men, who are just trying to escape the brutal Syrian civil war?

The Government committed to admitting 4,000 people over three years in a two-strand programme.

Wouldn’t it be better to instead use those three years to work with international organisations to try and end these alleged wars so that there’ll be no need for people to even come here in the first place? I don’t understand why they think these wars will even still be happening in three years time, especially seeing as right now, Russia is starting to pull their forces out of Syria, because the war is  almost over at this point anyway.

The first strand related to displaced people who had fled the civil war in Syria and were living in camps in countries such as Turkey and Lebanon.

Already in safe countries.

These people had already been recognised as refugees and would come to Ireland under a resettlement programme.

Or maybe they can just go back to Syria instead seeing as things are starting to wrap up there.

The second strand covered people arriving in Greece and Italy by sea after fleeing Syria and other countries. They would be relocated to the State, where their asylum applications would be assessed.

Oh yes… the ones coming by sea.

Remember this video? If not, then please make sure to read the comments to get a refresher on what people really think.

A total of 240 have arrived under the second strand, while 520 have come to Ireland under the resettlement strand.

520 more refugees

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald and Minister for Children Katherine Zappone visited Greece in December.

Really? I wonder if she spoke to any of the ordinary Greek people about what the migrants are like? You know, just to get a bit of an insight into what we can expect from them.

Ms Fitzgerald committed to ensuring that 1,100 asylum seekers will have arrived in Ireland by next September. She also committed to bringing in an additional 520 refugees during 2017.

If those targets are met, more than 2,100 people will have arrived in Ireland by the end of this year, approximately half from camps in countries bordering Syria; the other half from Greece and Italy. An estimated third of the refugees will be children 12 and younger.

LOL sure. “Children”. As if they haven’t tried that one before.

Look at all these “Children”.
Or what about this 16 year old boy who is just trying to flee the Ethiopian front of the Syrian civil war.

Under the programme , those arriving in the State are granted international protection within about 12 weeks. Their initial accommodation is temporary, and is known as an Emergency Reception and Orientation Centre (EROC). They are assessed, can avail of language lessons and counselling and receive orientation about their new county. In the medium term, they move on to alternative housing

All paid for by the Irish tax-payer of course. Meanwhile, I can guarantee right now that with all the talk about the housing shortage currently affecting Ireland, that when we eventually do start building more social housing, that these migrants will be first in line to get them, not our own people.

Spread out

The Department of Justice has attempted to distribute the incoming refugees from Syria and elsewhere in as many centres as possible.

For example, about 50 have been accommodated in Portlaoise, 50 in Thurles, 50 in Co Kerry, 50 in Limerick, and 60 in Co Cork. A total of 32 are staying in an EROC at Clonea Strand Hotel in Waterford, and 27 have been accommodated in Mullingar and Athlone. In all, 86 have been relocated and resettled in Mayo, distributed between Castlebar, Westport and Claremorris.

As with direct provisions centres, some EROC facilities have been established in former hotels, which closed during the recession.

Of course, spread them all around the country where they can do maximum damage. Don’t just concentrate them in one area. We all need to be equally “enriched”.

No area can be free from the diversity, and the vast benefits it brings such as terrorism, murders, and gang rape.

I’m just going to call it right now. We’ve seen countless problems occurring all over Europe as a result of this migrant crisis. Terrorism, rapes, all kinds of random violence. Why should we expect that Ireland will be any different? No, we’re going to eventually see similar problems here if they keep this up. The numbers are insignificant right now, but eventually, there will be enough of them for there to be an impact. I really hope that I end up being wrong on this one, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Quick update on the Berlin attack.

In my last post from just a few short hours ago, I briefly gave an overview on the three big attacks that took place in Europe earlier today (or I guess technically speaking, ‘yesterday’ now). At the time of writing, for two of the attacks (Berlin and Zurich) it was unconfirmed who was responsible. Well, we’ve just got confirmation on the Berlin attack.

Oh no… a refugee you say? You mean one of those poor people fleeing the brutal civil war in Syria is responsible?
Oh no, he’s a “Pakistani refugee”. Is there even a civil war happening in Pakistan right now that people are fleeing? In fact, is there any justification at all for a Pakistani person to travel all the way to Germany and claim refugee status? Seriously, any justification at all?

So apparently, in at least one of the two cases which were at the time unconfirmed, we now know that yes, it was yet another Muslim responsible, one who came into the country claiming to be a refugee, and one who has no legitimate claim to refugee status anyway.

Tell me something German ladies… do you still think you have the moral high ground, welcoming these monsters into your continent as they constantly rape and murder your fellow Europeans?

I would say that the situation is getting completely absurd at this point but in all honesty, it was absurd right from the beginning. Plenty of people have warned right from the beginning that this sort of thing would happen, and we were sneered at and insulted as “racists”, or “Islamophobes”, or “Xenophobes”, or whatever other childish insult our detractors could come up with at the time. Yet time and time again, we’re being proven correct in our predictions.

We don’t have a problem with Europe’s migrant policies because we’re evil hate filled monsters with an irrational hatred towards the skin colour or geographical origins of these people. Those things are irrelevant. We have a problem with these migrant policies because we love our nations, we love our culture, we care about our own people, and we recognise exactly what is happening to us. A hostile and destructive enemy force has declared war, and is attempting to exterminate and conquer us, and many of our own people, including the national leaders who we’ve elected to represent our interests, are more concerned with not hurting the feelings of an enemy that hates us and wants us dead anyway, than protecting us from this enemy.

The typical reaction every single time something like this happens.

Go on, try and defend this ongoing insanity. I’d love to hear what kind of desperate excuses will be trotted out next. I’m guessing at some point the establishment will claim that Russia made this “Peaceful Pakistani refugee” do it somehow. If you’re an ordinary person who has been in favour of this suicidal migrant settlement programme, despite how many times it has been proven a disaster for us, I hope you’re finally willing to reevaluate things and consider the fact that maybe you were wrong to support it.

If not, then as far as I’m concerned, you’re a traitor who is guilty of supporting this ongoing extermination and subjucation of your own people.


400 African invaders storm into Spain.

Life imitates art.

Nothing particularly new here, but I figure I haven’t been posting too much recently, so it couldn’t hurt to get something out. Don’t want to start neglecting the blog entirely.

From New York Times

MADRID — More than 400 migrants from Africa stormed across a border fence to enter Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta from Morocco on Friday in one of the biggest crossing attempts of recent years.


Ceuta isn’t even part of the Spanish mainland, yet these invaders seem to think that if they manage to cross into territory that happens to be under European control, that it somehow automatically gives them the right to be ferried into Europe. In fairness, with how pathetic and soft Europe has gotten, it really wouldn’t surprise me for a lot of politically correct, virtue-signalling, cucks in Europe to protest in favour of doing exactly that.

“Quick, some African refugee who is claiming to be fleeing the Syrian civil war, managed to make it to the Falkland Islands. Better take him straight to Britain, rather than sending him back to the safe African country he originally came from.”

The Spanish Interior Ministry’s state secretary for security, Jose Antonio Nieto, told reporters some 800 migrants had tried to get over the fence in the early morning crossing, and 438 succeeded.

And you can be sure it will not stop there. These people breed like queen ants, and the vast majority of them want to come to Europe.

There’ll never be a point were they finally stop coming because we’ve “taken all the ones who want to come in already”. New waves will keep coming until eventually, we’re overrun entirely. A proper solution needs to be implemented, or else we’re fucked.

Europe circa 2020, unless something is done.

He said 49 were treated in a Ceuta hospital for injuries. Two police officers were also slightly injured. Nieto said some migrants used sticks and stones against the officers.

“But they’re all just helpless innocents who are trying to escape a brutal civil war, and who are not violent or threatening in any way.”

It was one of the biggest charges in recent years on Ceuta’s border barrier, known as the “killer fence” because of the barbed and bladed wire that caps it.

Might be a good idea to electrify the fence next time instead. That might do a better job, keeping these invaders out. Or maybe, you might want to look to alternative solutions instead. Something along the lines of…


“Fortunately, we did not have to regret any deaths or too many injuries this time,” Helena Maleno Garzon, a member of the Caminando Fronteras (Walking Borders) group that works with migrants in Morocco, told The Associated Press by telephone from Tangiers city.

She said the migrants included teenagers and minors fleeing conflict in Mali or who had lost family through the Ebola disease in Guinea.


Wow, look at all those other countries surrounding Mali and Guinea. If they really are just fleeing conflict or the Ebola virus, why do they need to come all the way to Europe to do so, when there are other countries much nearer that they could try going to instead? If I didn’t know better, I’d say they were specifically coming to Europe, because they want to live off the wealth created by the European people.

“Where all da whyte wimminz at?”

Television video images showed many migrants celebrating and giving victory signs on having made it across.

“I wonder do they also take selfies, like the ‘Syrians’ do after successfully escaping to Greece from the brutal Syrian civil war in Turkey?”

Hundreds of sub-Saharan African migrants living illegally in Morocco try to enter Ceuta and Melilla, Spain’s other North African enclave each year, hoping to get to Europe. Both cities have six-meter (20-foot) -high border fences separating them from Morocco.

Most migrants who try to cross are intercepted on the spot and returned to Morocco. Those that make it over the fences are eventually repatriated or let go.

Well that’s a relief.

Ceuta’s accommodation center how has 1,178 migrants, more than twice its capacity.

What could possibly go wrong?


Stupid African “Syrian refugees” sink their own boat and drown.


An inflatable raft full of young, military aged, Sub-Saharan African men (what else is new?), who were fleeing the brutal Syrian civil war, which as we all know, has apparently spread to the entire third world, encountered a Tunisian fishing vessel en route to Europe. The idiotic invaders on board mistook the fishermen for the Italian coastguard and stupidly sank their own boat on purpose, assuming they would be rescued and brought back to Europe to live on welfare, get free stuff, and rape as many white women as they can get their hands on, in much the same way their predecessors have. Instead the Tunisians, who aren’t afflicted with the horrible mental illness known as white guilt, decided to nonchalantly leave the migrants to drown and record it as it happened. Here is the footage.

Video Description

This amateur footage, taken by a Tunisian crewman of a fishing ship, shows the disastrous consequences of the EU’s open border policy that permits and encourages the continued scam of illegal African immigrants that deliberately sink their own boats near coast guard vessels to receive a shuttle service to Europe under the disguise of so-called “Syrian refugees”.

You would think it would be fucking obvious now to people what is actually happening. Syria is an Arab country. So is Libya (the one other country in which you could arguably justify refugees coming from). Yet instead of seeing Arabs on these boats, we keep seeing young black men who are coming from safe, albeit impoverished Sub-Saharan African countries. They aren’t fleeing any civil war, they’re heading to Europe purely for economic reasons, because they want to be able to feed off the benefits that our ancestors created for us. Unfortunately, most people are too intellectually lazy to think critically about what’s going on and instead react emotionally, and just follow along with the “poor refugees fleeing war” narrative that our lying media and crooked politicians feed us.

As the African males approach the ship, they capsize their own boats, pretending to be in distress at sea because they assume the ship is equipped to pick up refugees. Is it only after they realize the crew atop the fishing boat is physically unable to provide help that the situation escalates and the Africans start screaming for their life as they drown.


The sailor repeatedly shouts “calma” (stay calm) in Italian in the hope that the immigrants heading for Italy prepared with some basic Italian and understand him.

I doubt these people can even read and write in their own language, let alone have any basic understanding of the language of the country they’re heading to.

The crew were reluctant to help since letting them on board would have been a serious security risk as it would have them outnumbered 10 to 1. There is also the risk of piracy with hijackers posing as refugees as camouflage. They also appear to only have two lifeboats, so throwing one down just so the migrants would sink it would have made no sense for the crew.

The only way to help would be individuals of the crew rappelling down to to the sea line, which would most likely result in their own death as the immigrants would drag them down.

Of course, the lives of the crew won’t matter to the white guilt infested liberals back in Europe. You can be sure that they would virtue signal about “doing the right thing” and helping these invaders, all from the safety of their own home. Personally, I really can’t blame the crew for not trying to save them.

The EU politicians and all the Leftists supporting the human traffickers and mass invasion of African males by sea are directly responsible for every single death by drowning.

My thoughts exactly.

If the EU were to pursue a “NO WAY” policy that denies citizenship to anybody illegally approaching the country b boat, such as Australia has done, Europe could successfully reduce the total amount of illegal immigrants coming by sea to zero.

Of course that would never happen, because the whole point of the policies currently being pursued isn’t about saving lives. If lives really mattered to the political establishment, they never would have pursued policies which destroyed Libya, and are attempting to destroy Syria right now. The real reason for the current policies, is the ethnic cleansing and replacement of the indigenous peoples of Europe, in order to undermine the concept of nation states and therefore make it easier to bring in a one world government. That has always been the aim ever since the 1920s when Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi first proposed it.

Just really think about it, and put all emotion aside. Which narrative makes more sense? That the global elite deliberately starts destructive wars in countries and then take in people from these warzones (plus other third world countries which aren’t at war) to live in Europe (but not in any oil rich Arab gulf states which can easily afford them and are closer, both geographically and culturally to the migrant’s home countries) out of the goodness of their heart? And then, when they arrive and inevitably cause problems in their host nations, such as committing acts of terrorism, going on mass sexual assault/rape sprees, and become a massive drain on the country’s taxes, they ignore the problem because they expect that somehow it will just go away by magic, and they’ll end up integrating and contributing to Europe eventually? Or, does the narrative presented in the link above about the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan make more sense, based on everything we’ve seen happen?

I know which narrative I believe, and clearly I’m not alone. More and more people are beginning to see what’s really happening, and they’re angry. On a public forum like Facebook, people are naturally going to virtue signal and act as if they care (perhaps some genuinely still do). On an anonymous forum like the YouTube comments sections however, people tend to feel comfortable making more controversial statements which are more likely to be in line with their true views, and from looking at the comments on YouTube, a lot of people seem to really hate these migrants and are glad that they drowned.  Lets take a look at some of the comments from the video.


There’s even another longer version of the video available…

…and the comments are equally hostile.


But this hostility doesn’t surprise me anymore. Here in Ireland, we’ve been fortunate enough to have been sheltered from this mess, so people still buy into the debunked narrative that they’re all just poor innocent victims fleeing a war, and who have a good education and skillset to contribute to our economies. The reality, which most other European countries are now well aware of, is that this is a hostile invasion force coming here, not to flee a war, or to contribute, but to plunder and conquer. People in other European countries have had enough of this and are no longer hiding their anger out of fear of being thought of as racist. It is a perfectly natural response to feel relief and even pleasure watching a video like this, knowing the kind of problems these men would have caused if they had reached Europe. Hopefully, it will get back to Africa and dissuade others from trying their luck in the same way.


Swedish police are “losing control”

Law and order is starting to break down in Sweden. If things keep going the way they’re going, Sweden will soon resemble your average third world hellhole. And they only have themselves to blame. They were an amazing country once, but they chose to fuck it all up by importing millions of primitive and violent savages to live among them, for absolutely no reason, and now they’re paying the price for their stupidity. Violence, mass rapes, drug dealing, a massive drain on taxes. Is this really what we want for the rest of Europe?

From RT

The inflow of asylum seekers in Sweden, a country with one of the most liberal laws towards refugees, is putting an increasing strain on the country’s police. There are now reportedly 55 areas in the country, where the law is not fully upheld.
Dubbed “no-go zones” in some media reports, there are now 55 areas in Swedish cities, where the police have significant problems in tackling crime. They are divided into three categories depending on how significant the risk to officers working there is.
Nobody could have possibly seen anything like this occurring. There’s no way that anyone could have possibly predicted that filling your country with millions of hostile and incompatible people would cause problems. Well, “racists”, “white supremacists”, “Islamophobes”, and “Neo-Nazis” did see it coming, but their opinions don’t count, because they only made these predictions originally (which coincidentally happened to be spot on), because they hate their skin colour.
This is how they picture anyone who so much as questions the current ongoing insanity.
Q-Why did they make these predictions about the “refugees”?
A-Because they’re evil racists who just hate the refugees for their skin colour.
Q-But how do we know they’re just evil racists who hate them for their skin colour?
A- Because they made these racist predictions about them.
Q- But why did they make these predictions?
A-Because they’re evil racists who just hate the refugees for their skin colour.
Q-But how do we know they’re just evil racists who hate them for their skin colour?
A- Because they made these racist predictions about them.
*this cycle continues forever*
That’s the kind of logic we’re dealing with here. Anybody who just uses common sense and objective reasoning when considering the effects these migrants are having on Europe, is automatically dismissed as being racist, when the reality is that most of us are just genuinely concerned people who fear for our futures. It doesn’t matter though that what we predicted is actually coming true, because as far as they’re concerned, we all had ulterior motives when we made our predictions and were just pretending to be concerned that what is happening right now, would happen .

The number has risen from 50 in February, when the police last gave a comprehensive report on the issue, and last week, when the law enforcement agency gave an update. According to media reports, the service is facing a major crisis of self-confidence, with as many as three officers on average asking to resign on a daily basis. Internal polls say four officers out of five have been considering a change of profession lately.

“We have a major crisis. Many colleagues are choosing to quit,” police officer Peter Larsson told the Norwegian broadcaster NRK. “A drastically worsened working environment means many colleagues are now looking for other work.”

LOL, can you imagine what would happen then? If Sweden’s crime rate is this bad now, can you imagine what it will be like, when the aren’t any cops left at all?

Sweden circa the year 2020… except there would be a lot more brown and black people than this.

If officers go into a no-go zone, they risk being verbally attacked or pelted with stones. Patrol cars may be set ablaze or stolen.

Sounds like your average African shithole really. Who could have possibly predicted that moving millions of third world people to the first world, would result in the first world becoming more like the third world? Seeing as all people are exactly the same (except white people are apparently born evil and with an uncontrollable urge to oppress non-white people), then surely this shouldn’t have happened. The magical European air and soil should have altered the behaviour of these third world people, and made them just like the indigenous Swedish people. Instead, for reasons I can’t figure out, they’re behaving the exact same way in Sweden, as they would have behaved in their original countries, and are therefore altering Sweden, rather than them being altered by Sweden.

Crime rates in the blacklisted areas are on the rise, the police report said. The offenses range from vandalism to drug crimes to sex assaults and gun violence. One particular example is Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city, where more than 70 cars were set on fire by arsonists over several days. The police managed to arrest only one suspect while investigating those attacks.

I know this sounds bad, but just think about all the vast benefits these migrants are providing to Europe with their presence. All these violent crimes are a small price to pay when weighed up against these benefits. Admittedly, I can’t think of any examples of these benefits myself off the top of my head, but I know that they must exist because the controlled mainstream media and our political leaders keep telling us that they do.

Sure they will. We’re all just too stupid and racist to see it, but clearly you and your ilk know better.

Ironically, after the Hungarian government used the existence of no-go zones in Europe to promote its cause for an upcoming referendum on EU quotas, the Swedish embassy rebuked it saying that no such areas existed in their country.

“There are no “no-go zones” in Sweden.”

“Two plus two equals five.”

“We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.”

“It is important to us that accurate information about Sweden is given to the citizens of Hungary.

Good idea. You need to warn your own citizens about the danger they might face if they were ever to go down the same path that Sweden has. It has actually gotten so bad in the no-go zones, that some Somalis are actually considering fleeing back to Somalia, where it is safer.

How will Sweden survive if its entire Somali population flees back to Somalia?

The embassy has therefore had reason to object sharply to a map of Europe with red markings in a handful of member states, including Sweden, in which the Hungarian government claims that so-called ‘no-go zones’ exist, where police and the state have no control over citizens’ safety,” Anna Boda, the Deputy Head of the Swedish diplomatic mission in Budapest told The Local.

Yes, keep denying reality Sweden. It doesn’t matter because sooner or later, the truth will be impossible to cover up anyway. When you inevitably collapse into anarchy and civil war, you will serve as an example for the rest of us on what not to do.

“No-go zone” is a loaded term with no clear definition and caused division earlier amid the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe. Last year Paris wanted to sue Fox New for a report, which said no-go zones existed in the French capital.

That’s it France, cover up the truth as well.

This is what it’s like during the day. Can you imagine what it must be like at night?

This is all just completely insane. They can deny what’s happening all they want, but it’s not going to change anything. The clash between the indigenous European populations and the hostile invaders is inevitable. It’s not “if”, but “when” will it happen. The longer they deny it, rather than accepting it, the worse they’re going to make it when it does happen.

We will see a lot of bloodshed in Europe in our lifetimes.

Migrants are now suing Germany over their asylum applications.

I really just can’t get over the cheek of these people. How arrogant and entitled do they think they are?

From Washington Times

Germany has a new problem on its hands with asylum seekers from the Middle East and North Africa: lawsuits.

As if the sex attacks, riots, and terrorism…um…sorry… I mean random acts of violence due to “mental illness” weren’t enough. Now these ungrateful bastards have the audacity to try and take legal action against the cuckold nation that threw open its borders to them, welcoming them with open arms.

Roughly 6,000 refugees have filed lawsuits against the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) in 2016. Asylum seekers say the wait times for a decision on their immigration status — up to two years — is unacceptable.

I actually agree with this, though probably not in the way they would like. Two years is far too long to be wasting energy and resources taking care of these people. They should have been sent packing the second they set foot on German soil seeing as not one of Germany’s neighbouring countries are experiencing any kind of crisis which would necessitate the need to come to Germany at all. In other words, their asylum applications are automatically invalid.

“Please German infidels. We are helpless, so very helpless, yes. We just want to escape brutal civil war in Austria, for make better life my 6 wives and 47 children, yes?”

The German magazine Focus reported Monday that the number of complaints in 2016 more than doubled the 2,300 filed last year.

The number of “refugees” has probably doubled in that time too. I’m sure that probably has something to do with the increase in complaints. And it will probably keep doubling every year going forward unless something is done. No problem though. Europe can afford to have the entire third world come to live here on welfare for the rest of their lives, while they outbreed and eventually ethnically cleanse us. Of course when we reach the point, when we’re all extinct, it might start causing problems because there’ll be nobody left to pay to take care of them, but until then, we’ll just do it anyway, ignore the fact that the strain is already starting to show, and call anybody who questions this policy a “racist” or an “Islamophobe”.

Refugees worry that BAMF will deny their requests as political winds continue to shift against them.

You should be worried. There is an awful lot of very justified anger and resentment being felt towards migrants right now. The truth about what has been happening is getting out. The authorities can’t keep a lid on all the violence they’ve brought with them, or the the greed and entitlement they have shown. More and more people are waking up to the reality that these aren’t refugees at all. They are an invading and hostile enemy force that is here to plunder, conquer, and ethically replace us. People aren’t going to stand for it much longer.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, or CDU, was punished in March elections for her decision to allow 1.1 million refugees into the country in 2015. Increased crime and terrorism prompted authorities to reverse course on her preferred immigration policies.

Hardly enough of a punishment though for the betrayal she committed against the people she was elected to represent. This woman is responsible for so much suffering in Germany right now because of the horrific policies that she has implemented. Every German woman who was raped by a migrant. Every German citizen killed in a “random attack”. All the taxes and resources which have been diverted from German people who need them, to aid these monsters. She is at least somewhat responsible for it all, because it is her policies which have allowed all this to happen. In saner times, there would have only been one such punishment for what she has done.

For the crime of attempted genocide against the European people, I bet there’s a lot who would feel this is simply justice being carried out.

“The federal government has completely changed its refugee policy, even if it does not admit that,” Horst Seehofer, leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU), told Bild am Sonntag, Reuters reported March 20.

But unless they start taking different actions such as closing their borders and starting mass deportations of the ones who have already made it to Germany, this won’t make any difference at all.

A survey conducted by Der Spiegel at the time showed almost two-thirds of Germans disapproved of the policies that made Ms. Merkel Time magazine’s 2015 Person of the Year.

So one third of Germans are still delusional enough to accept this insanity.