Dundalk rampage killer was an asylum seeker.


It’s hard not to feel like Cassandra sometimes, cursed as I am with the ability to see horrifying (but accurate) prophecies of things to come, or in my case, the ability to use pattern recognition, as a predictor of future events, and to understand the relationship between “cause” and “effect”. In fairness, in a world where the majority of people deny basic reality, in favour of believing in their feelings instead, they may as well be the same damn thing.


Almost a year to the day ago, I wrote a post about how Ireland was finally following in the footsteps of other European countries and would begin taking in migrants as well. I didn’t think this would turn out well and I criticised the decision. In fact, my closing statement in that post was this.

I’m just going to call it right now. We’ve seen countless problems occurring all over Europe as a result of this migrant crisis. Terrorism, rapes, all kinds of random violence. Why should we expect that Ireland will be any different? No, we’re going to eventually see similar problems here if they keep this up. The numbers are insignificant right now, but eventually, there will be enough of them for there to be an impact. I really hope that I end up being wrong on this one, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

And sure enough here we are a year later, and this happens.


An 18 year old “Asylum Seeker” from Egypt, by the name of “Mohammad” arrives in the country and just a few days later goes on a rampage of seemingly random violence, killing one, and injuring two others. It’s the same story we’ve seen play out numerous times in France, Britain, Germany, Sweden, and many other European countries, over the last few years and just as myself and many others predicted, we’re now seeing it happen here as well.

Straight away, the mainstream media jumped to dismiss terrorism as a motive.


But this is inaccurate reporting. The Gardaí are still investigating the incident and have simply made a statement that they have founds no links to terrorism, so far in the course of their investigation.


That doesn’t automatically mean that it’s not a terrorist attack, because even if he has no connection to any terrorist organisations, he could just as easily have been a “lone wolf”, radicalised by the internet, in a mosque, or even just from his own reading of the Quran.

Do you really need to have any “links” to terrorism in order to  become one yourself, if this is sort of things you believe in?

I’m not writing this post to gloat about “being right”, because quite frankly, this is not a topic that I wanted to be right about. Like most people of my generation, I grew up believing in the whole “diversity is our strength” narrative, and that multiculturalism would work out perfectly fine. I really wanted it to as well because I never cared about a person’s skin colour, accent, geographical origin, religious beliefs, or anything else along those lines, that made them different. However just because I wanted things to work, doesn’t mean that I was willing to ignore reality and pretend that it was. I couldn’t ignore the increase in acid attacks, rapes, child grooming gangs, terrorism, and other forms of violence that has been occurring in Europe as the demographics change. Pattern recognition is not evil. It’s something we’re biologically hardwired to do because it helps keep us alive.

“Sure every Lion we’ve encountered so far kills and eats us. But it would be wrong to notice a pattern there. That would be Lionphobic.”

I had to accept that the multicultural project was failing miserably and I changed my views accordingly. When I predicted a year ago that Ireland would inevitably start seeing problems with migrant violence, I didn’t do so with the hope that I would be right. I just knew that it was going to happen no matter what.

And unless we learn from what has happened and start taking the right preventative steps, it’s going to keep on happening.


“Europe ‘needs’ migrants to survive”

I really feel as if the time period that we’re living in now is the kind of time period were events of significant historical relevance are unfolding in real time. This is a time period that historians will study in detail. That numerous books will be written about. That children will study in school, etc. Or at least, that would be the case, except for one thing. In order for that to happen, there would have to actually be a future, something I find myself doubtful about. How can we expect historians to study the time period that will be known as “The Death of Western Civilisation”, when the rest of the world will inevitably die with it? Because when the architects of Western civilisation are inevitably replaced by people who have proven themselves incapable of ever building a civilisation of their own, then how can we expect the very concept of civilisation itself to survive?

From Politico

The European Union needs to “create legal ways” for migrants to come to Europe as the Continent “will clearly need immigration in the coming decades,” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in an interview published Tuesday.

You heard it right there folks. Even though an estimated 800 million jobs will be lost to automation by the year 2030 , the EU will still apparently need immigration from the kind of migrants who will only ever be capable of doing the kinds of jobs that are most likely to be made obsolete in the near future. Lets not fool ourselves. These aren’t doctors, engineers, and computer programmers that are flooding into the continent. The majority of them are illiterate in their own languages, let alone, the languages of the countries they are arriving in.  There’s not a chance in hell that these people will ever be able to contribute in any real way. Why exactly does Europe “need” people doomed to a life on welfare, in order to survive?

Without these low IQ retards to live on welfare, Europe will not survive apparently.

“We have to provide those who want to come and are able to come, and whose situation makes it possible for them to come, with legal paths to get to Europe,” Juncker told German broadcaster Deutsche Welle. “I believe that if we don’t offer legal ways of emigrating to Europe, and immigrating within Europe, we will be lost.”

Notice how he doesn’t actually explain why exactly he thinks Europe will be lost, without mass third world immigration? He just wants us to take him at his word. Funny isn’t it how Europe not only survived, but thrived for centuries without mass third world immigration, but now it’s apparently an issue for some vague and unexplained reason.

Juncker also said that if migrants “who are, generally speaking, the poor and needy, are no longer able to enter the house of Europe through the front door, they’ll keep making their way in through the back windows.”

See? He isn’t even bothering with the “they’re refugees fleeing war” narrative anymore. A narrative I pointed out was bullshit at least two and a half years ago. They always were just economic migrants coming to Europe for a better life, at our expense. Can anyone give any justification for why European people should put up with the increase in rapes, terrorism, riots, financial burdens, etc., that these people bring with them, when it has been outright admitted that they’re coming here purely for economic reasons. How can anyone reasonably justify this?

The Commission president also said he was shocked by reports from Libya of people being sold as slaves.

LOL, who could have possibly predicted that North African Muslims, would ever engage in slavery?

ARABS AND SLAVERYbarbary-slave-tradecaptured-victims-barbary-coastimage-127main-qimg-1a1f5387e90d32b3966903457a72eafb-cmain-qimg-5a752cf091ebf367ee9d84ef77b2ad3d-cmanhuntmaxresdefaultwhite-slaves

I guess this guy never heard of the Barbary Slave Trade, which wasn’t stopped until Europeans put an end to it. All that’s happening now is that they’re going back to their normal ways. Oh and the Barbary Slavers took European slaves too btw. You can be sure that these modern successors will do the same thing as well, if ever they get the opportunity.

“I can’t sleep easy when I think about what’s happening to those people who went to Libya to try and improve their lives, only to find themselves in hell,” Juncker said.

I personally have no sympathy at all for them. After seeing what the ones who do successfully make it to Europe have done when they’ve gotten here…

…I’m really finding it hard to sympathise with them for “finding themselves in hell”. They willingly chose to leave their countries, hoping to invade Europe and live off the productivity of the European people. They got themselves into this mess because of their own greed and idiocy, so I don’t care what happens to them.

This week, the fifth African Union-EU Summit takes place in Ivory Coast, at which leaders from the two continents will discuss the issue of migration from Africa to Europe.

They won’t ask the ordinary native European people what we want done of course. They’ll just make their own decision on the matter and force it on the rest of us, regardless of how we feel.

“It’s racist for white people to mate with each other.”


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. All this talk about “white privilege”, “white supremacy”, “white racism”, etc., it isn’t motivated by a desire for justice or equality, on the part of those who speak about it. It’s purely based on a vicious and genocidal hatred towards us. They don’t want to be equals with us. They want to exterminate us, and we’ve seen perfect examples of the future in store for us in Zimbabwe since Mugabe came to power, South Africa post-apartheid, and Haiti back in 1804.

This is what they actually want.

And then after they’ve exterminated us and there is none of us left, they’ll be standing on our graves, cursing the fact that we ever existed at all. We only have two possible options. Total victory, or total annihilation. There is no middle ground. There is no compromise. How can we possibly expect to find common ground with an enemy that wants nothing less than our complete destruction?

This is an actual piece of “art” that was celebrated.

For a long time, this enemy was subtle. We’ve spent the last few decades grovelling for forgiveness for imaginary crimes, all while they have taken more and more ground in their war against us. We couldn’t see the truth because we were too busy wallowing in our own guilt and desperately trying to make amends. “Yes take my ancestral homeland. Take my resources. Blow up my countrymen. Rape my daughter. Just please don’t call me racist”, and for a long time this actually worked. However, they gradually pushed too far, too fast, and as the Brexit result, the Trump election victory, and the rising popularity of “far right” political parties all over Europe has shown, a backlash has been happening. Now our enemy is in panic mode, the mask has slipped, and rather than maintaining composure and continuing to play the long-game, they’re lashing out, and exposing themselves as the vicious, genocidal maniacs that they always were.

From New York Post

A City University of New York sociology professor reportedly said in a tweetstorm last week that “the white-nuclear family” promotes racism, prompting a backlash on social media.

There you go. This woman literally made the claim that the “white-nuclear family promotes racism”. In other words, she’s saying it’s wrong for white people to marry other white people and to have white children together, because this is racist. She’s literally saying that our continued existence is racist. Therefore is it not obvious what the solution is? We have to stop existing in order to put an end to racism.

But of course, “white genocide” is just a crazy, far right conspiracy theory, that only far-right, Neo-Nazi, white supremacists, believe in. It doesn’t matter that it’s blatantly out in the open. It’s still just a crazy conspiracy theory.

“Just because this is actually all happening, doesn’t mean that white genocide is real.” ~ The logic we’re expected to believe.

Jessie Daniels, described as an expert on “the Internet manifestations of racism” on her CUNY page, infuriated social media users after reportedly saying that white families promote racism by default.

They misspelled “CUNT page”.

Jessie Daniels. Strange, she looks “white” to me. Why would this “white” woman, have such an attitude towards her “fellow white people”? Hmm, this seems suspicious.

The professor began her argument saying she learned that “the white-nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy,” adding that that families “reproducing white children” are “part of the problem” as they facilitate white supremacy in the country, Campus Reform reported.

White people having children promotes white supremacy. Therefore white people need to stop having children, or if they must, they should make a point of having mixed race children only. Who cares if the person they fall in love with is another white person? Who cares if they want to have children who look like them? They have to either forego reproduction, or mate with people of other races, or else Jessie Daniels will call them racist. Of course, it’s still perfectly acceptable for black people to have black children, Asian people to have Asian children, Latino people to have Latino children, etc. This rule only applies to white people.

She reportedly tweeted: “I mean, if you’re a white person who says they’re engaged in dismantling white supremacy but … you’re forming a white family (and) reproducing white children that ‘you want the best for’ – how is that helping [and] not part of the problem?”

I would ask how is it causing a problem, but we all know that we won’t actually get an answer to that question, because then she would have to admit the truth, which is that as far as she is concerned, white people existing at all is the problem.

She reportedly ended her arguement suggesting that “white people” should confront their racism and stop perpetuating inequality by leaving their homes for their children.

“Until white people are ready to confront their own family’s racism (and) participation in systemic white supremacy, it’s not getting dismantled,” she wrote. “Beyond just calling out interpersonal racism, white people who want to be engaged in the work need to ask themselves about housing wealth.”

She added: “White people: do you own your home? When you die, where’s wealth in that house going? If it’s to your children, you’re reproducing (inequality).”

Yes you horrible white people. How dare you work hard, make responsible decisions, and end up owning a home of your own? It doesn’t matter how you obtained the wealth to own that home. The fact that you own it at all is an example of “inequality”. You have no right to pass that home that you worked hard to buy, on to your own children. That wealth needs to be shared with minorities who have less, even if they only have less wealth because of their own laziness, stupidity, and general incompetence.

Don’t worry ma’am. We’ll find some guilt ridden white sucker to leave their hard-earned wealth to you, instead of their own children.

The professor locked her account in response to the criticism. Fox News reached out to the professor and the university early Tuesday and did not receive an immediate response.

She obviously wasn’t prepared to defend her statements. People like this aren’t used to talking to people. They’re used to talking at people, and when people start talking back, they can’t handle it.

Anyway, as I was saying before, I just can’t understand this mentality. Why would a “white” woman say such vicious and hateful things towards other white people? It just makes no sense to me that a “white” person could possibly hate their own race so much, to the point that they would like to see them go extinct. What could possibly be the explan…

Oh. Why am I not surprised?








Is this Britain or Sweden?

We’re all familiar by now with Sweden’s problems with regards to sexual violence. However, just because Sweden is an exceptionally bad case, it doesn’t mean that they’re going it alone. Plenty of other countries are in the process of playing catch up with them. Today’s story from the soon to be known as “United Caliphate”, really sounds like the kind of thing that would give Sweden a serious run for its money.

From Telegraph

A 17-year-old girl was sexually assaulted three times by three separate men within an hour in an “unprecedented” and gravely traumatising ordeal.

It’s truly disgusting, that it isn’t safe for young women and girls to walk home at night, without the risk of getting sexually assaulted on the way. One such attack is awful enough. The fact that this girl experienced three separate incidents, from three different men, all on a single night, is absolutely shocking. There’s always going to be scum who engage in sexual violence, no matter where you go, but this sort of thing is completely unnatural in what is supposed to be a first world, civilised society.

The teenager was walking home from a nightclub in Tower Hamlets, east London, when she was targeted by the men in quick succession.

Tower Hamlets?

Why does that term sound familiar to me?

Oh, of course. Why am I not surprised?

The local authority announced on Friday that it was investing £3million to put an additional 19 officers on the streets in the crime-ridden borough after losing almost 200 officers in seven years due to government cuts.

Yes, just keep throwing money at the problem, in the hopes that it will go away, without the root cause having ever been dealt with. The crack is getting bigger, and you’re running out of paper to cover it over. You need to acknowledge the real problem, while you still have a chance to deal with it. It’s not as if people can’t see what it is. You just don’t want to admit that it’s a problem.


Police said there was absolutely no link between the “opportunistic” attacks on the teenager, two of which were described as very serious, possibly rape. The third suspect may have been part of a group.

I doubt there was any link between them at all. They just behaved in the way that comes naturally to them, and that doesn’t require any organisation or cooperation. They saw an “infidel whore” walking the streets, not dressed modestly enough for their standards, unaccompanied by any male family member, and they treated her in the same way they’d treat any other woman in such a scenario.


The victim, who is a student, was so deeply traumatised that her memory was affected. Officers fear she may have been drugged.

I can’t blame her for possibly repressing her memories of what happened. I only hope that if the memories do start to resurface, that she gets the help and support that she needs to get through it, rather than having to face it alone.

It is hoped that the men will be identified by CCTV images, one of whom in particular – the second suspected attacker –  is clearly pictured.

The Orwellian surveillance state might finally come in useful for something other than arresting people for so called “hate speech” on social media.

Oh wait, probably not, because whenever Muslims commit sex crimes in the UK, they usually get a slap on the wrist instead.

…and that’s why their victims didn’t matter enough to deserve real justice.

The girl’s ordeal began shortly before midnight on Friday September 29. She had spent the evening at a club with friends but became separated from them and was trying to make her way home.

She was seen on camera at around 11.55pm being carried down Cambridge Heath Road in Hackney by the first suspect.

The pair are then seen appearing to go into a doorway, after which the man, who was wearing dark clothing, is not seen again on camera. Items of the top half of the girl’s clothing were subsequently found nearby.

We’re always hearing about an alleged “rape culture” in the west, where rape is normalised and trivialised. Well I don’t think we have a homegrown one, but we’re sure in the process of establishing one right now.

Shortly after midnight, another CCTV camera captures the girl stumbling down nearby Mint Street being followed by a different man, suspect two, on a racing bike.

Police believe the bearded man followed her as she turned the corner and headed in the direction of Bethnal Green train station.

“Bearded man”

Is that really the best description they can give? Surely there are other details they can release about this guy’s physical description. Of course, we know the real reason that they won’t.

“OK young lady. We understand that the suspect had a beard, and that’s all we have to go on. Do you think you can pick out your attacker from this line-up? Was it this man?”
“… or perhaps this man?”


“…or maybe this man?”
“… or perhaps this is the guy. Don’t worry, they’re behind a one-way mirror, so they can’t see you.”


The images indicate that the man then directed her into an area set back from the street where they remained for a period of time. The CCTV then shows the suspect walking away.

The girl, whose clothing appears dishevelled, emerges shortly afterwards and continues down Corfield Street.

Just minutes later, at around 12.45pm, detectives believe the victim was attacked a third time, possibly by two or three men.

CCTV captures a third suspect walking down the street, possibly joined by two others who can be seen in the distance under some trees.

The man appears to bend down towards a spot on the kerb, between two parked cars, and is believed to have seriously assaulted the teenager.

This level of depravity is almost hard to process as being real. A few years ago, I never would have expected to be reading something like this. But this is Europe in 2017, and if the signs are anything to go by, then 2018, 2019, 2020, etc., are only going to be even worse for this sort of thing. We’re rapidly heading to a stage were women will have to cover themselves up, and not go outside alone anymore, for their own safety, just like how it is in the Middle East and North Africa. Can anyone honestly say that they don’t think we’re heading that way? There is no magical soil in Europe, which causes people who walk on it, to adopt European values. European values were created by European people. When the European people are replaced by non-European people, our values will be replaced with us.


He is then seen walking away on his own. He has a distinctive gait which gives him the appearance of walking unevenly and perhaps being slightly bow-legged.

Well that’s a better description than “bearded man”, I guess.

A member of the public then spotted the victim lying on the ground in distress and called 999.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said such a string of completely random attacks was “incredibly rare” and that detectives investigating the alleged crime had not seen anything like it in careers spanning more than 20 years.

Oh get used to it detectives. You’ll be seeing a lot more cases just like it in the coming years. I can guarantee it.

Detective Inspector Suzanne Jordan, from the Met’s Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command, (CAS0) added: “This is a horrific multiple sexual assault on an young female who was simply making her way home after a night out. We would like to thank the members of the public who intervened to help her and possibly prevented her ordeal from continuing even further.

“We believe two of the three were very serious sexual assaults indeed, and are determined to catch the persons responsible for these hideous crimes. I would urge anyone who recognises either male in these images to contact us as a matter of urgency.

“We’d also like to speak to any witnesses who haven’t already come forward, or anyone with any information at all however insignificant they believe it might be – it could prove crucial to progressing our enquiries.”

“But whatever you do, don’t say anything that could be interpreted as ‘hate speech’, or else we’ll have to arrest you too.”


John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, said: “I was shocked and appalled by this terrible attack. My thoughts remain with the victim and her family at this difficult time and the council is supporting the police in their ongoing investigations.”

Yes, it’s very shocking because as we all know, Islamic cultures are renowned for their respect for women’s rights. The only possible explanation is that three white, British men must have traveled into the Muslim majority Tower Hamlets, and attacked that girl, with the hope of framing the Muslim community for it. It’s the only possible explanation that makes sense to me.

The council announced that it was ploughing in funds from its reserves to bolster its police force by 19, taking the total number of council-funded officers in the borough to 39.

Mr Biggs said: “The Government might think cutting police budgets is acceptable but we do not. Tower Hamlets is committed to working with and investing in the police to protect residents.”

A better way to protect the residents would be to stop importing incompatible people from completely alien and hostile cultural backgrounds, who have no business being in the country, and having them live among them. I’m still waiting for an explanation as to how mass Islamic immigration has been a net positive to European countries.

Tower Hamlets, which has the highest volume of anti-social behaviour calls to the police in London, has lost 23 per cent of its force in seven years.

The additional officers the council has pledged to fund over the next three years will be tasked with tackling crime and anti-social behaviour as well as acid attacks, drug dealing and violent crime.

A spokeswoman said she believed more and more councils would be forced to fund their own officers in order to future-proof themselves against government cuts to the police budget.

At the rate things are going, law and order will eventually collapse, and we’ll be seeing a “Lord of the Flies” type scenario occur. I’m not optimistic about the future at all.


Germany: Syrian refugee from Ghana rapes woman.

Nature Reserve Rapist May Have Struck Before
“Who would have ever expected this ‘Syrian Child’ would do something like this.”

Guys, you’re not going to believe this, but apparently a woman was raped in Germany recently. Most shocking of all, rather than a native German man being to blame, the suspected rapist is actually  a “refugee” who entered Europe after desperately fleeing for his life from the brutal Syrian civil war, currently destroying his home country of Ghana. This is so shocking because as we all know, men from the third world have the utmost respect for women, and would normally never dream of raping them. This sort of thing has never happened in Germany before. The only explanation that I can think of is some kind of racist conspiracy, motivated by Nazis who have an irrational hatred towards him for the colour of his skin. It’s the only explanation that makes sense to me.

Our ancestors must be spinning in their graves seeing how much we’ve done to piss away everything they worked hard to give us.

From Metro UK

A failed asylum seeker has called a woman he is alleged to have raped in front of her boyfriend a ‘prostitute’.

“Failed” yet still in the country, roaming free and able to attack people anyway. Why wasn’t he kept in detention as soon as his asylum application failed, in preparation for his deportation? Simple, because Germany, just like every other country in the Western World, is at war with its own people, and don’t care when they’re attacked by monsters like this.

Eric X, from Ghana, was in court on charges of aggravated rape and predatory blackmail.

If only his asylum application had succeeded. He would probably be working hard right now, curing cancer, building time machines, and paying taxes that would go towards the pensions of elderly German retirees. Instead he was rejected by the country he wanted to contribute to so badly, and he had no other choice, but to rape this woman.

It is alleged that he used a tree saw to slash open a tent where the couple were sleeping in a nature reserve near Stuttgart and demanded money shortly after midnight on April 2.

They handed over €6 and a music box before he saw the 23-year-old woman. He shouted at her ‘Come you bitch. I want to fuck you’.

What a charming man.

He then dragged her out of the tent, threatening her with the saw, preventing the boyfriend from being able to help her.

I bet the boyfriend must feel like the most pathetic wimp imaginable, and so he should as well. I can understand that situations like this can be scary, but the fact that he wasn’t even brave enough to try to protect his girlfriend, when he could have easily at the very least attacked him from behind while he was distracted trying to rape her, is just pathetic. They were camping for fuck sake. He could have easily picked up a rock or branch and cracked him over the back of the head with it, even if he was too frightened to attack him head on.

Unfortunately, all the real German men died off during WW2.

It is alleged that he then lay a blanket on the floor before raping the woman with the saw close by.

The saw was just “close by” rather than actually in his hands. And the boyfriend meanwhile was sitting nearby, too scared to do try and do anything to stop the attack.

Eric X’s lawyer Martin Moersdorf ordered him to be silent, but he shouted in court: ‘Why should I remain silent, about a case where I don’t know anything about?’

The court heard that CCTV showed he left an asylum shelter, where he has tried to set fire to his cell and has attacked guards, at 7.58pm and did not return until 3.06am.

It’s absolutely incredible really. Why was such a violent creature allowed to roam the streets freely?

He shouted: ‘This is not the truth. This is a trick of the court. A trick question.’

When DNA evidence found on the victim was presented to the court, again he shouted: ‘If the girl claims she has been raped, she must be a prostitute. All who help her in the lie are filthy people.’

Merkel’s policies are responsible for bringing animals like this into Europe, and yet she won another election anyway. This is why I have lost all faith in the world.

Lawyer Gudrun Roth, who represents the 23-year-old student, said that it is ‘always a slap in the face, if someone who has experienced such a thing is mocked even further.’

Both of the victims are currently receiving psychological care.

Eric X arrived in Europe after crossing the Mediterranean Libya. Before he arrived in Germany, he stayed in the Italian capital of Rome and the city of Salzburg in Austria.

He escaped the brutal civil war in Ghana. Then he escaped the brutal civil war in Libya. Then the brutal civil war in Italy. Then the brutal civil war in Austria. Finally, he arrived in Germany, the first country with adequate welfare safety levels, only to have his asylum request rejected. He’s the real victim here.

A few years before moving to Europe, he claims that he killed his brother-in-law in a dispute about the inheritance of a family member in Ghana.

This, combined with his lack of education and dire future prospects, are the main reasons why he chose to migrate to Europe in 2014, according to the psychiatric report.

So when you you read a story like this, what do you suppose is the lesson we’re supposed to learn from it?

A) That Europe is committing suicide via mass third world migration and needs to start closing its borders, before it’s too late.

B) That we need to accept even more asylum applications, no matter how frivolous, in order to prevent rejected asylum seekers from taking revenge.

C) We need to to make more German women aware of the existence of temporary tattoos of the word “No”.

D) Story? Lesson? What story? What lesson? I have no idea what you’re talking about you terrible racist you. I’m too busy reading up on important issues, such as the latest gossip about the Kardashian/Jenner family, to care about meaningless stuff like that.

If you answered “D”, then good job. You’ve earned a gold star. If you answered “B” or “C” then you’re on the right track. You don’t earn a gold star this time, seeing as you’re still paying too much attention to things, but keep up the good work, and you’ll get there eventually. If you answered “A”, then I’m sorry, that’s incorrect. Please report to the Ministry of Love, Room 101, so that we can help cleanse you of that “wrongthink”.



A Tale of Two Cities.


Wow we had a pretty quiet few weeks there for a while. I was starting to think that integration efforts had finally succeeded, and that terrorism would now be a thing of the past. Well actually no, I didn’t really think that at all, because I’m not a naive idiot with a complete inability to understand the relationship between cause and effect. The only thing that surprises me is how long it has been since anything notable has happened. Must be a good three weeks or so. I guess that’s why we had to get three incidents in a single day. Got to make up for lost time and try to maintain the average of one per week.

Something tells me that the tree has grown a lot bigger in the time since this photo was taken.

From Evening Standard

Police have launched a terrorism investigation after an explosion on a Tube train at Parsons Green station on Friday morning.

The blast sent a “shot of flames” through the packed rush hour train, injuring 29 people.

Commuters described mass panic as people fled from the train and platform out of the south west London station.

Here is everything we know about what happened so far:

  • The blast happened at 8.20am on Friday on a train at Parsons Green station, on the District line route between Earl’s Court and Wimbledon in south west London.
  • Witnesses said the Tube train had pulled into the station and the doors had just opened when the explosion went off in the last carriage. Passengers described a “heat wave” and “wall of flame”which was sent through the carriage.
  • The British Transport Police, Met armed police and officers, firefighters and paramedics from the London Ambulance Service attended. Six London Fire Brigade crews and 50 firefighters were sent to the scene within three minutes. The first ambulance crew arrived within five minutes.
  • Around two hours after the suspected attack, Scotland Yard declared it a terrorist incident. A counter-terror investigation was launched.
  • The Met confirmed the blast was an “improvised explosive device” which had been detonated. Photos on social media show what appears to be a bucket, wrapped in a Lidl carrier bag, with wires protruding from it.
  • 29 people in total were injured. Nineteen people were taken to hospital by paramedics and the others arrived at hospital themselves. Eight people were discharged from hospital at around 4.30pm.
  • Police said most of the injuries are believed to be flash burns. None of those injured are thought to be in a serious or life-threatening condition. The injured are in hospitals across London including Imperial, Chelsea and Westminster, Guy’s and St Thomas’ and a Parsons Green urgent care centre.
  • Officers said they are working with intelligence agency MI5.
  • The suspect believed to be behind the blast has not yet been found and no arrests have been made.
  • The District line was suspended between Wimbledon and Edgware Road.
  • Prime Minister Theresa May is to chair an emergency Cobra meeting later on Friday. She said: “My thoughts are with those injured at Parsons Green and the emergency services who, once again, are responding swiftly and bravely to a suspected terrorist incident.”
  • Firefighters also helped evacuate 253 people from a train which was not involved in the explosion, but which had been stopped on tracks nearby.
  • The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, will also join intelligence and security officials for the Cobra meeting. In a statement he said: “Our city utterly condemns the hideous individuals who attempt to use terror to harm us and destroy our way of life. As London has proven again and again, we will never be intimidated or defeated by terrorism.
  • The Met Police and Theresa May has responded to a tweet by President Donald Trump, rebuking his speculation. The US leader said: “Another attack in London by a loser terrorist. These are sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard.” The PM said: “I never think it’s helpful for anybody to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation.” The Met said his comments were “unhelpful” and “pure speculation”.
  • The public has been warned to expect an “enhanced police presence” on Friday.
  • Police have cordoned off and evacuated an area of 50 metres in radius around Parsons Green station, including residents’ homes while officers secure the DIY explosive device.
  • Anyone with any information is asked to call detectives on the hotline 0800 789 321. Anyone with any pictures from the scene is urged to send them to www.ukpoliceimageappeal.co.uk.

Something tells me that we won’t be seeing London’s Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan being hounded by the media to condemn this act of violence, in the same way that Trump was hounded by the media to condemn the violent “white supremacists” of Charlottesville. Yes, I’m aware that he apparently has condemned it, but sure Trump condemned what happened in Charlottesville too, and it still didn’t stop him getting hounded.

Oh btw, that Charlottesville narrative is collapsing too. The “white supremacist terrorist” didn’t even hit the woman he supposedly killed. She apparently died of a heart attack.

Not even in the car’s path. Instead, she was knocked to the ground by people in the crowd.

Anyway, while London was having its own case of “cultural enrichment”, Paris didn’t want to feel left out, and ended up having not one, but two of its own. Those wacky French people. Always having to show us who the real champs are in terms of sheer number of terrorist incidents.


From Independent (UK)

A man has been arrested after attacking a soldier on patrol in Paris.

The soldier was attacked from behind by a man wielding a knife at about 6.30am. The man was also reported to have referenced Isis during the assault in a major subway interchange.

The incident, in which the soldier in question was not injured, was the latest of several attacks on troops deployed in large numbers to patrol sensitive places in France after a series of attacks by Islamist militants that have killed more than 230 people in France in the past three years.

The latest incident was confirmed by armed forces minister Florence Parly in an interview on Europe 1 radio.

The man is not thought to have been known to police, according to French media.

Police spokeswoman Johana Primevert said the incident took place in the Chatelet station in central Paris. Traffic and access to the station, which serves multiple subway and commuter train lines, quick resumed.

Thousands of troops and police officers are deployed in France’s Operation Sentinelle, launched after the January 2015 terror attacks.

The attack came the day after the government announced changes to the force, with a greater focus on temporary and seasonal events. The soldiers still will patrol around major tourist sites, places of worship, train stations and airports. 

Now it’s one thing when it’s a soldier who gets attacked. The idiots who defend this insanity can at least attempt to justify it in their own minds by claiming that it was a response to French military aggression in the Muslim world… or something to that effect. But how can they possibly justify something like this?

From BBC

A man is on the run after injuring two women with a hammer in Chalon-sur-Saône, in eastern France.

The women were allegedly assaulted, about 15 minutes apart, by a man just before midday on Friday.

Witnesses said the suspect shouted “Allahu Akbar” (“God is greatest” in Arabic) during the attacks.

French prosecutors say they are treating the incident as a possible terror attack, but did not rule out other motives.

The women’s injuries are not life-threatening, and local media report that they have already been released from hospital.

Officials asked locals not to share information on social media about the location of police while the manhunt for the attacker was still under way.

Earlier on Friday a man was arrested at Châtelet metro station in Paris after reportedly attacking a soldier with a knife at 06:30 (04:30 GMT).

It was the latest in a string of assaults against French troops, who have been deployed across the country in response to recent terror attacks.

The soldier was not injured in the incident.

All I can say is that luckily enough, nobody seems to have been killed in any of these latest attacks. But how long will that luck hold out? As I’ve said time and time again, this is never going to just suddenly stop. It’s just going to keep happening and becoming more frequent, until one of two things happen:

  1. Europeans surrender and submit to the will of Islam.
  2. Europeans rise up and demand the removal of Islam from its borders, much like our ancestors spent over 1300 years doing.

There is no third option.

Unfortunately I’m still not optimistic that we’re any closer to option two being accepted yet.

5 year old girl forced to live with foster Muslim family.

All across the Western world, governments are at war with the ordinary people. Don’t be fooled into thinking that their disastrous and destructive decisions are the result of stupidity, cowardice in the face of political correctness, naive optimism, or whatever. Nobody is this incompetent for real. Nobody with even the slightest understanding of cause and effect would be making these insane decisions, with the expectation that they’ll actually work out well. No, what we are seeing is a deliberate and conscious decision to ruin the lives of the people that they are supposed to represent and protect. It is important that we all remember this fact, for if things ever start turning around, and they try to pretend that they always meant well. They’ll need to answer for their crimes against us.


From Metro UK

A five-year-old Christian girl placed in foster care with a Muslim family has been ordered to go and live with her relatives.

Why was she not allowed to live with her relatives in the first place? Surely that would be the logical thing to do, if they really cared about the wellbeing of the child. Of course, we know damn well that they don’t care about the wellbeing of little white English girls at all. They’ve allowed untold thousands of them to be raped by Muslim men, and then they deliberately forced this child to live with a Muslim family, putting her at similar risk, rather than doing the sane thing and letting her live with relatives. Remember what I said already. Nobody is this incompetent. Any idiot would know that it would be better for a child to live with relatives if for whatever reason, they can’t live with their immediate family. This was deliberate.

This girl was put at risk of experiencing something similar herself.

The move follows reports that the young girl was being encouraged to speak Arabic in a foster family where English is rarely spoken.

Why are these people even in Britain? They’re not integrating. They choose their own language and culture over that of the country they immigrated to. How does Britain benefit from their presence?

The girl, whose identity is being protected, was reportedly taken to back to her grandmother’s after a judge ruled she should stop living with her current foster family.

Should have been brought to her grandmother’s in the first place.

According to The Times, the girl was being encouraged to abandon Christian traditions and values in favour of Muslim ones.

And of course we know that if the reverse happened, that being, if a Christian family tried to force convert a Muslim child, there would be outrage.

Tower Hamlets Council, the authority responsible for handling the girl’s foster care, denied that the family did not speak English.

A council spokesman said she had been placed in an ‘English-speaking family of mixed race’ and that there ‘inaccuracies’ in reports published.

Yes and we can trust the word of the British authorites. It’s not as if they ever lie at all, or ignore the wellbeing of children when it comes to dealing with the Muslim community. Well except for all the times when they do exactly that, of course.


Social services bosses at the council said staff have ‘always been working towards the child being looked after by a family member’.

Why does this even take any effort at all? Surely it’s just common sense that a child is in better hands with their own family, and this should be the default, rather than something to work towards. There’s no logical reason to hand a child over to a family of strangers, especially one of a vastly different cultural and racial background, unless the real aim was for the child to suffer.

‘We would like to give more details but we are legally restricted to do so,’ a council spokesman said in a statement.

“There are powerful people who don’t want us exposing the truth. Go back to your alcohol, your premier league football, and your Kardashians. You can trust us to make the important decisions, while you distract yourselves.”

‘Tower Hamlets Council has the welfare of children at the heart of what we do.


The decision to choose foster carers for a child is based on a number of factors including cultural background and proximity to promote contact with the child’s family and the child’s school in order to give them as much stability as possible.

“Cultural background is one of the factors we take into account.”

*Proceeds to send child to a family with a completely different cultural background.*

‘We have always been working towards the child being looked after by a family member and we continue to do so.’

Again let me ask, why is this something to “work towards”? Why isn’t it the default?

A spokesman for the Judicial Office said Judge Khatun Sapnara had re-examined the case at a family court hearing on Tuesday and decided she should live with her grandmother.

Too little, too late. The poor child has already suffered unnecessarily.

Looks like this meme will need to be updated. If this story is anything to go by, we’re now seeing the early stages of them meeting criteria (E) as well. That just leave criteria (A) to be met.

Another week, another case of cultural enrichment in Paris.

The counter has clearly seen better days.

I haven’t been posting a whole lot recently because I’ve been feeling somewhat burned out from the daily grind of being awake to the sheer insanity that the Western world is living under these days. Sooner or later, it takes its toll on you, and you just need to take a break. Because of this, I have actually missed out on writing about several attacks that have taken place in various European countries the past few weeks. Really, what can I say that I haven’t already said several times already? The formula for when these attacks happen is so predictable at this point, that there’s really not much new that I can say. It always goes something like this:

  • A report comes out of a bombing/mass stabbing/vehicular attack, in some random European city.
  • Details about the suspect are kept as vague as possible (unless it’s one of the rare cases were it’s a white guy, in which case, details are reported immediately).
  • Occasionally, it is reported that the suspect yelled “ALLAHU AKBAR” before attacking. Motivation for attack is apparently “unclear”
Just in case you’ve forgotten…
  • Comment sections on articles about the attack devolve into arguments between “racists” who predict that it was a Muslim, and people who are more concerned about condemning these “racist” comments, than about the attack itself.
  • Eventually, it is revealed that it was indeed a Muslim. Media claim that the attacker was suffering from “mental illness”, just like every other attacker who coincidentally, attacks in the name of Islam.


  • Media starts talking about how “right wing extremists” (who almost never kill anyone) are the real threat, and that normal Muslims are the real victims, because people are saying mean things about their religious beliefs, and this is apparently much more damaging than being killed.
  • Nobody learns their lesson, and people continue on like normal, until the next attack happens, at which point, the cycle repeats itself.

Anyway, I wanted to draw attention to the fact that France has experienced yet another attack today, not because there’s anything original or noteworthy about it, but because it happened shortly after a new law came into place in France recently. This law prevents people convicted of actions related to any form of discrimination, including racism, from running for political office in the country.

The problem is that as we all know, the bar for what is actually considered “racism” in most European countries, is pretty low, so low in fact, that often just speaking out about what is happening, can be considered racist. So in other words, if a person actually speaks out about what is happening and wishes to run for political office and implement changes to stop it from continuing, they run the risk of being banned from even doing so. This is a complete violation of democracy, and pretty much makes it impossible anymore for France to even save itself through democratic means. It makes it so that the people will no longer have anyone to choose from, if they want a candidate who will deal with the mass immigration and terrorism that is plaguing their country.

You should have voted for Le Pen when you had the chance to, France.

This shows the desperation of our enemies. They can see that the people are waking up to what they’re doing, and now in their panic to shut us down, their masks have slipped, and they’re showing their true colours. They want nothing less than our complete extermination, and they’ll do whatever it takes to prevent us from stopping it. The problem is, that as JFK himself once said:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

France had a violent revolution before, when the people were pushed too far. With democratic options being taken off the table, they might eventually feel as if they have no other choice, but to do it again…

Possibly coming soon…


Bill Nye advocates white genocide.

Bill Nye, an actor  who became famous in the 1990s for pretending to be a scientist on some Disney channel show appeared on a panel a few months ago, to discuss climate change. The panel suggested that population growth is a significant factor in climate change, and that population control (perhaps taking the form of something akin to China’s “One child policy”), might be necessary in order to prevent catastrophic climate changes. However they only seem to advocate population control for one particular group of people, which will be blatantly obvious, once you watch the video.

Isn’t it interesting really, that most of the really out of control population growth is happening in the Third World currently? In most of the developed world however, birth rates are already falling below replacement level. Yet despite the fact that the developed world is already having less children than necessary just to maintain a steady and stable population level, Nye and his fellow panelists suggest that it is they specifically who need to have less children. Meanwhile, China and India between them have about one third of the entire global population, and are two of the biggest polluters of all, yet nobody is advocating population control for them. As usual, it’s only being pushed on white majority countries, most of which already have declining birth rates as it is.

And sure, we know exactly what will happen then. White majority countries will start having even less children. Suddenly, the media and political establishment will put out scaremongering stories about how we have an “aging population” and that we need a population increase, in order to keep the economy going. This will be used to justify for even more mass immigration from the third world, with the hopes of eventually making us minorities in our own ancestral homelands.

You see, they can’t realistically make the claim that the first world needs to curtail its population growth, in order to fight climate change, and at the same time claim that people in the first world aren’t having enough babies, so we need to bring more people from the third world into the first world, in order to offset a shrinking population. Yet this is exactly what they’re doing. If first world population growth was really causing climate change and therefore needed to be curtailed, it makes absolutely no sense to then start bringing more people into the first world from outside, where they’ll help contribute to the problem, but yet they do try to push both of these contradictory positions at the same time anyway.

This is because they want nothing less than the extermination and extinction of white people. They don’t give a damn about the environment, nor do they give a damn about the plight of people in the third world. They just really hate white people and will use any tactic in order to speed up our demise. Luckily enough, from reading the comments on the video, it seems that most people can see right through them.

A reversal of roles for a change.

This hypocritical idiot doesn’t realise that he would be thrown off the top of a building for the lifestyle he lives, by the same people he is so desperate to defend.  This level of stupidity is exactly why the Western world is dying.

This isn’t a topic I expected to be addressing anytime soon, but it would be remiss of me and quite hypocritical, if I decided to ignore it, just because it doesn’t fit a narrative that I believe in. Apparently there has been yet another terrorist attack in Britain. Like many previous attacks, both in Britain, and in several other European countries, the weapon of choice was a motorised vehicle. However there is one key difference between this attack and all the others we’ve seen as of late. In this case, rather than a Muslim attacking a group of innocent white people, it was a white man attacking a group of innocent Muslims.

We’re going to have to update the score for “Muslims killed by Islamophobes”.
There we go. So the global score for Ramadan attacks so far is 139 to 1. Just watch as that one attack becomes the only one that matters.

I’m really not happy that this attack has taken place. Quite frankly, it accomplishes nothing, except giving ammunition to the controlled media and the drooling imbeciles who listen to them and parrot their lies, that there is somehow an epidemic of Islamophobic hate crimes, and that Muslims are the “real victims”. They finally have a new incident they can cite as an example of “white terrorism” and “Islamophobic violence”, and you can be sure that even a decade or so from now, they’ll still be citing it and drawing a false equivalence between it, and each of the dozens of Islamic terror attacks that will inevitably happen in the same time period.

Sure, they still bring up Anders Breivik, all these years later.

At the same time, a part of me isn’t really surprised that this has finally happened. I mean, how much longer could the things that have been happening go on the way they were? There’s been a near constant spate of Muslim on non-Muslim violence in Europe for the past few years, and Britain itself saw three major attacks occur within the space of three months. That’s not even taking into account the huge number of Muslim grooming gangs that have been raping white English girls for the past few decades, or any other violent crimes that they have committed against the native Brits. The police have failed miserably, to protect people. The media has tried to cover things up and downplay the significance of what is happening. The political establishment has ignored the problem and has continued to pursue policies that only make the problem worse. Can anyone really be surprised that after all this has been going on, that finally someone would snap and lash out in retaliation?

Just to be clear, I am not in any way condoning what happened. As I already said, this doesn’t do us any favours and I really wish that it didn’t happen. At the same time, I don’t think those of us who are speaking up about this problem have anything to apologise for. All we’re doing is drawing attention to what is happening. Much like the victims of every other terrorists attack that has occurred, these innocent Muslims are victims of the failed multicultural project, that has been forced on European nations against the collective will of the populace already living there. I can only hope that there won’t be an escalation of violence because of this, but I’m far too cynical to expect that this will be the case. I can’t see this situation ending well at all.