Sweden is effectively lost.

It’s been a fair bit of time since my last post, but I’m back today to talk about what is probably my most talked about topic of all, that being the current ongoing collective suicide of the nation of Sweden. Today I learned (to absolutely no shock whatsoever), that the country is actually getting worse, rather than better. At this point, I’m convinced that there is no hope of ever saving it and turning things around. There’s no hope for them. All we can do is look on from the outside with morbid curiosity, and let its inevitable collapse, serve as an example to the rest of us, on what not to do with our own countries.

From The Local

Eight new districts in Sweden have been added to a high-profile police list of ‘especially vulnerable areas’, where crime rates and poverty levels are often high, reports Swedish newspaper DN.

And I can guarantee you something right now. It isn’t a bunch of blonde haired, blue eyed, indigenous Swedes who are the ones inhabiting these “especially vulnerable areas”. It’s the so called “new Swedes”, who fled from their failed, poverty stricken hellhole countries, only to come to Sweden and recreate the exact same living standards in their new country. This is why I always have to laugh at people, who blame the pathology of the third world, on people living in the first world. The reality is, these people are responsible for their own problems. They aren’t only incapable of building a functioning society, but they can’t even maintain one that is already functioning.

This is exactly what happened in Haiti and Zimbabwe. This is exactly what is unfolding in real time in South Africa and many American inner cities. And this is exactly what will happen in Sweden and other European countries over the next few years.

In 2015 Sweden’s national police released a report of 53 so-called vulnerable areas, including 15 considered especially vulnerable. Eight new districts have now been added to that list, which has not yet been made public, bringing the latter number up to 23, reports the DN newspaper.

So in the space of two years, the number of no go zones has effectively increased by 50%. Good going Sweden.


The term “no-go zone” caught on in some international media back in 2015 after it was used by a Swedish newspaper columnist to label these areas, but it has been strongly rejected by police themselves.

Sure it’s a “zone” that you can’t “go” into. But we can’t be calling it a “no-go zone”, because of what that implies. It basically suggests that there are places in Sweden that aren’t safe for Swedish people, including Swedish law enforcement to enter. If people found out that they weren’t able to safely enter areas of their own country, because of the actions of a group of outsiders, they might start questioning the supposed benefits of the multicultural, suicide pact that they’ve entered.

The police definition of such districts describe them as socio-economically vulnerable areas where crime and poverty rates are generally high,

No explanation as to why the crime and poverty rates are so high in these areas, or any effort to investigate if there is a correlation between these areas that might be the cause. What makes these high crime, high poverty areas so different from the low crime, low poverty areas, and what do they all have in common? Sure why would you want to investigate something like that, and potentially try and solve the problem in the process?

What could possibly be the cause for these areas having such high crime rates? Remember, if the answer given is “racist”, it isn’t allowed to be considered.

where police regularly have to adapt their methods and equipment to the volatile situation,

How exciting. And to think there used to be a time when Sweden had very little crime at all. The poor police must have been so bored. At least now, their jobs are probably so much more fun than they used to be.

Look at the empowered feminists cops, dealing with a “mentally ill refugee”. I especially like the bit at 1:08, when one of them sends away a good Samaritan, who helped them subdue the feral beast. “Don’t worry citizen. We can take it from here. We were trained to deal with these kind of situations in Finland.

where there may be violent religious extremism

Must be those damn Christian extremists again.

Forget about those Muslim extremists waging Jihad. The real problem is those Christian extremists waging Crusades.

and where residents often do not report crimes to the police, either out of fear of retaliation or because they think it will not lead to anything.

In fairness, reporting crime in Sweden, probably wouldn’t lead to anything.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 16.31.18.png
What’s the point in even reporting a crime in Sweden?

According to DN, the new especially vulnerable areas are: Norrby and Hässleholmen/Hulta in Borås, Tynnered/Grevegården/Opaltorget in Gothenburg, Karlslund in Landskrona, Nydala/Hermodsdal/Lindängen in Malmö, Fittja and Alby in Stockholm and Gottsunda in Uppsala.

A small price to pay for all that “enrichment”, “vibrancy”, and various other benefits that come from living in a multicultural society.

Linda Staaf, who heads the national police NOA’s intelligence department, told the newspaper that some of these areas should have been classified as especially vulnerable in the previous report in 2015, but that the police had then not collected enough information to properly assess the situation there.

Probably because they couldn’t safely enter the areas to begin with. How can you investigate and assess things, if you can’t even enter?

“In comparison to the last report we now have more knowledge and a better picture,” she said.

And it’s a pretty bleak picture. The country is finished. All that is going to happen, is that the number of “especially vulnerable areas” will increase over time, as the number of hostile and incompatible people in the country increases. Eventually, native Swedes will have no more safe areas to escape to, and when that happens, shit will really hit the fan.

And they only have themselves to blame.


Moroccan man in Belgium pushed too far by “racism”.

Buddhists do it better.

The Western world is a festering pit of racism, white supremacy, and bigotry. If you don’t believe me, then just read the Fake News Mainstream Media, or ask any Marxist humanities professor at your nearest Communist re-education centre University. They’ll confirm this is 100% accurate, without any regard for such trivialities as “evidence” or “truth”, which are racist concepts invented by white supremacists, in order to oppress “people of colour”. Unfortunately, living under this constant racism became too much for one poor Moroccan man, eventually causing him to snap under the pressure, and set himself on fire.

From Morocco World News

Saying he was “sick of racism,” a 38-year-old-man set himself on fire in the town of Kortrijk, in Belgium on Tuesday.

Ahead of the incident, the man, identified on social media as Chafik Hanchi, posted a video online. In it he declared his intent and said he was “sick of racism.”

This poor man, kidnapped from Morocco against his will, and forced to live among racist white people. If only they hadn’t taken him from his homeland, and refused him the right to return home. That must be what happened, right? If the racism he was experiencing was so terrible, he surely would have returned to his homeland willingly, if that was an option for him. He must have been a prisoner in Belgium. He couldn’t possibly have been there by his own free choice.

What kind of person would choose to leave this paradise willingly?

According to Russian-owned RT Television, on Tuesday, he left the town’s courthouse and returned some time later carrying a gasoline canister.  Stopping in a square just 15 metres from the courthouse entrance, the video shows him pouring gasoline and setting it alight.

He then pours more on to his jacket and lights that. Seconds later he is seen rushing toward fire fighters and paramedics who were already on scene. He was taken to hospital with severe burns to 35 percent of his body.

This is a really harrowing and tragic story. I actually feel sick reading it. That poor jacket didn’t deserve such a fate.

What a tragedy. No jacket deserves this.

Police are investigating possible motives for what they are calling an “act of desperation.”

If I was to guess, it was a publicity stunt that went too far. They literally say in the story that fire fighters were already present at the scene, before he even set himself on fire. If he really wanted to kill himself, why would he set himself on fire, while fire fighters are nearby, and then run towards them, unless he was doing so with the expectation of being saved? Sorry “Chafik”, but I reckon “Allah”, being all powerful and all knowing, can tell the difference between a genuine martyr, and a faker like you. No 72 virgins for you just yet.

According to Jamal Qnioun, head of People Help People organization and member of the Council for International Coexistence in Kortrijk, Hanchi sent him a video prior to the incident, threatening self-immolation. He also sent him a number of text messages where he talked about being “sick of racism” and that he felt he could no longer go on living.

Returning to Morocco of course wasn’t an option. He was forced to live there against his will, under this racism. Those damn Belgian people just wouldn’t let him go home, so his only option was to set himself on fire in front of fire fighters who would easily save him before he died.

Clearly, not much has changed in the last 60 years or so. This poor man must have been experiencing a similar fate as this girl here.

Hanchi had been suffering immense personal street brought about by the recent lost of his father.

Probably murdered by racist white people.

He was also experiencing financial trouble.

Probably caused by racist white people.

He had, at one time, operated a hair salon in the town but was forced to shut down after inspectors discovered an undocumented employee working there.

The inspectors were probably racist white people.

According to Qnioun, Hanchi paid the fine and re-opened a new salon on the same street, only to face another inspection just days later.

So does that mean the second inspection found another violation then? It’s racist to expect this guy to pass these inspections like any other salon owner, don’t you know?

Another video, posted on a separate Facebook account, shows Hanchi complaining about trouble he was having with the national security office.

He was probably the one causing them trouble.

Again, he said he was “tired of racism.” Qnioun expressed concern on social media after the event over what he calls the “harsh conditions” faced by immigrants in Kortrijk.

So harsh… yet they continue to come to Europe by the millions. I wonder why that is?

A real mystery on our hands here.

If I didn’t know better, I would guess that Europe is far superior to the countries that they originate from. But who am I to speculate? If this man says the racism is unbearable here, then we should probably just assume that it’s true, and cry about how guilty we are for having white skin. It’s the right thing to do. It’s our fault that poor jacket was lost.

The tragic story of a jacket lost because of racism.


Well who could have possibly seen something like this happening? A black Muslim in California, went on a shooting spree, yelling Allahu Akbar, and that he “hates white people”,  and managed to kill three white people in the process. This is so shocking, because as we all know, Islam is a religion of peace, and black people are usually the victims of violent crimes at the hands of white people, rather than the other way around. The media tells us these things, and we should trust them, because it’s not as if they ever normally lie.


From The Sun

THREE people are reported to have died after a mass shooting in California.

This might sound bad, but in the case of California, I find it very hard to feel too much sympathy. These are some of the stupidest people in the Western world.

This is a state full of people who wanted to secede from America, because Trump won. Yeah, I’m still pretty annoyed at Trump for his actions in Syria, but this state full of idiots blindly hated him on everything and wanting to separate from the rest of the country entirely, because the election didn’t go their way, just seems pathetic to me. I certainly don’t take any pleasure in what has happened, but I can’t say that I’m particularly broken up in this situation either. It’s a bit like in Sweden, where it’s kind of expected really for having such libtarded voting patterns.

Local media reports claim a gunman opened fire before reloading his large handgun and continuing to randomly spray bullets in the city of Fresno.

A 39-year-old suspect is now reported to be in custody, according to the Fresno Bee.

The shooting is said to have occurred outside the offices of the Catholic Charities social service agency.


“Praise Jesus, heretic, or I’ll blow your head off”.

Oh wait, that doesn’t ever happen.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer told the news site two of the victims may have been clients of the agency, while a third was an employee of a gas and electric company.

Witnesses claimed the gunman sprayed rounds while reloading and swearing.

One man was reportedly shot to death at the scene, while a second is said to have died after being ruched to a local medical centre.

The media will probably blame guns again. Guns need to be banned. Then when they start using trucks to kill people instead, trucks will need to be banned. Then eventually, when there are no potential weapons left, and Muslim terrorists start killing people with their barehands, hands will have to be banned.

Unfortunately, this terrorist here, without any hands to kill infidels with, started biting people to death, before eventually being apprehended. Better ban teeth next.

The suspect, named as Kori Ali Muhammad, walked down the road, firing 16 rounds at random people and vehicles, ABC7 reports.

“Kori Ali Muhammad”

Must be a Buddhist.

Muhammad is suspected of fatally shooting a security guard at a motel in the same city on Sunday.

And Dyer said he was found in possession of the same kind of ammunition when he was arrested, although the weapon is yet to be recovered.

He said it was “still too early” to know what the motivation for the shootings was.

A guy with the last name “Muhammad” goes around shooting people, and they wonder what his motivation could be. Sure isn’t it obvious?

Mental illness, of course. Just like every other time this happens.

But he revealed the alleged shooter told cops he hated white people, according to AP.

All three of the victims were white males.

Of course this doesn’t count as a hate crime, because white people (especially males) have all the power and privilege in the world. We can’t be the victims of hate crimes or racism. The Jews pretending to be white themselves, told us so.

“No, fellow Goy… um…I mean… white man, this isn’t an act of racism, because only WE have the institutional power to be racist. This black Muslim man was just lashing out because of all the racism that he experienced at our hands.”

Dyer also revealed Muhammad shouted “Allahu Akbar” before the killing, the news agency reported.

“Motivation still unclear”.

The chief told the Fresno Bee: “What we know is that this was a random act of violence.



“There is every reason to believe he acted alone.”

He probably did. It doesn’t matter though. There’s still going to be plenty more like him, also “acting alone”. The entire ideology is to blame.

Officials are working to identify the victims.

Oh, who cares about them? They’re just white males. Sure if they hadn’t been murdered, they probably would have just committed suicide anyway, and that’s a good thing.

Literally laughing because an increasing number of white males are committing suicide. And they wonder why their party lost in the election.

Very strong feeling of Déjà vu right now.

I guess the counter has to be reset again :/

So yesterday, we had a terrorist attack in London, in which a Muslim man ran over innocent bystanders. Well look at what has just happened today.

From BBC

A man has been arrested in the north Belgian port city of Antwerp on suspicion of driving at a crowd.

I feel bad, but I couldn’t help but laugh at the way this is phrased. It’s only a “suspicion” that he drove into a crowd. They can’t be sure, this needs to be investigated first.

“We don’t know for sure what happened here.”

The vehicle, with French number plates, was driven “at high speed” on De Meir, Antwerp’s main shopping street. There were no reports of injuries.

Good news at least. I’m glad nobody was hurt this time. Of course the one downside is that nobody will take any notice of this then, because nobody was hurt. It’s only when people are hurt or killed, that these attacks get any attention.

The suspect, a man of north African origin, was taken away, Antwerp police chief Serge Muyters said.

What a surprise.

Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel praised the city’s authorities for doing an “outstanding job”.

The attack comes a day after a car was driven at high-speed along London’s Westminster Bridge, resulting in the deaths of four people – including the driver – and injuring 40.

It was also the day Belgium marked the first anniversary of the twin bomb attacks in Brussels, that killed 32 people.

“All isolated incidents. Nothing to see here. There’s absolutely no pattern to see here.”

Rapid response

Mr Muyters said the car was spotted at around 11:00 local time (10:00 GMT).

“The vehicle was driving at high speed on De Meir. Our army colleagues spotted it and tried to bring the vehicle to a halt,” he said.

“But the driver broke free and drove through the red light towards the port quays.”

He said the police were contacted and immediately sent a rapid response team, intercepting the vehicle and driver.

Nothing to really say here, so I’ll just end with this “Black Pigeon Speaks” video response to the London attack yesterday.

Two acts of “random violence” in Germany in one day.

Hmm, nope, doesn’t seem all that appropriate anymore.
Better… but still not quite good enough.

So Germany has had two cases of seemingly random violence occur in one day. The most shocking thing about this is that nobody could have possibly predicted this would happen. Well, some people would have expected this sort of thing to happen, but those people are all just evil hate filled, Neo-Nazi, white supremacist racists, who just hate Muslims for the colour of their skin, or possibly for their unusual names and clothing.

Racists will try to claim that they’re simply worried that mass Muslim immigration will lead to an increase in terrorism, rapes, and other forms of violence in their country. That is just a ruse. They really just have an irrational hatred of their clothing choices.

So lets take a look at what happened today.

From Express

AN 80-YEAR-OLD man has been attacked with a machete in Dusseldorf, just hours after a Kosovan went on a rampage with an axe in the German city’s railway station.

A manhunt has been launched for a man who is on the loose following the attack in a forest, according to reports. 

That 80 year old man probably deserved it. If he’s 80 years old, it means he was born in either 1936 or 1937, so he was around for the Nazi era. Sure, he was a child at the time, and would have only been 8 or 9 years old by the time the Nazi regime collapsed, but nevertheless, he’s personally responsible for everything bad that happened back then, just by virtue of being born in the time and place that he was. He’s not the victim here. The attacker is the real victim, for having the misfortune of encountering such a monster.

An artist’s interpretation of what the 80 year old man probably looks like.

Teachers and pupils in a nearby school, Theodor-Fliedner-Gymnasium, have been told to stay inside. 

The victim has been rushed to hospital and police say the injuries are not life threatening. 

The incident comes just hours after seven people were left injured in Dusselford rail station after a man went on a rampage with an axe. 

Exciting times in Germany. Remember how dull and boring Germany used to be a few years back? Before all this excitement, I bet people were just dying of boredom. Now, they get to die from violent attacks instead. How exciting. How enriching. Diversity is our strength. Long live Angela Merkel.

Police say the attacks are not connected and have deployed more forces as the hunt gets underway. 

A spokesman said: “According to the current understanding, there is no connection with the yesterday’s situation at the central station.”

I have no doubt that they probably weren’t connected. They don’t have to be. This sort of thing is just so common and normal in Europe now, that it can easily be coming from multiple independent  sources at once.

Last night, Dusseldorf train station was placed on lockdown following the bloody rampage with a man armed with an axe. 

A 36-year-old man, from Kosovo, was arrested following the attack.

Police idenitifed him as Fatmir H

They say he’s from Kosovo, but “Fatmir” is an Albanian name, so I’m guessing he’s actually an ethnic Albanian who has citizenship in Kosovo. Albania is one of the few Muslim majority countries in Europe, by the way. But then again, so is Kosovo itself, so either way, it’s all the same really.

and described him as “mentally ill”. 





The great mental health crisis of 2016/2017, that seems to disproportionately affect Muslims in Europe, strikes again. You would think they would try and come up with another excuse at some point, but they keep jumping straight to this one for some reason. Maybe they just can’t think of a better one.

Seven people were injured, including two police officers. Police said none of the victims are in a life-threatening condition but one person is seriously injured. 

No deaths this time luckily enough, which means this story will be flushed down the memory hole pretty soon. It’s only the ones in which people actually die, that really get any serious coverage anymore.

Witnesses said three men, a woman and a 13-year-old girl were among the victims.

No no no. This is wrong. They aren’t victims, because they’re “privileged”. The real victim is this poor “mentally ill” attacker, who probably just snapped because of all the racism and oppression he experienced. He’s the one who needs our sympathy, not the innocent people he attacked.

Now of course, the article doesn’t specifically say that the responsible parties are Muslims. Not enough details are given. In the case of the axe attack, we can make a pretty educated guess from the name given, that he probably was. In the case of the machete attack, no conclusive information is provided. However, from looking at precedent, and assuming that Coulter’s law holds up…


…I think it’s a pretty safe bet that the machete attacker was as well. We’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe this attack was a rare exception, but we won’t know for certain until the attacker is caught.

A retraction.

So I may have jumped the gun in my last post when I talked about how the guilty party in the Berlin attack was a Pakistani refugee. It turns out, he was simply the lead suspect at the time and was later released due to a lack of any solid evidence against him.

It turns out that the real guy who was responsible for doing it is actually a “Tunisian Refugee” instead. I would just like to say that I’m sorry for jumping to the conclusion that a Muslim who came into Europe posing as a refugee, from a safe country was responsible, when it was actually a different Muslim, who came into Europe posing as a refugee from a different safe country who was responsible instead.

From New York Post

German police are hunting for a Tunisian refugee in connection with the deadly truck attack at a Berlin Christmas market — identifying him after finding an asylum document under the vehicle’s driver’s seat, according to reports.

The asylum seeker, who was born in the southern Tunisian city of Tataouine in 1992, is named in the document as Anis Amri, German news site Spiegel Online reported.

Born in “Tataouine” you say? That’s a very strange misspelling of “Tatooine”

This poor refugee was just trying to escape persecution at the hands of the Sand People and the Galactic Empire, and now he finds himself being accused of using a truck to kill and injure lots of innocent people. When will his suffering end?

A German security official told CNN that Amri had been arrested in the southern town of Friedrichshafen in August with forged documents en route to Italy but was released by a judge.

He is a “highly dangerous” member of a large Islamic group and received weapons training abroad before arriving in Germany last year, security sources told the Daily Mail.

“But sure we just let him into the country anyway, despite knowing how dangerous he is.”

“We just let these lions roam the streets free anyway, despite knowing how dangerous they are.”

Amri, who uses three different names, was arrested in August with a fake Italian passport and released — but his phone was said to be monitored, the Mail reported. He then disappeared in December.

Damn fine police work, just losing him like that.

“So um… where did the terrorist suspect go?”

The asylum document found in the truck announced a stay of deportation, the Telegraph of the UK reported. The document was issued in the town of Kleve near the border with the Netherlands and Belgium.

A Facebook profile in his name shows “likes” of Tunisian terror group Ansar al-Sharia, whose jihadists slaughtered 22 people at Tunis’ Bardo Museum in March 2015 and then 39 tourists at a beach resort in Sousse.

Amri, who may be injured, was being sought in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where he had been registered at a refugee shelter in the town of Emmerich on the Rhine, on the Dutch-German border, The Guardian reported.

He had ties to Salafism — an ultra-conservative branch of Sunni Islam — in connection with Islamist hate preacher Ahmad Abdelazziz A, known as Abu Walaa, from Hildesheim in Germany, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported. Abdelazziz was arrested in November.

But sure despite all this, he was just a harmless little lamb who was trying to flee the Syrian Civil War from Tunisia, and it would have been a violation of his human rights to keep him out of Germany. Sure don’t you know, everybody has a God given right to go live in any country they want. “Borders” and “National Sovereignty” are just outdated concepts invented by racist, white supremacists, for the purpose of oppressing people of different racial groups, for absolutely no reason.

Anyway, the rest of the article is pretty irrelevant. It just kind of rambles on. The important stuff was all in the beginning, but the link i there, if you wish to read the rest of it.

Oh and BTW, we also now know who was responsible for the Mosque shooting in Zurich.

From New York Times

ZURICH — A gunman who wounded three people attending prayers at an Islamic center in Zurich has been found dead, apparently after committing suicide, the Swiss police said on Tuesday.

Officials described the man as a 24-year-old Swiss citizen of Ghanaian descent, but they did not identify him by name. They said that he had no known links to terrorist groups, but that he was already wanted for the fatal stabbing of a friend whose body was found on Sunday at a playground in Zurich.

So yeah, not the white supremacist that I’m sure the media was hoping for, but a black guy instead. I don’t know how exactly they’ll use this story going forward. On the one hand, the Muslim victims fit the narrative they’ll want to push, but without a white perpetrator to blame, I’m not sure it’s really worth their while to push it. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they still use the story anyway in the future to talk about “Islamophobia”, but without making any references to the shooter himself, in the hopes that people will eventually forget the details, and just assume it was a white guy who did it. That way, they wouldn’t technically be lying, as it would just be the people making their own assumptions to suit the narrative.

We’ll just have to see.

3 major attacks in one day.

He probably just wants to talk about his feelings to a mental health professional. 

Does anyone remember the big “mental health crisis” affecting Europe earlier this year? In case you’ve forgotten, allow me to refresh your memory. Early-mid 2016 saw a crazy high amount of violent incidents in Europe occurring on a pretty much weekly basis. Most people at the time suspected that the common link between these various violent incidents was the ideology of the attackers (they were all Muslims). However thankfully, our incredibly trustworthy mainstream media (who would never dream of lying to us), were kind of enough to let us know that all these attackers simply had “mental health problems”, and the fact that they were all Muslims was just an unrelated coincidence. It could have just as easily been mentally ill non-Muslims making these attacks while shouting “Allahu Akbar” at their victims, but it just wasn’t ever the case any of these times for some strange reason.

A typical “mentally ill” man committing violent acts. He’s the real victim here.

Anyway, we’ve had a pretty quiet few months ever since, but things changed today. Today, the great “mental health crisis of 2016” came back with a bang. We’ve had three major incidents happen in Europe, all within a single day.

We’ve seen:

I don’t really have much more to say at this moment because details are fairly limited at the moment, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the development of these stories over the next few days.

I will make one prediction though. While personally, I do believe that the Zurich and Berlin attacks were committed by Muslims, if it does turn out that one or both of them were committed by white people, I can guarantee that the stories will get much more coverage in the media and the names and faces of the perpetrators will be much more famous than if they were the acts of Muslims. The media is always praying for an attack that can be blamed on a white person, as revealed in Wikileaks. Unfortunately for them, Anders Breivik’s attack happened many years ago and isn’t particularly relevant anymore, so they desperately need something fresh that they can talk about for the next few years, whenever someone dares to speak out against the diversity disaster, and they want to “prove” that the “far right are just as dangerous and as much o a threat to the future of Europe as Muslim extremists”.

If on the other hand, it isn’t white people who are responsible and it ends up being Muslims yet again, just watch as the stories quickly drop out of publication and are quietly forgotten about.

If Charles Martel had actually behaved the way our leaders behave today, there would be no Europe as we know it right now.

UK: Muslim teens brutally torture white teen.

I just read a beautiful story about a young British lad being “culturally enriched” by a group of Muslim lads. I just had to share it.

Typical “British” teens. If they weren’t here, Europe would not survive apparently.

From Manchester Evening News

Four teenagers tortured a 16-year-old boy with a hot iron before pouring lemon juice onto his burns and sexually assaulting him.

Oh those whacky “teenagers”, and their hilarious, teenage, hijinx. What’s the big deal here? You were young once, right? Don’t you remember your own harmless teenage pranks, which involved brutally torturing and gang-raping people?


You’re telling me that you didn’t behave like that, when you were a teenager?

The victim suffered horrific injuries after being lured to a house in the Werneth area of Oldham where he was tied up with tape around his mouth, hands and feet.

Remind me once again, why these animals were brought into Europe to live among us civilised people in the first place? I keep hearing that their presence benefits our societies somehow, though I’ve never actually heard what those benefits are and even if I were to hear them, I somehow doubt that these alleged benefits would outweigh the problems that they cause for us.

He was repeatedly punched and kicked, and scissors were used to cut his hair.

This is a war, and these “teens” see themselves as part of a conquering army, and see every single indigenous white European as a potential target that needs to destroyed. They won’t show mercy on any of us.

Let me make it quite clear, this attack was racially motivated.

His attackers then stripped him of his clothing and took a knife to his back.

After that, they used a hot iron to burn him on his buttocks, back and stomach and poured salt and lemon juice onto the burns.

But this is nothing to get outraged over of course. The real victims are the “innocent Muslims”, who have to deal with horrible “hate crimes” such as hearing Donald Trump say mean words about them, or having pigs heads dumped outside their schools.

Never mind the people who are getting raped, tortured, and murdered by Muslims. THIS is the real greatest evil facing society right now.

Eventually, after several hours of torture and being sexually assaulted, the victim was finally able to leave the house.

On Thursday, four of his five attackers were put behind bars for the sickening attack which happened in October last year.

Shohaib Khan, 17, of Grange Avenue, Oldham, was sentenced to six years and six months in prison.

Sufyan Yaqub, 16, of Park Road, who lured the victim to the house, and Adam Hussain, 16, of Olivers Court, were both handed four year sentences.

All three pleaded guilty to blackmail, false imprisonment, wounding with intent and ABH.

Ahsan Khan, 15, of Cornwall Street, initially pleaded not guilty but after a two week trial was found guilty of blackmail, false imprisonment, wounding with intent, ABH, theft and causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

A 17-year-old boy also pleaded guilty to a section 47 assault and was sentenced to a 12 month supervision programme with night-time curfew.

Absolutely pathetic sentences. And you can be sure they won’t even serve the full length of them anyway. They’ll all be out after having served half the time, for “good behaviour”. If we lived in saner times, they’d never see the outside of prison again. Well actually, if we lived in saner times, they never would have been allowed to live in Britain in the first place, so their wouldn’t really be an issue. Instead, they’d be living back in whichever Islamist hellhole their parents came from, and they probably would have been executed years ago by the authorities there for some crime they committed.

Detective Inspector Paul Walker said the victim will be haunted by the sickening attack for the rest of his life.

He said: “This was a sickening and prolonged attack on a young boy which left him so shaken and terrified that he didn’t even want to tell his parents what had happened.

“The emotional scars from this shocking attack will haunt him for the rest of his life and I could not even begin to imagine the agony and suffering that he endured.

Yeah, no shit, and his suffering is entirely the fault of the people behind Britain’s immigration policies. If they didn’t allow primitive savages from a hostile and incompatible, alien culture, to live in Britain, this never would have happened.

enoch powell.jpg
Oh Enoch Powell, if only the people had listened to you.

“Thankfully, his attackers have now been sentenced but this can never fully repair the damage that this barbaric incident has done.

As I’ve said, their sentences are pathetic in light of what they did. This was not some mistake they made in the heat of the moment. This was a calculated, deliberate, brutal, and sadistic attack. These vermin are mentally defective and should never be allowed to roam free again. I can 100% guarantee that they’ll only end up hurting (or worse) someone else, as soon as they’re free again.

“I want to pay tribute to the victim and his family for having the bravery to come forward and give evidence that has helped us catch and convict the people that have inflicted this upon him.”

Hollow words. It doesn’t make things better.

LOL: Antifa moron gets beaten up by Muslims

Yes, don’t let the physical appearance of what looks like a stereotypical Neo-Nazi fool you. This guy is actually “anti-fascist”.

LOL, this is absolutely hilarious. I don’t normally feel any pleasure when I hear about Europeans being victims of violent attacks at the hands of Muslims, but Antifa scum are a rare exception. For those of you who are not aware of what Antifa are, let me try to explain as best as I can. Antifa are white, far left leaning thugs who use violence and intimidation to push their sociopolitical views on everyone else… all while claiming to be opposed to Fascism. Yeah, you read that right. They use violence and intimidation to pursue their goals… but they’re against Fascism. In Europe the main goal they seem to be pushing for currently, is for infinity third world migrants of Muslim extraction to enter Europe to live forever on welfare and eventually ethnically replace indigenous European people. They pursue this goal by violently attempting to silence anybody who dares speak out against it. Seriously, they never actually present any logical arguments as to why anybody who has a problem with an increase in terrorism, gang rapes, and a drain on resources is a Fascist. They just use violence to try and shut them up instead.

Look at how they fight establishment, even though they’re actually doing what the establishment wants by supporting the importation of infinity migrants.
Keep in mind that anyone who is even slightly skeptical about the current immigration policy is a fascist in their eyes.
Do these look like “Anti-Fascists” to you? They look more like the media stereotype of fascists.
Literally supporting Communism…you know that ideology that has murdered over 100 Million people in the last century?
dover tooloed up antifa
They’re literally willing to maim people whose political views they disagree with.

Here they assault Irish politician, Peter O’Loughlin of Identidy Ireland, just because they disagree with his political views. Notice how they don’t try to debate him on the issue?

So yeah, I find it very hard to sympathise in this case, when one of their own gets brutally beaten by the very people that he’s trying to force the rest of us to deal with.

From Breitbart

Writer Ghislain Gilberti and his son were savagely attacked on Saturday by a group of men shouting “filthy white”, seemingly Islamists enraged by one of his novels, police in France have heard.

You see, these Antifa morons just don’t get it. They seem to have this ridiculous idea that if they go around attacking other white people, in defence of the invading hordes, that these hordes will see them as the “good ones” and know they’re on their side. The reality is that the invading hordes don’t give a fuck what you’ve done for them. All white people are the enemy, as far as they’re concerned, and they won’t be satisfied until we’re all exterminated. There are no “good ones” as far as they’re concerned. And as their numbers increase, and the ratio of whites to non-whites living in Europe, gradually shifts in their favour, the attacks are going to get more frequent and more vicious. They will commit a genocide against us if they can, and no amount of trying to win their favour will change that.

This is how they actually feel.

Mr Gilbert and his 12-year-old son were attacked in Belfort, France on Saturday following harassment and attempted break-ins. Though an active antifascist, the writer and his family have received death threats from Salafists displeased that the prologue title of the novelist’s bestseller is “jihad”.

Police are investigating after Mr Gilberti was taken to hospital with a broken arm by firemen, following a reported street attack by Salafist Muslims.

Mr Gilberti said he received blows to his back before being called a “filthy white” by four men aged between 20 and 30 years, who held him down while attacking.

Much like the Antifa cowards themselves, the Muslim invaders only ever attack in packs, or against an opponent who they know is weaker than them. They never fight fairly.

In this case though, I don’t really care because I look at it as being karma. This guy got exactly what he deserved as far as I’m concerned. I do feel for the kid though, because he can’t be held responsible for his father’s actions. Hopefully, the horrible experience will teach the kid to go down a different path than what his father did.

The author reported the men also kicked his 12-year-old son in the head and stomach, shouting “it’s the same price for you” and “we don’t forgive, we don’t forget” at his 11-year-old daughter who was also present.

He’s actually lucky that his daughter wasn’t sexually assaulted as well.

And I’m really glad that she wasn’t. Just like with his son, the daughter is innocent in all this. I would hate to see an innocent child suffer like that, just because her father is scum.

The thriller novelist lost consciousness during the beating and, following the attack, will again request full police protection, Mr Gilberti’s publisher broadcast on Facebook.

Don’t see why the police should be wasting time and resources protecting this guy. He supported the ongoing invasion, so he should pay the price for it. He didn’t give a fuck about the safety of all those other people who were raped, beaten, or murdered by the invading army that he supported coming in to Europe, so he doesn’t deserve any protection from the consequences of it himself. Protection should only be given to the sane people who always opposed it.

Police say they are aware of the incident, have interviewed witnesses and that they are currently trying to determine the circumstances of the assault.

L’est Republicain reported that Salafists began threatening the author and his family, and harassing them in their own home following the paperback release of Mr Gilberti’s novel The Feast of the Snake.

The book features a fictional jihadist group who finance their actions by means of international drug trafficking. The novelist was assigned temporary police protection following incidents in March.

You think he would have learned his lesson from the Charlie Hebdo attack. You aren’t allowed to publish anything that is offensive to Muslims anymore. Actually, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this idiot  was sympathetic to the attackers in that case, rather than the victims.

Mr Gilberti said he suspects Muslim critics who denounce his novel as “insulting [their] cause” are unintelligent. He remarked: “The authors of the threats have not read the book, or they have just skim read it. I did not insult Islam in the book. I am rather a defender of all faiths and I combat racist acts in an anti-fascist movement.”

Oh if only he had been quick enough to think, to tell them that, before they had attacked him. I bet if he had told those Muslims that he is a defender of all faiths, and opposed to racism, that they would have realised  that he was a nice tolerant guy, and wouldn’t have felt any desire to attack him anymore.





Somali man goes on stabbing spree in London

Damn. It was getting pretty quiet there for a while, to the point that we were actually able to start counting in days again instead of hours. Unfortunately, the counter has to be reset again after managing to go over a week without any major attacks.

So a Somali man went around stabbing people in London for absolutely no reason. One woman was killed, and several other people were injured. Of course the fact that the man was Somali doesn’t really matter. It could just as easily have been a native white British man of a non-Islamic background going around stabbing random people instead. The fact that it was a Somali man this time was just a chance occurrence and there’s absolutely no reason for us to be alarmed by this.

From RT

A US citizen in her 60s was killed in Wednesday night’s knife attack in Russell Square, Bloomsbury, in which five other people were injured, the London Assistant Police Commissioner has confirmed.
If only Britain had banned knives. If Britain had implemented knife control, that poor woman would still be alive today. The killer wouldn’t have just gone and found another way to kill her instead if knives were banned. Instead, he would have just magically integrated into the society peacefully.

Mark Rowley said among the injured were Australian, British and Israeli citizens. None have life threatening conditions.

He said the attacker was a Norwegian man of Somali origin.

This is Gustav. His parents are Norwegian. His entire cultural background and heritage is Norwegian. He has nothing in common with Somalia and its way of life, but he lives in Somalia, therefore he’s Somali.

If a guy of Norwegian origin came from Somalia, would you consider him to be Somali? I bet not, because we’re naturally conditioned to associate certain ethnic groups with certain geographical areas and certain specific cultural traits… except in predominantly white countries, were the dominant native white groups aren’t allowed to be considered “the norm” in their own ancestral homelands. Instead, we’re supposed to pretend that hostile and alien cultures with no connection to our nations, no connection to our histories, and absolutely no compatibility with our way of life are just as deserving as being thought of as one us as we are. This is ridiculous. A Somali man living in Norway is not Norwegian, because Norwegians aren’t just people who happen to be in the geographical location that is Norway. They are an ethnic group with a shared cultural, social, and genetic heritage. Norwegians are Norwegians, and Somalis are Somalis. The Norwegian people don’t deserve to be slurred by having this man associated with them.

At least Breivik was an actual Norwegian, so when his crimes were committed, it actually made sense to refer to him as such.

Police investigating the attacks are close to ruling out a terror motive, saying “mental health” was a significant factor.

Oh yes, this meme again. Hey everyone, it doesn’t matter that this violent and hostile savage who never should have been living among you, went on a killing spree, because his motivation wasn’t terrorism. He just had mental health problems.

Is this really supposed to make everything alright?  Terrorism isn’t the sole problem. Ethnically cleansing the indigenous European people by gradually replacing them with completely incompatible people from other parts of the world is the real problem. Terrorism is just one way that it manifests itself. Random violence with seemingly no motive like this is just another way.

Needless to say, the media leapt on this narrative of “it wasn’t terrorism”as usual, many making it the headline of their own reports.

The Guardian
Wall Street Journal
New York Post
Breaking News

“The investigation is fast paced and we are making urgent progress.

“While the investigation is not yet complete, all of the work that we have done so far increasingly points to having been triggered by mental health issues.

Mental health issues seems to be a reason that they’re very quick to blame whenever the killer is non-white. Any excuse they can find to lessen the blame to them, they’ll take it. I can guarantee you though that if had been a white guy and his victims were non-white, they would have blamed it on racism straight away. In fact, even if his victims had been other white people, they still would have found some way to hold him responsible for his own actions rather than making excuses.

Salon Tweets.PNG
White guy goes on racially motivated killing spree. All white people need to feel ashamed of it. Muslim goes on killing spree. “NOT ALL MUSLIMS YOU ISLAMOPHOBE!!!”

“At this time we believe this was a spontaneous attack and that the victims were selected at random.”

I can’t believe I used to think those boring diversity free times were all that great. Now we get to experience the excitement of possibly getting murdered randomly in the streets, thanks to the joys of multiculturalism.

The 19-year-old suspect has been arrested on suspicion of murder and is being detained in a South London police station.

Police say they have interviewed the suspect’s family and searched his address. They have also liaised with MI5 and MI6, and neither was aware of him.

Rowley said police had “searched addresses in north London” and would search another in south London.

Damn fine intelligence work there. Damn fine.

The new head investigator in Britain, on loan following his recent successes (or lack thereof) in preventing terrorism in France.

“I emphasise that so far we have found no evidence of radicalisation that would suggest that the man in our custody is in any way motivated by terrorism.”

“We just gotta keep pushing this narrative over and over and eventually, they might actually believe it.”

Rowley said the police started to receive calls from the public at 10.33pm local time to reports of a man attacking people with a knife.

Armed officers were there within six minutes, when they arrested the suspect after one of the officers took him down using a Taser, he said.

“Our firearms officers bravely rushed to that scene with very little information.

“They would not have known if this was an act of terrorism or a random attack we now know it to be.

Although I’m sure they would have pushed the “random attack” narrative anyway, seeing as they know that people are a lot more sensitive to the word “terrorism” than that term. Though as I already pointed out, the motivating factor doesn’t matter. It’s still ultimately another example of a violent outsider who never should have been here, killing native European people.

“They detained an armed and dangerous man – and resolved it using the minimum necessary force – no shots were fired.

Just as well. Seeing as Somali people are black, the Black Lives Matter people probably would have started another riot if he had been shot.

“We should be proud of them and the British tradition of using the minimum necessary force.”

Rowley said as a precautionary measure, the number of officers on the streets on Thursday have been increased.

Two people injured in the knife attack remain in hospital, while three others have been discharged.

But there’s still that one dead woman who needs to be remembered. She wouldn’t be dead right now if not for the disastrous policies that allowed that savage into Europe in the first place. And that’s the core point that needs to reiterated over and over again. These lives don’t have to be lost. We just need to come to our senses and start putting our own needs first and foremost.