An “ethically dubious deal”.

The following piece of text is an extract from George Lincoln Rockwell’s (leader and founder of the American Nazi party) 1967 book “White Power”. I would suggest that you set aside any emotional preconceptions that you might have in regards to the terms “Nazi” and “White Power”, and just judge what is said on its own merits, rather than on its source.

Off the New England and Gulf Coasts of America, a century or so ago, there
were murderous gangs called “ship wreckers”. The gangs would set up false
lights near real lighthouses, cunningly placed so that suspecting ships
approaching the coast in the dark and in storms would be guided onto deadly

As soon as the ship was smashed, while the captain and crew were trying to
survive the storm, these vultures would pounce on the helpless ship and rob it.

To protect themselves from exposure, the gang murdered every human being

There was nothing complicated in shipwrecking. It was the oldest crime in the
world – murder for what the other man had. The only difference was in the
method of using false lighthouses.

Today, there is abroad in the world an enormous gang operating in almost
every nation doing EXACTLY the same thing as the early ship-wreckers,
except that the modem “ship- wreckers” have added a fremendous complexity
of refinements, and instead of wrecking ships, they wreck whole nations.

They are called “Communists”, or “Marxists”. But basically, the leaders are out
to ROB and murder productive people for loot, just as the ship-wreckers robbed
those who had worked for the ship’s cargo, and then killed them.

Their basic technique, in the end, just as with the ship wreckers, is always
naked violence and murder.

But also, just as with the ship-wreckers, they cannot beat the honest productive
people of the world by sheer force. They also need surprise and guile. That’s
where the chart forgery and the fake lighthouses come in.

The Red gang of ship-wreckers lure decent, honest and sincere people onto the
deadly reefs of Marxist insanity with their fake lighthouses of “brotherhood”,
“peace”, “love”, “democracy”, “equality”. And then they rig all the charts
available to show these fake lighthouses as the ONLY safe guides. Meanwhile,
these robbers and forgers rig all our charts (the press) to show the real, safe channels, in which America sailed to greatness, as the most deadly and
dangerous of all reefs.

Once our civilization has been wrecked, the Red gang plans to loot it, as they
have looted every nation they seize.

In the next chapter, I shall present the fingerprints, footprints, witnesses and
handwriting experts to prove before a jury of my fellow Americans just ‘WHO
these Red ship wreckers, robbers and killers are.

But first, I want to prove THAT THE CAPTAINS OF OUR SHIP OF STATE,

Returning to the coast gangs, a hundred years ago, you can imagine the
additional effectiveness of the crime, if the gangs could install some of their
own criminal members as the captains of the ships approaching the phony

With a fake captain, the unsuspecting ship and crew would have NO chance –
even if some of the navigators began to “smell a rat”.

Any navigator who began to protest too vigorously that dirty work was afoot
could be clapped into irons by the captain, with the full agreement of the other
officers, who could be shown the phony charts. The evidence of dirty work
would be too complex for most other officers and crewmen to see, and they
would be led to believe the captain’s lies, because the captain always has the
phony charts to prove he is right.

That’s precisely what has happened to America’s ship of state.

Men like the great Joe McCarthy were “navigators” who tried to warn the other
officers and crew that the captain and the gang were wrecking the ship.

But the fake captains of our nation have been backed up 1000% by the fake
chart-makers – the press, TV, etc. -and have managed to keep the innocent
victims (the crew and ship) convinced that it was McCarthy who was trying to
wreck America on the rocks, while the crooked captains have been presented as the greatest navigators in the history of the world.

Meanwhile, the same “wonderful” captains have been smashing our ship of
state into one rock after the other, always with brilliant explanations by the
captains, and adoring acceptance of the explanations as the ultimate in
statesmanship, by our crooked chart-makers the press. The American crew
never really has a chance.

Rockwell was describing the situation unfolding in his own country, America, as he saw it, but despite having been written half a century ago, and in relation to a different country, I can’t help but find it strangely prophetic in regards to what is taking place in Ireland right now.

“But…but… I thought the media was fair and impartial, and was supposed to keep government in line. They’ve always told us that themselves.”

From The Times

Concerns have been raised about an “ethically dubious deal” between the government and national newspapers that involves journalists writing positive pieces about the Ireland 2040 plan.

The government’s strategic communications unit arranged for sponsored content to appear in local, regional and national newspapers including the Irish Independent and The Irish Times.

Last week, the cabinet travelled to Sligo to unveil the €116 billion national development plan to prepare for an estimated population growth of one million people over the next two decades. It set out spending plans for infrastructure, transport and housing.

It is understood that a number of journalists at Independent News and Media were asked to write positive news pieces, which could not include negative or critical content.

The rest of the article is behind a paywall, but I think the small extract that is available, makes its point clear. The Irish government has recently unveiled plans, for what it calls “Project Ireland 2040”, which details their goals for the country’s development by the year 2040. On the surface, a lot of the goals seem commendable. Improved services. Improved infrastructure. Development of rural areas. Moving to cleaner and more efficient energy sources, etc. However, there is one part that is cause for alarm.

“In 20 years time, there’ll be an extra million people living in Ireland”.

According to the most recent census, Ireland currently has a population just shy of 4.8 million. A population of that size, cannot produce an additional one million people in just twenty years, just from new births alone. Even when combined with reasonable immigration levels, it can’t possibly produce that many. The only possible way that an increase of that level could occur, is through mass immigration, similar to the rates that are currently being experienced in countries like Sweden and Germany.

And we know how well that has turned out for those countries.

Precedent in other countries has already shown that increased mass migration has resulted in an increase in terrorist attacks, riots, rapes against native women and children, and other forms of violence, which is primarily migrants on natives. There’s no argument against this. It’s just observable reality. Why should Ireland be any different in this regard? How can we expect that somehow it will all work out just fine here, when it hasn’t worked out fine anywhere else? I can say with complete confidence, that if Ireland does go down the same path as other countries in regards to mass immigration, then the same problems will happen here as well. I would bet my own life on that.

And this isn’t even taking into account that Ireland is already experiencing a severe housing crisis as it is. How exactly is Ireland supposed to find housing for an additional one million people, when it can’t even provide enough housing for the population that we already have? It simply can’t be done. All this is going to do is push up the already obscenely high cost of housing even further, because the law of supply and demand dictates that when demand is higher than supply, then the prices will increase.

We have a situation that is going to result in very severe problems for the Irish people in the future. And instead of pointing this reality out, the media is colluding with the government, to keep the truth hidden from us. People are being deceived into going against their own demographic interests, in the name of “tolerance” and “diversity”, and other meaningless buzzwords. It’s all a con. Our so called “leaders” and our “free press” are actively involved in this con, and are working against us.

Exactly as the “Nazi”, George Lincoln Rockwell, pointed out half a century ago.


Peter Sutherland finally passes into Hell, aged 71.

You won’t be missed, you evil piece of shit.

There’s some glorious news today, which coming this early in the year, I hope is a good omen for the rest of 2018. Peter Sutherland, one of the most vile and despicable human beings, that Ireland has ever produced, has finally taken the last breath of his worthless life. I personally have been looking forward to this day for quite some time, but I figured it wouldn’t happen for at least another decade, so this is definitely a pleasant surprise.

That cat is me right now.

I know there’s this whole concept of “do not speak ill of the dead”, but I’ve never understood that. By that logic, we can never speak negatively about Ted Bundy, or Joseph Stalin for example. Just becomes someone dies, doesn’t excuse the type of person they were in life, and Sutherland was not in my opinion, someone that I would call a “good person”.

Peter Sutherland was a leading member of Goldman Sachs, arguably the most greedy and ruthless financial organisation on the planet.  An organisation that makes profit off of the misery of ordinary people. He was a leading voice in promoting the narrative that Ireland had to pay the Anglo Bondholders, one of which was in fact “Goldman Sachs asset Management International”, his own organisation. He didn’t seem to have any problem asking ordinary Irish people to tighten their belts, while our money was stolen from us, in order to reimburse organisations like his for their bad investments.

According to Sutherland, it would be wrong to make Goldman Sachs take the financial hit for making a poor investment, but it was perfectly fine to make his fellow Irish people take the hit, for something they had nothing to do with.

But most importantly of all, Sutherland was a massive shill for globalisation, undermining the national homogeneity of nation states, and importing millions of incompatible savages to the EU, without regard for the consequences for doing so, or for the will of the majority already living here. We’ve seen how that has turned out. Like all the big players behind this goal, he hid behind the guise of “humanitarianism” when promoting it. That it was our obligation to help the poor unfortunate “refugees” desperately fleeing for their lives from their own countries. The fact that he did this while having a leading position in Goldman Sachs, an organisation that profits off of war and asset stripping the third world, is neither here nor there. Apparently, you can still play the part of humanitarian while involved in that sort of thing, and anybody who is suspicious of your true motives, is just a “racist”.

But yeah, I never bought into the narrative that he was just a concerned humanitarian, trying to help the same people that his organisation was making profits off of harming. What I saw was nothing more, than a cold-hearted psychopath, who was cynically preying on the altruism of ordinary people, in order to push a globalist agenda which was beneficial to him and his kind, but not in the interests of the ordinary people that he was pushing it on. As far as I’m concerned, every Irish person who committed suicide due to financial despair in the years since the bailout. Every woman and child who was raped by a Muslim migrant that entered Europe illegally. Every victim of a terrorist attack in Europe that occurred as a direct result of the open borders policies that Peter Sutherland championed. Their blood is at least partially on his hands, and he never showed any sign that he was even slightly remorseful in light of the damage that was done.

And this is why I’m glad this piece of shit is finally dead.

An artist’s rendition of what Sutherland is likely experiencing right now.

The question is, who’ll be next?

*fingers crossed*

The insanity behind the Libyan slave markets.

I’ve noticed recently that a lot of “normies” on social media, have finally caught up on something that those of us who have been paying attention, have been aware of for quite some time already. That is, they’ve finally become aware of the existence of slave markets operating quite openly in Libya, and in typical normie fashion, are virtue signalling about how “appalled” and “outraged” they are, and about how “something needs to be done” about it. Of course, as is to be expected, none of them seem to show any indication that they care to educate themselves as to “how and why” this whole thing has come about in the first place. They just care about how they can exploit it to present themselves as good and virtuous people, who “care” about their fellow human beings.


To really understand what has been going on in this world is to acknowledge the self evident reality of the following statement. Everything of significance that is taking place in the world, when looked at from a purely logical perspective, is completely insane. The events that led up to, and the reaction following the revelation of these Libyan slave markets, is no exception to this rule.

Lets really analyse what actually happened. In October 2011, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, was overthrown after an 8 month long “civil war”, and after having ruled the country for more than 40 years. I use the term “civil war” quite loosely, because in general, a “civil war” refers to a war between citizens of the same country. In the case of Libya, much like in Syria (and which I covered in detail about a year ago), it wasn’t so much a war between fellow citizens, as it was a war between the legitimate Libyan government, and a bunch of terrorists and mercenaries, armed, trained, and financed, by foreign powers which were at odds with the Libyan government, led by NATO.

So the question then becomes, “why were these foreign powers against Gaddafi’s rule?”. The official reason given of course was that Gaddafi was a brutal monster who was oppressing his people and that he needed to be eliminated, so that democracy could be installed. Does that sound familiar? It’s pretty much the same narrative they’ve used with Assad in Syria, or a decade earlier with Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the latter of which, they supported in the 1980s btw when he was fighting against their arch-nemesis, Iran. I guess it doesn’t matter how brutal a dictator someone is, when he’s useful to them. It only becomes a problem when he’s no longer useful. But then again, as I’ve stated time and time again, this is completely obvious, just from looking at the undying support that the West gives to Saudi Arabia, arguably the most barbaric regime on the planet.

Such a great and trusted ally.

The thing is, I’m not even denying that Gaddafi was a dictator, or that democracy was lacking in Libya. What I am saying is that the Western elites, their puppet politicians, and the controlled mainstream media which pushes their agendas with their propaganda, don’t actually care about any of this. If they did, they would never support a country like Saudi Arabia, nor would they have supported Saddam Hussein in the 1980s, just because he was useful at the time. They just cynically use the “we’re liberating the ordinary people and bringing democracy” narrative, as an excuse to push wars and regime changes that promote their real agendas, because they’re smart enough to know that if the general public knew what the real reasons were for these constant wars, they would never support them.

So in regards to Libya specifically, what was the agenda? There are various different agendas that are the motivating factor for actions in the world at any given time, but with Libya specifically, it was opposition (most notably in the US and France) to Gaddafi’s proposal to create a gold backed currency, which would have helped the African people, and threatened the supremacy of the US Dollar and the Euro. That is why he had to go, and that is why people like Hillary Clinton were so happy when he was gone.

Before the war, Libyan people were for the most part, quite well looked after by the Gaddafi regime. Free healthcare, education, electricity, etc. That’s not to say that the country was some kind of paradise on Earth. I have heard it suggested that the standards of healthcare and education were quite poor, and that many of the other entitlements that Libyan citizens could avail of, such as the $50,000 grant given to newlyweds to help them start a family, were a bureaucratic nightmare to claim, but the point is, they existed. Compare the failed state that exists now, were terrorists control large territories, and slave markets exist out in the open, to the country that existed under Gaddafi and ask yourself honestly. Did the Western intervention in the country really improve things?

After Gaddafi’s defeat, and Libya’s descent into failed state status, what has been described as the “biggest refugee crisis since WW2” kicked off. Of course as I’ve mentioned more times than I count, it isn’t technically a refugee crisis, as the vast majority of the so called “refugees” aren’t coming to Europe to escape danger, but instead, coming for economic reasons. Gaddafi himself even warned us that this would happen if he was taken out.

We should have listened.

So these people were attempting to get into Europe anyway, long before the Libyan and Syrian civil wars, but Gaddafi’s regime had always kept them out. However, these wars then became an excuse to justify these migrations, and Angela Merkel only encouraged it further, with her blanket invitation to the entire third world to come live in Europe. The consequences of this migrant crisis have included, but are not limited to:

  • Migrants drowning en route to Europe.
  • Migrants getting enslaved.
  • European women getting raped en masse by migrants who do make it to Europe.
  • Huge riots involving migrants.
  • A massive financial and political strain on the countries dealing with the migrants the most.

So just think about what has happened, what we’ve been told in the media, what we can see going on with our own eyes, and remember my earlier statement in this article in which I said…

“Everything of significance that is taking place in the world, when looked at from a purely logical perspective, is completely insane.”

  • The US and their NATO allies, are aligned with Saudi Arabia, but at the same time, claim they took out Gaddafi because he was a brutal dictator who oppressed his people.
  • Libya went from having some of the best living standards in Africa, to being a failed state because of this, and a country were slavery is practiced openly.
  • Those involved actually try to claim with a straight face, that this was done for the benefit of the Libyan people, and that they’re somehow better off now than they were living under Gaddafi with their free education, healthcare, electricity, etc.
  • Hillary Clinton was heavily involved in causing this, and celebrated what happened, yet was promoted by the media as someone fit to be President of the most powerful country in the world.
  • Obama was in power at the time that it did happen, and his administration (which included Hillary) was largely responsible for what happened. The media treats Obama like a saint, who is above all criticism.
  • Angela Merkel invites the entire third world to come to Europe, which encourages them to make the perilous journey, and results in people either drowning, getting enslaved, or if they do make it, become a heavily resented burden for the ordinary European people. The media celebrates Merkel as a great leader, even declaring her the “leader of the free world”, in light of Trump’s presidential victory.
  • Normies have no understanding of what is actually going on and continue to demand “more refugees” be let into Europe, even though they aren’t fleeing from danger, but are instead fleeing TO danger, by ending up in a situation were there is a good chance they’ll either end up enslaved, or drowned. Normies think they’re doing good by voicing their support like this.
  • These same normies who are so vehemently opposed to what is going on in Libya currently, also tend to support people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who are responsible for causing the mess in the first place, and are either too ignorant to the facts, or too hypocritical to care.

So when you really look at what has happened, how the media tries to spin things, and how normal people react to things, then is it not clear?


Three violent incidents in a two day period.

*sigh*, will the counter ever stop being reset?

So we’re all well aware of what happened in Spain, but apparently Spain wasn’t the only European country to be “culturally enriched” lately. I would just like to offer my heartfelt condolences to *checks sheet of paper*.. ah yes, Helsinki and Berlin. Much like what happened the night before in *checks sheet again*… Barcelona, yes, these are terrible tragedies, but we must not allow them to change how we think. Diversity is our greatest strength afterall, and attacks like these must not divide us. Our diversity is what unifies us. Yes, division equals unity. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

From Times of India

HELSINKI/BERLIN: In two separate incidents of stabbings on Friday, two people were killed and six injured in the Finnish city of Turku, while another man was hacked to death in the western German city of Wuppertal.

The Finnish Police shot one suspect in the legs and arrested him. Security forces wrote on Twitter that police were “looking for other possible perpetrators”.

One killed in stabbing in western Germany, attacker on the run

Police confirmed that one man was stabbed to death and another injured in Wuppertal, adding that the attacker was still on the loose.

Police in Germany said they were hunting for one or more assailants, but could not immediately provide more information about the circumstances of the attack

The stabbing happened at around 1245 GMT in the city’s Elberfeld area.

Both the incidents come a day after 14 people were killed in twin terror attacks in Spain.

You know, I haven’t been posting a whole lot recently, because as I mentioned, I’m somewhat burned out on everything that has been happening. I know that there were a couple of incidents in France recently for example, that I didn’t even bother writing about. The fact is, these sorts of incidents are nothing unusual anymore. They happen on a damn near weekly basis at this point, and if you add in all the other types of “enrichment”, such as acid attacks, rapes, Muslim grooming gangs etc, you’re pretty much seeing multiple events taking place all over Europe every single day. It’s impossible to discuss them all, let alone think of anything original to say about them each time.

However, these three separate attacks all followed closely on the heels of the incident in Charlottesville, when a quote, unquote, “white supremacist”, plowed his car into a crowd of “peaceful counter-protesters”, killing one in the process. I think it makes an interesting comparison to see the reaction in the mainstream media and on social media to the Charlottesville incident, and then to compare it to the reaction to the typical Islamic terror attacks, like the three most recent ones.

First of all, lets just give a little background context as to what was actually going on in Charlottesville. In the past few years in America, there has been this obsession on the far left, with tearing down monuments and symbols associated with the Confederacy, because they consider these monuments to be a glorification of slavery, and therefore consider them to be “racist” and “oppressive”.

george-orwell-1984-every-record-has-been-destroyed-or-falsified-25408969.pngHowever, there are a lot of other people who don’t consider these monuments offensive, but rather consider them a part of their heritage, and are against their removal. People like this are worried about a possible slippery slope occurring. If these monuments are offensive because of their association with slavery, then what’s to stop people from later finding other icons of American history offensive? Afterall, George Washington himself was a slave owner, so whose to say that these unhinged lunatics won’t eventually be calling for Mount Rushmore to be blown up, and for everything named after Washington, including their capital city no less, to be renamed to something “less offensive” and “more inclusive”? Indeed, as this video from Mark Dice shows, some already are making these demands.

So people who actually take pride in their history and their heritage, and who have realised from experience that these hate-filled lunatics will never be satisfied and will only keep pushing for more, had decided that enough was enough, and that they were going to protest against the planned removal of these monuments. So they organised a march to protest this and even went through the proper channels and obtained a permit. However, the city attempted to revoke this permit. This decision was appealed and a federal judge ruled that revoking the permit would be a violation of the protesters first amendment rights, thus over-ruling the decision of the city’s officials.

So many different groups of people, with many different agendas, united by their common interest in preserving the monuments, turned up to this protest. This did indeed include legitimate white supremacists, KKK, and Neo-Nazi types, but with the way American law works, there’s nothing illegal about having any particular political ideology, no matter how offensive it might be. As long as these groups protested peacefully, there was nothing that could be done to them. Many of them did turn up to the protest armed however, and detractors are citing this as “proof” that violence was their goal all along. However, I don’t believe this was the case at all.

Whenever any groups of white people turn up to protest in favour of their group interests, or attend speeches by people who campaign for them, these events are always attended by Antifa and other groups, who have the intended goal of shutting them down, usually employing extreme violence to do so. Indeed, I’ve discussed this sort of thing before, when the gay, half-Jew, black cock obsessed Milo (whose also apparently a Neo-Nazi, white supremacist), was giving a speech in Berkeley, and Antifa rioted against the event. So knowing that violent Antifa thugs were guaranteed to show up and engage in violence as they normally do, does it not make sense to arm yourselves in anticipation? The weapons weren’t brought in order to start trouble. They were brought as a defensive measure, in preparation for when Antifa did.

They do this every single time.

So sure enough, Antifa and other violent leftist groups showed up to the event as counter-protesters. Then the police, most likely under the orders of city officials themselves, made the whole situation worse. As I already mentioned, the city had attempted to revoke the protester’s permits, but was over-ruled by a federal judge. However, even though the federal judge ruled that they were allowed to protest, the police decided half way through that the march was “unlawful” and ordered the protesters to disperse. I’ve even heard it suggested that after ordering them to disperse, that the police deliberately herded the protesters right towards the counter-protesters, were they were free to take cheap shots at them with baseball bats as they walked by. Indeed, video footage seems to confirm this.

Go to roughly 51:44 to see the protesters being marched out single file by the police, past the counter-protesters, and watch as the counter-protesters start throwing things at them and hitting them with bats.

So eventually the violence gets to a point were one of the alt-right guys plows through a crowd in his car, injuring many and killing one of them. As soon as this happened, the media leapt on it and started declaring it a “terrorist attack” immediately. However, can we really be certain that this was the case? Terrorism has a very specific definition. It’s about using violence and intimidation in order to pursue an ideological objective. When a Muslim runs over a crowd of people, yelling “Allahu Akbar” while doing so, it’s obvious that his motivation is ideologically based, and therefore fits the definition of terrorism.

Well, it’s obvious to most people.

The problem is, we can’t be certain that this guy ran over the crowd for ideological reasons, at least not until it is properly investigated. With all the violence and chaos going on, he may simply have done so in a panic, trying to escape from it. Alternatively, maybe he did do it on purpose, but it could have been as a result of road rage, due to the anger he felt from having his car attacked by the counter-protesters. Or maybe it is a genuine terrorist attack and he did so in support of the ideology of white supremacy. The point is, we don’t know yet if it does fit the definition of terrorism, but the media doesn’t care, because they are determined to promote their narrative that “white supremacists” are the most dangerous group of terrorists of all, and in order to do that, they need to have a few examples of white supremacist terrorists.

Anders Breivik was a pretty long time ago by now. They need some fresher examples of white supremacist terrorists that they can cite.

So Trump comes out and condemns the violence and hatred on both sides, and the media goes into hysteria, because he doesn’t condemn “white supremacists” specifically. As far as the media is concerned, condemning both sides equally, when both sides were engaged in violence (and the other side were the ones who started it no less), is the same thing to them as if he had condoned the white supremacists.

So eventually he does come out and condemn white supremacists specifically, and the media still isn’t satisfied, because he didn’t do it quickly enough, or with enough enthusiasm for their liking. This of course is nothing new. Back during the election campaign, they made a big deal about white supremacists endorsing him, and his apparent “refusal to disavow them”, even though he disavowed them constantly.

So lets look at a few of the double standards we’re seeing on display here.

  • Muslims constantly commit terrorist acts in white majority countries. The media tries to downplay them as being due to “mental illness” on the part of the attackers. White guy who may or may not be a white supremacist (for all we know, he’s just someone who wants to preserve the statues), runs over a crowd one time. Media instantly claims that it was an act of terrorism, before the facts are even established.
  • Whenever a Muslim terrorist attack happens, the narrative is always that it’s just a tiny minority who do it, and that it doesn’t reflect Islam as a whole. The media calls for tolerance and understanding towards Muslims, and condemns anyone who speaks out as a “racist” or an “Islamophobe”. White people stand up for their own group interests, peacefully 99% of the time. The 1% of the time were violence does happen and the media condemns every single person with any belief in pursuing white interests, and tars them all with the slurs of “white supremacist” or “Neo-Nazi”, and demands action be taken against them.
  • Antifa and Black Lives Matter, constantly riot and violently attack people, whose political opinions they disagree with. Media downplays them as being “peaceful protests”, and any violence is from a “small minority, which doesn’t represent the movement as a whole”. White nationalists attempt to have a genuinely peaceful protest, get attacked by Antifa, and then fight back to defend themselves from this violence. They’re all violent thugs, and every member of the movement is bad. There are no good people pursuing white interests. They’re all white supremacists, and they’re all automatically violent, just because of their beliefs, even if they don’t commit any actual acts of violence.
  • Hillary/Obama/Bernie Sanders supporters, make up the ranks of Antifa and BLM, and are constantly involved in violence. The media doesn’t demand that anyone of them disavow the support of these groups. Meanwhile the media constantly demands that Trump disavows the support of “white supremacists” (ie, anyone who believes that white people have a right to pursue their own political interests), and as the video above shows, they don’t even listen to him when he does disavow their support anyway.

When you look at the reaction to what happened in Charlottesville, you would think the world itself was ending, and that this is one of the worst things to ever happen. Yet, we’ve seen months of violent riots from Antifa groups, months of violent riots from Black Lives Matter groups, and countless examples of Muslim terrorist attacks, including at least three in the past two days alone, and none of it ever generates even a fraction of the outrage that this Charlottesville incident has. This suggests that Charlottesville specifically holds special significance to the media, and the only logical explanation, is that the reason why it holds special significance, is because of the groups involved.

What people need to understand, is that none of this is an accident, nor is it a case that the media is simply too “politically correct” and cowardly, to address these issues honestly. No, this is completely deliberate and malicious in its intent. The mainstream media in the Western world, does not exist for the purpose of keeping the population informed about what is actually going on. In fact, it exists for the exact opposite purpose.

In reality, our civilisations have been infiltrated by an enemy that wants to exterminate and replace us all. In order to ensure this extermination occurs, it needs to keep us misinformed and asleep to what is actually happening. As long as we’re unaware, we can’t resist. When Muslim terrorists are constantly killing us, it runs the risk of waking us up, so they deliberately try to downplay what is happening, so that we don’t rise up and demand their removal. When white people protest in favour of our group interests, they deliberately send groups like Antifa and BLM to violently shut us down, and then use their control of the supply of information, to pretend that these Antifa and BLM types are peaceful protesters, rather than the vicious thugs that they really are. When white people come together simply to stand up for our own group interests, against the Muslims who are killing us, or the perpetually offended special snowflakes who want to strip us of our history, they create blatantly false narratives about us, claiming that we’re the violent ones, or that we’re the supremacists, simply for defending ourselves. When we elect a leader who campaigns on representing our interests, and actually tries to do what we want, they use their control of the media to constantly attack him, to destroy his reputation, and to pressure him into disavowing us, in the hopes of creating a divide between him and his base of support.

None of this is an accident. Just think about it honestly. Do you really honestly believe that they could be reporting so much wrong, just by mistake, or that it’s just a coincidence that they always just happen to condemn the right-wing white groups, and defend the non-white and the left-wing groups, no matter which side is the one who is actually in the wrong? No, it’s not a coincidence. It’s done on purpose, because the media is nothing more than a propaganda tool that is under the control of a small and hostile minority, that is at war with the ordinary citizens of their countries.

Now, if only we knew just who that enemy could be.











In my most recent post, I discussed the hysterical CNN overreaction to an internet meme that Trump drew attention to by retweeting on his Twitter.  CNN tried (with a straight face) to make the ridiculous claim that the animated GIF of Trump beating up the CNN logo (just the logo, not a specific person), was somehow inciting violence against journalists, and compared it to how journalists are treated in totalitarian regimes, where they’re regularly tortured and murdered, simply for reporting facts that the regime doesn’t like. This was after they had been exposed as liars for continuing to push the Russian hoax, even admitting on camera that they knew damn well that it was complete bullshit the entire time, and after having numerous times supported words and actions that could have been interpreted as inciting violence against Trump. Hypocrisy, thy name is CNN.

Anyway, just when we all thought that CNN couldn’t possibly sink any lower, they have somehow managed to do the impossible, outdo themselves, and sink to even lower depths. Because CNN had their feelings hurt by the animated GIF, they decided to investigate who was responsible for creating it in the first place, eventually tracing it back to a Reddit user by the name of “HanAssholeSolo”. Then they discovered, much to their horror, that this fellow was behind several more anti-CNN posts, with one in particular standing out to them. He had noticed a certain commonality between top figures at CNN and posted this meme.

The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”~ Joseph Goebbels

So HanAssholeSolo was guilty of the most heinous crime of all. He noticed uncomfortable “coincidences” involving Jews, and had the audacity to draw attention to it. Meanwhile, CNN has no problem pointing out that Trump’s cabinet is full of white males.


So it’s OK for them to draw attention to the fact that white males dominate positions of power in Trump’s cabinet, but when someone else draws attention to the fact that Jews dominate positions of power at their organisation, that’s an unforgivable crime that needs to be punished. But what can we expect sure? They’ve already proven themselves to be massive hypocrites with regards to this whole “inciting violence” thing. Is it really unexpected that they’d be massive hypocrites on this issue as well?

So because of this unforgivable crime, CNN used all the resources at their disposal to figure out the true identity of this HanAssholeSolo fellow, and when they did so, they coerced him into making an apology, taking down the memes that he made, and promising not to make any more like them. If he had refused to do any of this, they would have published his personal details, subjecting him and his family to public humiliation, and possible violence in the process. CNN also made it clear in their article on this story that they “Reserve the right” to publish his information, if he goes back on any of this.

Just in case they edit it out of the article later. There it is, a blatant threat.

By the way, though this is unconfirmed, I’ve heard rumours that he’s actually only 15 years old. Can you imagine that? This 15 year old boy posts a funny meme that shows the CNN logo getting beaten up by Trump, and an image that simply points out the truth, that the majority of leading CNN figures are Jews, and these scumbags track him down and try to blackmail him into silence. This is not the actions of a professional and respectable news organisation. These are the actions you would expect from the Mafia.

Unfortunately for CNN, nobody likes a bully, and doing this has resulted in an even bigger backlash than what they already had received. Numerous prominent content creators on YouTube have voiced their disgust over this…

People are mad as hell about this, and so they should be. CNN constantly try to portray themselves of innocent victims of “violent rhetoric” simply for “doing their jobs”, but yet at the same time, they think they have the right to to bully and threaten a teenage boy, simply for exercising his constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech.

This is exactly why Jews have been so despised for as long as history has been aware of them. Just really think about it. We’re always hearing about how Jews have allegedly been oppressed and subjected to violence, anywhere they’ve lived historically, but do you notice how we never hear why? We’re always led to believe that they’re just innocent victims, and that their host nations inevitably turn against them, just because they’re evil and full of irrational hatred for them.




It’s all complete crap. If they had been persecuted or expelled from where they were living once or twice, you might think “OK, lets give them the benefit of the doubt here”. But when they suffered at least 109 expulsions historically (possibly even higher still than that), and after seeing behaviour like this from the CNN Jews, then does it not become obvious, that they’re the ones who are to blame for these expulsions, not everyone else? If this is the kind of behaviour that they’ve always been engaged in historically (and I’m inclined to believe that it is), then their previous expulsions have been well deserved and justified. They work together as a group to promote their own ethnic interests, while at the same time promoting policies that are detrimental to the interests of the majority (conflict with Russia, constant wars in the Middle East, mass third world immigration, anti-white rhetoric etc). Then when attention is drawn to the fact that they’re all Jews pushing these unpopular narratives, they screech like rats and use intimidation to try and silence any criticism against them. They’re pure evil.


Antisemitism is probably at its highest now than any time since WW2. This isn’t because we’ve all suddenly become Nazis. It’s because the truth about the collective behaviour of the Jews is reaching more and more people. Inevitably, the Jews have always managed to push their host societies too far, and ended up receiving a violent backlash in retaliation. This is because whenever they have gotten powerful enough, they’ve always gotten too cocky for their own good, and gotten careless with their decisions. As their controlled mainstream media continues to spiral into irrelevance, they’ve started panicking and lashing out uncontrollably. This freakout over a stupid joke and persecution of the boy behind it, are not the actions of rational people. It is the actions of a desperate and hysterical parasite, that is terrified of their host waking up to their presence. Yet ironically enough, their attempt to hide the truth, may in fact serve to wake more people up to it. Long may they continue to panic, and risk losing everything in the process.

“Trump is inciting violence against the media.”


The “Russia hacked the election” narrative is dead. It was obvious to intelligent people that the whole thing was a hoax, as soon as the media started promoting it. People of average intelligence, started figuring it out in the months that followed, as they failed miserably to produce even a single shred of evidence to back up their claims. Stupid people have finally started seeing through their lies, after the crusading undercover Journalism conducted by Project Veritas, revealed CNN figures admitting on camera that the whole thing was complete crap (videos posted below)…

… and now the only people that remain, that still actually buy into this ridiculous narrative, are the stupidest and most uninformed, drooling imbeciles imaginable. Anyone with any sense, can see this story for the obvious lie that it is.



So what’s the media to do then? They have exposed themselves as liars and charlatans of the highest order, and their credibility is at an all time low. If they had any sense of self-awareness, they would realise that they’re entirely responsible for causing this themselves, and would be taking steps to win back the trust of the ordinary people. So of course, they do the exact opposite instead, and try to find a new ridiculous scandal to talk about in relation to Trump, one which they can run with in place of the now debunked Russian hoax, and boy, it is a stupid one. They’re now making the claim, that Trump is inciting violence against journalists.


So here’s what has happened. Trump has regularly done business with the WWE over the years, and even was involved in a storyline 10 years ago that culminated at that year’s Wrestlemania… their biggest show of the year. As part of the storyline, he got into a (very fake looking) physical altercation with fellow Billionaire, and WWE owner, Vince McMahon.

So people online, having observed Trump’s ongoing war with the fake news mainstream media (of which CNN is probably the most shameless organisation of all), decided to have a bit of fun with this clip, by editing it so that CNN’s logo covered Vince McMahon’s head. Trump then retweeted this edited video.

So the sensible reaction to this would be to laugh it off and take it in good humour as the obvious joke that it is. Instead figures in the media have been acting hysterical, about how this was “disgraceful”, and that by retweeting this video of himself beating up the CNN logo, that Trump is attempting to encourage his supporters to engage in violence against journalists, simply for having the audacity to “keep him in check” and to “ask him the hard questions”. Even though in reality, they’ve already been exposed as liars and that’s the real reason he has a problem with them.

Just look at this video for example…

The CNN talking head is practically foaming at the mouth and on the verge of breaking down in tears at the “scary” and “dangerous” video that he retweeted. It’s absolutely incredible just how personally they’re taking this. He then shows a statement from the news organisation itself, in which they decry how he isn’t using his time to do his job (as if the two minutes or so it took to retweet the video had really made a difference to the amount of work he’s doing), and they condemned him for “inciting violence against reporters”.

I think it’s very hypocritical on their part to accuse him of inciting violence for doing this. Lets really look at this situation fairly.  Just before Trump’s inauguration as president, CNN ran a piece in which they fantasised about Trump and Pence getting assassinated, because due to the way American law works, Obama would have been able to appoint someone to the role in their place. They even made a point of specifically mentioning that this only applied up until that Friday at noon, as if to hint to any potential lunatics watching “If you want to stop him, make sure you do it before then”.

This isn’t an incitement of violence. It’s just journalism.

How about the fact that there was a version of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” play, in which an actor portraying Trump is stabbed to death? not only did CNN defend the play, but their parent company, Time Warner, actually sponsored it.

This isn’t an incitement of violence. It’s just a play.

How about when (former) CNN regular, Kathy Griffin put out a video of herself holding what looked like Trump’s decapitated, bloody head? Yes, she was fired by CNN, but only after the backlash she received for doing so. The firing only took place after the backlash, so there’s no evidence to suggest that they would have done so, if there hadn’t been such an uproar.

This isn’t an incitement to violence. It’s art.

And then how about the time when some lunatic tried to run on stage during a speech Trump was giving, in an attempt to attack him? CNN gave the guy a platform to speak, and treated him as if he was just a political activist, exercising his right to protest.

This isn’t an incitement of violence. It’s just encouraging young people to get active in politics.

So lets summarise here:

  • CNN subtly hints that Trump needs to be assassinated before his inaugeration, in order to prevent another Republican from succeeding him. Not inciting violence against Trump.
  • CNN’s parent company sponsors a play, in which Trump is assassinated. Not inciting violence against Trump.
  • CNN regular Kathy Griffin posts an image of herself holding a representation of Trump’s decapitated head. Not inciting violence against Trump.
  • CNN gives a platform to a lunatic who tried to attack Trump, and treats him like a hero in the process. Not inciting violence against Trump.
  • Trump posts a video, in which he is seen beating up the CNN logo (not any specific person, just the logo itself). “OMG HE’S INCITING VIOLENCE AGAINST JOURNALISTS!!! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!”

Surely I’m not the only one who can see how stupid this whole narrative looks. I think it may actually be even worse than the Russia one. At least that one was complicated enough, that I can actually understand how people might have fallen for it. This though is just completely stupid. The hypocrisy on display is completely self evident. I really think CNN are on the verge of a complete meltdown at this point. They’re just lashing out blindly, trying to see what sticks in their war with Trump. There’s no logic, no planning behind any of it. it’s just hysteria at this point. Long may they continue to humiliate themselves. They deserve nothing less than complete contempt.


“ISIS apologised for attacking us”.

There are only two relevant sides in the Syrian civil war. There is the legal Syrian government, led by Bashar al-Assad. Then there are the terrorist groups, of which, ISIS is the largest and the most infamous. Now we’re all well aware of the kind of atrocities that ISIS have been committing. There are plenty of stories and videos of them beheading western hostages, throwing gay men off the top of buildings, destroying irreplaceable ancient Roman era artefacts, taking women as sex slaves, claiming responsibility for the epidemic of terrorist attacks happening all across Europe, etc. Yet despite all this, Western policy and Western media seems more interested in demonising Assad, a popular, secular, and democratically elected ruler, rather than ISIS, even though Assad is fighting against them. I’ve discussed the stupidity of the narrative surrounding Assad in this post here already.

Now if you have any critical thinking skills, you might ask yourself, “Why is this happening?”. Lets assume that Assad really is guilty of the atrocities that the West claims that he is guilty of (and just for the record, I don’t actually think he is guilty of them at all). Well, if atrocities are the reason why the West is so opposed to him, then surely ISIS have him beat in that regard, even if he really did do all the things that they’ve accused him of. There’s no logical reason to go after Assad for “committing atrocities”, while ignoring the much larger list of atrocities committed by his opponents. If atrocities were the only concern, then the logical thing to do would be to deal with the greater evil (ISIS) first, bring the Syrian civil war to an end, and then when that is done, present any evidence of Assad’s alleged atrocities to the UN Security Council and his Russian allies, and negotiate his removal this way instead.

So when you realise that there is no logical reason behind the “Assad needs to be removed because he commits atrocities” narrative, there must instead be another explanation. One of the explanations I’ve heard put forward is that the west actually supports ISIS, because Assad is allied with Iran (Israel’s greatest enemy), and taking out Assad will help isolate Iran, and therefore strengthen Israel’s position in the region. This theory is also confirmed by Wikileaks. However, you would understandably then ask the question “Why would Israel support ISIS? Aren’t they the enemies of the Jews?”

Well, going by this story taken from The Times of Israel itself, apparently not.

From Times of Israel

Former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon on Saturday said the Islamic State terrorist group in the Syrian Golan Heights “apologized” for attacking an Israeli unit.

“There was one case recently where Daesh opened fire and apologized,” Ya’alon said, using the terror group’s Arabic nickname.

Just think about this logically. Why would ISIS apologise for attacking Israeli forces, if they were enemies of Israel? They fight against the Assad forces in Syria, against Iran, and Hezbollah, all of whom are enemies of Israel. So in other words, ISIS fights the enemies of Israel, but when they accidentally attack Israeli forces, they apologise. I think it’s pretty obvious what this suggests.


This was an apparent reference to a clash that took place near the Syrian border last November, in which IDF troops exchanged fire with members of the Islamic State affiliate. After a brief gun battle, the Israeli military attacked the terrorist group with airstrikes and tank fire, killing four of them.

Wow, they actually killed four of them? That makes a change. Normally, they’re treating their wounds.

Netanyahu himself, shaking hands with one of them. For all we know, this guy may have gone on to murder plenty of innocent people after he was healed.

Israel and much of the Western world considers the Islamic State affiliate in the Syrian Golan Heights, known as the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army, to be a terrorist group. Communication with them is technically illegal under Israeli law, constituting contact with an enemy agent.

“Technically illegal”

It won’t actually matter in practicality though.

Ya’alon was speaking at an event in the northern city of Afula. He was interviewed on stage by Eli Levi, a Channel 10 news correspondent.

His comment about the Islamic State’s apology was made as part of a broader point about Israel’s policy for Syria, which is largely non-interventionist.

LOL, non-interventionist, sure.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 00.03.07Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 00.03.49Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 00.04.19Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 00.05.06

You’re not fooling anyone.

Ya’alon was explaining that Israel carries out strikes against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces in retaliation when spillover fire hits the Israeli Golan Heights.

Golan Heights is actually internationally recognised Syrian territory, that has been illegally occupied by Israel since 1967. If they don’t want to get hit by any “spillover fire”, then they should just hand back the territory that they stole.

Ya’alon’s officer refused to elaborate on how exactly the Islamic State expressed its apology to Israel after the attack. The IDF also declined to comment.

I don’t think we’ll be getting an answer any time soon either. Something tells me that this isn’t the kind of thing he was supposed to say publicly.

Syrian officials have accused Israel of directly aiding the Islamic State and other rebel groups, a claim Jerusalem vociferously denies.

Yet we’re supposed to believe that ISIS just apologised for attacking Israeli forces, because they’re nice guys and didn’t mean to do so.

Lets really analyse the magnitude of what this all means. ISIS have claimed responsibility for pretty much every terrorist attack that has happened in the Western world the past few years. I’m not saying necessarily that they actually are responsible for them all, but the point is that they clearly support them all. Israel, which is supposedly the great ally of the Western world is supporting ISIS, because ISIS is useful to them.

Israel cares more about its own geo-political goals, than about the lives of people lost to ISIS terrorism. In addition to not caring about the atrocities they commit, Israel is also prolonging the Syrian war by supporting ISIS, which therefore prolongs the migrant crisis destroying Europe. While this war is being prolonged, Israeli NGO’s are even helping migrants get into Europe, but not into Israel, because they consider them a cancer. This shows them as the hypocrites they are. Jews have overwhelming influence in the media in much of the Western world (particularly in America), and have been the ones cheerleading for these destructive immigration and warmongering policies. Jews have been the biggest supporters of mass third world immigration to the first world (except in Israel of course). Jews have been the primary promoters of white guilt and stirring up racial hatred against us. They were the primary force behind the scourge of Communism.

Therefore, I think it’s safe to say that when you combine this latest story about them clearly working with ISIS, with everything else, that they are proving the antisemites rights about them. They are proving that they are no friend or ally to us at all. They are in fact the greatest threat facing us. Just think of it this way. They have been expelled from where they were living 109 times that we know of from recorded history. Are we really supposed to believe that all 109 times, that they were just innocent victims of irrational hatred, and never deserved what happened? Or, is it possible that they were causing problems for their host society, and the expulsion was just a backlash against them for all the trouble they were causing? Surely, 109 different groups, separated by both geography and history, can’t all have been irrational, hate filled bigots, right?

Huffington Post were made fools of.

A little under a week ago, I wrote a response post to an article published by the Huffington Post, in which the author, a self described feminist, called for the “temporary” disenfranchisement of white males , supposedly in the name of “equality” and “progress”.

It’s almost too infuriating to be true. And sure enough, it isn’t true at all.

The article attracted a massive backlash online, to the point were the Huffington Post deleted the original article (archived here), and used the original link to the article to re-direct to this response.

Huffington Post SA has removed the blog “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?” published on our Voices section on April 13, 2017.

We have done this because the blog submission from an individual who called herself Shelley Garland, who claimed to be an MA student at UCT, cannot be traced and appears not to exist.


We have immediately bolstered and strengthened our blogging procedures that, until now, have operated on the basis of open communication and good faith. From now on, bloggers will have to verify themselves.


We will hold discussions on putting in place even better quality controls.

In addition, we note the commentary on the content of the blog post and will submit it to the South African Press Ombudsman Joe Thloloe for his analysis of the opinion we carried.


Huffington Post SA stands aligned to the Constitutional values of South Africa, particularly the Preamble of our Constitution which states that: “We the people of South Africa believe that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity.”


We further understand that universal enfranchisement followed a long struggle and we fully support this.

In addition, Huffington Post South Africa is a signatory to and supporter of the South Africa Press Code. We support free expression as limited by the following value as set out in that code.

5. Discrimination and Hate Speech

5.1. Except where it is strictly relevant to the matter reported and it is in the public interest to do so, the media shall avoid discriminatory or denigratory references to people’s race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth or other status, nor shall it refer to people’s status in a prejudicial or pejorative context.

5.2. The media has the right and indeed the duty to report and comment on all matters of legitimate public interest. This right and duty must, however, be balanced against the obligation not to publish material that amounts to propaganda for war, incitement of imminent violence, or advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender or religion, and that constitutes incitement to cause harm.

We apologise for the oversight. We welcome further discussion. Please email

The thing is, I don’t think they were actually sorry at all. This was purely done as a matter of self-preservation. At one point in my response to the article, I made this comment about it.

The more I read on, and see how ridiculous it is, the more I start to think it’s a satirical article, just to annoy people like me. Then again, the Huffington Post really has been terrible in the past, so it probably is real. At the very best, the article might have been submitted by a troll, and isn’t intended seriously, but the Huffington Post still published it, so at the very least, they approve of its message, serious or not.

And it turns out, the article really was satirical in nature. It was actually written by a South African, White man, with the express purpose of proving a point. The idiots at the Huffington Post, so blinded by their hatred of white men, were happy to publish an article that fit their narrative, without any regard for fact checking, discrimination laws, or even if the article was written by a real person. The details behind his motivation for doing what he did can be read here.

Some relevant extracts:

“I just thought you can say almost anything you want . . . not necessarily attacking white men. I think there is a lack of fact-checking in South African journalism. I thought, would it work?




Roodt explained he didn’t target HuffPost specifically and that his main motivation was “the lack of fact-checking in journalism”. He also identified a few stories published by South African media which he believes are inaccurate and which served as his motivation.




He says his blog – which promoted the idea that white men are the cause of a lot of societal malaise and should therefore be denied voting rights – might have been too aggressive or angry. Roodt, however, argues both white and black South Africans tend to generalise about other groups and that these generalisations often go unchecked.




Roodt says he believes the resultant furore might lead to a debate in society about race relations and journalistic ethics. This, he added, was a good thing.

So there you have it. A white South African man creates a fake profile, submits a satirical article to it that is highly discriminatory in its message towards white men, and the Huffington Post happily publishes it, without any regard for the accuracy of the information contained, or the highly offensive nature of it. To think, that there are actually people out there who think this a real news source. It’s nothing more than Buzzfeed tier, garbage of the highest degree.




Anyone who thinks this organisation is trustworthy needs help.

An important announcement…

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, a lot of soul searching if you will, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I was wrong, completely wrong about everything. I look back on this blog, and everything that I’ve written over the past two and a half years. Do you know what I feel? Shame, nothing but shame. I’ve written terrible things, despicable things, filled with irrationality and hatred. However, I realise that it isn’t too late to do the right thing, and so I’ve decided to make a very big change today.

I have come to the conclusion, that the only solution to my moral dilemma, is to covert to Islam, and dedicate my life to complete submission to the will of Allah. It makes perfect sense anyway, seeing as Islam is the inevitable future of all of Europe, so doing this now, while I’m still young, will make the transition a lot easier for me. 1.6 Billion (and counting) people couldn’t possibly be wrong after all. Lets get on the winning team, or get left behind.

You might be wondering, what’s with the sudden change of heart? Well, it’s quite simple really. After all my research, it turns out that they’re right, white people (particularly straight, white, males), really are the source of all evil in the world. The evidence for this is overwhelming. Or rather, evidence doesn’t matter. If my fellow Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics, Feminists, Transgender people, and of course, God’s chosen people themselves, the Jews, all agree that straight white males are to blame for everything bad in the world, then who am I to disagree? Evidence is not necessary. We can just take them at their word. “Evidence” and “reality” are just horrible concepts invented by the straight, white, male, patriarchy, to oppress others. Feelings should take precedence over these concepts.

Not only will I be converting to Islam, but I’ll also be laying off Sweden from now on. It’s a fantastic country, and I think the rest of Europe can learn a lot from them. I long for a day when every country in Europe decides to ethnically cleanse its own population, by flooding it with infinity people from the third world. Diversity is our greatest strength. Someday, Europe will resemble some combination of Africa and the Middle East, and that’s good, very very good. Who needs the native populations of Europe, the descendants of the people who built it, when we can instead have the cultural enrichment of “diversity”? A few terrorist attacks, rapes, and an erosion of European culture, is a small price to pay, for these benefits, benefits which are so vast and obvious, that nobody ever needs to explain what they are.

I want to reassure my readers (all 2 or 3 of you), that this isn’t the end of Methodical Insanity. No, it’s just a new beginning. From now on, the purpose of the blog will be to post my favourite extracts from the Quran, and then discussing what these extracts mean in the modern world. Remember, just because an extract may call for the death of the infidels, that doesn’t mean it literally means death to the infidels. Islam is a religion of peace, no different than any other (except it’s obviously better, hence why I’m converting to it).

Yes today, April 1st, 2017, marks a new beginning in this blog. I hope you are as excited about it as I am.



OMG, I’m actually laughing so hard right now. As I’m sure people have seen, the media has been flooded with stories about an apparent increase in hate crimes, ever since Trump became president. Just check out some of the headlines below that show up in Google searches for the term “increase hate crimes Trump”.


This is a key one in regards to this post.


This is also a key one.



Most of these alleged hate crimes usually end up getting debunked very quickly and appearing on, a few days later. The media never gives as much attention to the debunking of course, as that doesn’t fit the narrative. Therefore, even after they do get debunked, most people still continue to believe that there is some massive epidemic of Neo-Nazi, white supremacists, committing acts of evil against minorities, in the name of Trump.

Anyway, one group that has claimed to be getting targeted a lot as of late, has been the Jews. First of all, there was the story about one of their graveyards getting vandalised. Then there was the stories about how there were dozens of bomb threats being sent to Jewish institutions. The media went into a frenzy over these “antisemitic hate crimes” and started screeching for something to be done to protect the poor innocent Jews, from all the hate they were experiencing (for absolutely no reason of course). Well, the graveyard vandalism, turned out to not be vandalism at all. But sure, the bomb threats were still real, right?


In a previous article about fake hate crimes, I wrote this.

The typical “anti-semitic” hate crime, follows a very predictable trajectory. Usually, a crudely drawn swastika and hate filled message (often poorly spelled for extra effect) are found on the wall of a Jewish business or home. The media goes crazy and starts demanding something be done and there is a big moral panic over the “alarming increase in racial hatred”. A few days pass by and people start asking questions. Suddenly, holes start turning up in the original story, and this causes suspicion. Then the Jew who faked the hate crime is exposed

Well… it has happened.


From BBC

Israeli police say a 19-year-old man with American and Israeli citizenship is suspected of making threats against Jewish institutions worldwide.

Everyone with any understanding of these situations, predicted this would be the case. Lets just look at it logically. There were dozens of bomb threats being called in against these Jewish institutions, and there was never any actual bomb, not even once. A real antisemite wouldn’t waste time with dozens of hoaxes, because they’d know damn well that the only people who would benefit from it, are the Jews themselves, because of the victimhood points it would give them, and the fact that it could potentially have been used as an excuse to crack down on antisemites.

Police arrested the suspect in the south of Israel on Thursday morning over threats against Jewish communities in the US, New Zealand and Australia.

He was detained by Israeli cyber-fraud police, after an inquiry with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

Last month an ex-US journalist was arrested for several of the threats.

Investigators say that 31-year-old suspect’s alleged calls were part of a bizarre campaign against a former girlfriend.

Yeah, that was some black guy who probably had real mental health problems (not the fake kind the media talk about every single time there’s a Muslim attack), who was more than likely just doing a copy-cat crime, after seeing all the attention the previous bomb threats got.

Juan Thompson… just your typical Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, Trump supporter.

In fact, that was almost certainly the point in the first place. Make bomb threats against their own people, give these fake threats massive coverage in the media, and hope for some attention seeking lunatic to copy them, then blame it all on Trump and white supremacy. Too bad it was a black guy who copied it instead.

But Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said on Thursday the latest suspect’s motives are unclear.

^See above. I think I figured out the motive very easily. This is pretty common behaviour for Jews. They seem to have a natural inclination towards paranoia, and are constantly expecting the next persecution to occur, at any time. If they aren’t being persecuted, they invent persecution against themselves instead, either to justify their paranoia, and demand some kind of compensation from the rest of society, or to use it as a weapon against their enemies (Trump in this case).

In one of the threats made against a Jewish Community Center (JCC) on 18 January, a caller is heard saying: “In a short time, a large number of Jews are going to be slaughtered.

“There’s going to be a bloodbath that’s going to take place in a short time.”

I wish I could find the video again. I remember listening to it at the time, and it was blatantly obvious it was a Jew making the threat. The voice was a bit distorted, but even so, you could easily make out the stereotypical, nasally, New York Jew accent.

Imagine this voice, but distorted and making threats.

Doron Krakow, president of the JCC Association of North America, said he was “troubled” to hear the suspect is Jewish, adding that he is “hopeful” that the threats have come to an end.

We’ll just have to see. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other Jews who were involved as well.

Investigators say the Israeli teen used camouflage technologies to disguise the origin of the dozens of calls.

“He didn’t use regular phone lines. He used different computer systems so he couldn’t be backtracked,” Mr Rosenfeld said.

Very clever. Just not clever enough, it seems.

In the US, more than 120 hoax bomb threats have been made against Jewish schools, synagogues and cultural centres since earlier January, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

And the media was having a frenzy, blaming Trump and Trump supporters for it.

There have also been at least three vandalism attacks made against US cemeteries in recent months.

At least one of which we know was caused by mother nature. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other two were vandalised for real though… but by Jews.

The teen is also suspected of making threats against Delta Air Lines, forcing a plane to make an emergency landing in 2015 in order to be searched for explosives.

Israeli’s minister of public safety Gilad Erdan congratulated the police for the arrest.

“We hope that this investigation will help shed light on some of the recent threats against Jewish institutions, which have caused great concern both among Jewish communities and the Israeli government,” he said in a statement.

There is a court order in place preventing the media from reporting the man’s name.

But not his ethnicity ^_^

He will be held under arrest until 30 March, the court ruled.

According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the army had refused to draft him on personal grounds, after determining that he was unfit for service.

Probably mentally unfit from the sounds of it.

A reported spike in anti-Jewish incidents led to criticism of the Trump administration, with some saying they did not react quickly or forcefully enough to the hate threats.

Which was the whole point. Fake hate crimes against themselves, then use it as an excuse to criticise Trump. It was so predictable. As soon as I heard about bomb threats being sent to Jewish institutions, I knew a Jew was behind it, just from previous cases.

Last month, the White House denounced the threats and rejected “anti-Semitic and hateful threats in the strongest terms”.

But that damn antisemite, Trump, didn’t denounce them quickly enough. Sure, didn’t you hear that Trump is apparently a Holocaust Denier , just because he didn’t specifically mention the Jews by name, in his speech commemorating the suffering of Holocaust victims? He still acknowledged that it happened of course, but just talked about all “the people” who had suffered, rather than “the Jews”. What a horrible monster he is.

Earlier this month the Department of Homeland Security condemned the “unacceptable and disturbing rise in the number of apparent hate-inspired attacks and harassment against individuals and communities”.

It pledged to provide “support to groups affected by these incidents to enhance public safety”.

And of course, in order to provide this support, they need more funds from tax-payers, and draconian hate speech laws implemented against people who dare criticise the Jews in any way. If they don’t get this money, and these laws, we might see more fake hate crimes being committed.