No, I’m not dead.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything. Mainly, it’s because I’ve just been far too busy to do so, but there is another reason as well. Quite frankly, I’ve given up hope that we’re going to find a peaceful solution to the problems that our world is facing. I’ve fully resigned myself to the fact that total collapse and chaos is inevitable at this point.

Back in 2016 I was optimistic that we might very well be able to “democracy” our way out of the problems we were dealing with, afterall. In June that year, we saw the UK vote to leave the EU, and in November we saw the election of Donald Trump in America. Go back and read those articles and see how happy I was. I was convinced that these two events were the beginning of the pendulum swinging back at last. That finally the collective suicidal insanity of the Western world had been overcome, and that we would finally start looking out for our own interests again.

How naive I was. In my excitement, I underestimated two things. One, the apathy and cowardice of the majority of our people, as well as their genuine ignorance as to how serious the problems we’re facing really are. The vast majority of people have no idea what’s happening to the whites in South Africa, no idea what’s going on in Sweden, have no understanding of the real history between Europe and the Islamic world, etc., and therefore are incapable of perceiving the existential threat that we’re facing. If they don’t hear about it on their Facebook timeline, off some pontificating self-righteous dickhead in Hollywood, or on the mainstream media, then as far as they’re concerned, it couldn’t possibly be true.

“South Africa? You mean that country that Morgan Freeman was president of? Sorry, that’s not important to me. Now if you don’t mind, I gotta get home to watch the latest episode of Love Island.”

The other thing I underestimated was the resolve of our enemies. I forgot that for the enemy that this is life or death. They need us to be weak in order for them to survive. This is a plan more than a century in the making, and they can’t allow any resistance to it now, when they’re so close to reaching the point of no return. They know that if we started acting in our own interests again, and realised that it isn’t necessary to destroy ourselves, that people would start asking questions about why we were even doing so in the first place.

And if we were to start asking “why”, it would inevitably lead to the question of “who” is to blame. And if that was to happen…


Our enemies have a stranglehold over the mainstream media, the financial system, pop culture, and pretty much every institution of relevance in the world. Just because they lost a couple of battles, doesn’t mean they’re in a position that requires surrender just yet. They still have the power to fight back, and as the escalation in conflict and division over the past few years has shown, that is exactly what they’ve chosen to do.

In the past few months I’ve just watched the situation deteriorate further. Instead of giving the British people the Brexit they voted for, I can see them ending up in a scenario were they actually get the worst of both worlds. Trapped in a free travel agreement with a continuation of unrestricted migration and tax-payer money being siphoned out of the country, but without the ability to actually vote on anything, like an actual EU member. Good job Theresa May. Much like your fellow childless hag, Angela Merkel, you won’t have any descendants to suffer the consequences of your actions, but your name will be cursed by your people, centuries after you’re gone… or at least it will, if there even are anymore Britons in Britain in a few centuries (I’m starting to doubt there will, myself).

In America, Trump has been failing hard. We’re more than two years in to his term, and we still see no signs of that border wall. We instead hear rhetoric about starting a war with Venezuela, and we see him talking about increasing “legal” immigration to the highest levels ever. God forbid that employers might have to actually raise wages for American workers, or begin investment in automation. Gotta keep wages down, so lets import infinity “legal” immigrants in order to depress wages as much as possible.

I’see this all the time. Economic illiterates om social media demanding the end of capitalism and the implementation of higher wages, while at the same time demanding unrestricted immigration. The law of supply and demand is too advanced a concept to comprehend for these idiots, who only understand feelings rather than logic.

At least he’s kept all his promises to Israel. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Cutting off all aid to the Palestinians. Passing the bill to send 38 Billion dollars to Israel over the next decade. I’m sure that will go down well with his  “America First” support base. Forget about “Make America Great Again”, there’s another slogan which is much more appropriate.

He’s been doing such a good job on the “Israel First” front, that the Jews might make an exception in his case and let him be the first Goyim Israeli President or even Prime Minister.

The straw that really broke the camel’s back for me though was the recent terrorist attack in Christ Church. Yes, I do consider it a terrorist attack. Yes the victims were Muslims, and the killer was a white guy. Yes, I oppose it completely.

However the reaction in the mainstream media and social media, seems to be a combination of obsessive virtue signalling and giddy thrill. I truly believe that many people are delighted that this attack has happened, not because they want to see Muslims die, but because FINALLY, they have a fresh “white supremacist” terror attack  that fits their narrative. They get an excuse to virtue signal and show off how progressive and caring they are. The dead Muslims are just a tool to be utilised. They get an excuse to talk about how Muslims are the real victims, and that white men are the real threat. Sure let’s forget the fact that the statistics disagree.

Feelings are all that matter. They don’t give a damn about any of the victims. They care about how they can exploit the incident to portray themselves as moral people. “OMG my heart goes out to the victims of *insert terrorist attack here*. My prayers are with their families. Please give me Facebook likes and tell me what a compassionate soul I am”. Pathological altruism is a myth, in my opinion. Pathological virtue signalling is what it actually is, and it makes me sick.

I look at the attacker, and I see people trying to figure out “why did he do it?” It’s not a fucking mystery, it’s actually quite obvious to anyone with even a shred of common sense. He did it, because he felt he had no other choice. And why did he feel he had no choice? Well, if I haven’t managed to explain that already in the previous 4 years that I’ve been writing this blog, or even just within the first few paragraphs of this post, then I doubt I’ll be able to explain it any better now.

I think this attack was a game changer because the killer in this case wasn’t like any other white mass shooters. Most of them tend to be anti-social weirdos with all kinds of personal problems. This guy in comparison came off as quite normal. He wasn’t an incel. He wasn’t a victim of bullying. He didn’t have a criminal history, he was in good shape etc. He was not the kind of person you would expect to do something like this, because unlike most of these shooters, this was a guy who actually had something to lose.

So when you take that into consideration, it begs this question. If a guy who had something to lose, was pushed far enough that he felt he had no other choice, but to do something so horrific, can you imagine how far the most downtrodden young white men will go? I’m talking about those with no friends, no dating prospects (incels), no worthwhile job opportunities (gotta give preference to minorities first), who are also constantly reminded and shamed for how “privileged” they are, who are driven close to the point of suicide, and who don’t even so much as have the option to vent about their frustrations, because their views are censored from the internet. Can you imagine it?

I think we’re going to see a lot more bloodshed, and from both sides. Muslims are already calling for “revenge” attacks in retaliation, but I can see other young white men following in the footsteps of Brenton Tarrant. The political / democratic solution has failed to do what was needed, and people are being pushed to their limits.

And personally, I just don’t care anymore. I was hoping for the peaceful solution, but at this point, I no longer think that’s an option.

Car plows into crowd in Sweden.

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted about any terrorist attacks in quite some time, something I used to do on very regular basis. This isn’t because they haven’t still been happening. It’s because it was quite frankly happening so often, that it was actually getting boring to post about it every time. There once was a time (like three years ago), when any one of these attacks would have been the top international news story for a week or so. It was unusual and shocking to see these attacks take place. But that was then, and in just a few short years, it has happened so often, that it has gone from being something shocking and traumatic, to being the new normal. Nobody is phased anymore. People just take it for granted, that this sort of thing is going to happen every once in a while. We’ve been desensitised.

Nevertheless, just because I’m no longer writing about every single attack that happens, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing about them entirely. Sometimes, I come across a story that I actually feel is still worth taking a look at. And with that in mind, lets do exactly that.

From Express

A CAR ploughed into a crowd of children and their parents on a walk near Karlshamn, in Sweden, police revealed today. 

Those damn self driving cars and their propensity to run over people. Must be a Tesla model.

Wanted: For creating self-driving cars, while high as a kite.

Two pupils were hurt with a police manhunt now underway.

A manhunt? So that means there was a driver then? Guess it wasn’t a Tesla after all.

Apologies Mr. Musk. I’ll never judge you again. Well, at least not until your next rocket explodes.

A spokesman for ‘s police service said children “threw themselves” out of the way of the car, which appeared to have aimed directly for the group of 100 people.

He said: “The car accelerated into the group of students and teachers.

“The car increased speed and drove straight towards them.

So it was no accident then? I wonder what the actual motivation could be?

I’m going to predict “Mental Illness” myself.

“He drove into two of the students. One was injured on the wrist and possibly the other student was also injured.”

Thankfully, very little damage was done. Not only is the guy who did this, a massive piece of shit, but he’s also a massive failure as well. Plows into a crowd of 100, and doesn’t even manage to kill one.

Police have today appealed for any information on the horrifying incident, which took place at 1pm local time (12pm BST) yesterday.

Rest easy everyone. The Swedish police are on the case.

I bet people feel safer already.

The group was made up of 100 children and 10 teachers from Mjallby secondary school.

They were walking from Hinnedalsvagen to Grundsjon as part of a social event. 

The car was described as a black or dark blue Saab. It was driving at around 25mph when it hit the crowd. 

The driver fled the scene, police said.

Notice how there’s no description of the attacker? Just in case you need a reminder why this is…

But yeah, I think we can safely guess the background of the attacker, just from pattern recognition.

Witnesses were unable to identify whether the driver was male of female. 

Actually, you know what?Maybe it was a native Swede after all.

“We’re unable to identify whether they’re male or female”.

Police are appealing for any information. 

And no doubt, if someone calls up and gives the police an accurate description of what the attacker looks like, the caller will probably be arrested instead, for “hate speech”.

You had your chance Sweden, just a few short weeks ago, to try and vote your way out of this mess. Instead, you chose to vote for more of the same. So enjoy the results of the vote, Swedes. Something tells me, that the next four years are going to be very long and very difficult for you.

A Tale of Two Cities.


Wow we had a pretty quiet few weeks there for a while. I was starting to think that integration efforts had finally succeeded, and that terrorism would now be a thing of the past. Well actually no, I didn’t really think that at all, because I’m not a naive idiot with a complete inability to understand the relationship between cause and effect. The only thing that surprises me is how long it has been since anything notable has happened. Must be a good three weeks or so. I guess that’s why we had to get three incidents in a single day. Got to make up for lost time and try to maintain the average of one per week.

Something tells me that the tree has grown a lot bigger in the time since this photo was taken.

From Evening Standard

Police have launched a terrorism investigation after an explosion on a Tube train at Parsons Green station on Friday morning.

The blast sent a “shot of flames” through the packed rush hour train, injuring 29 people.

Commuters described mass panic as people fled from the train and platform out of the south west London station.

Here is everything we know about what happened so far:

  • The blast happened at 8.20am on Friday on a train at Parsons Green station, on the District line route between Earl’s Court and Wimbledon in south west London.
  • Witnesses said the Tube train had pulled into the station and the doors had just opened when the explosion went off in the last carriage. Passengers described a “heat wave” and “wall of flame”which was sent through the carriage.
  • The British Transport Police, Met armed police and officers, firefighters and paramedics from the London Ambulance Service attended. Six London Fire Brigade crews and 50 firefighters were sent to the scene within three minutes. The first ambulance crew arrived within five minutes.
  • Around two hours after the suspected attack, Scotland Yard declared it a terrorist incident. A counter-terror investigation was launched.
  • The Met confirmed the blast was an “improvised explosive device” which had been detonated. Photos on social media show what appears to be a bucket, wrapped in a Lidl carrier bag, with wires protruding from it.
  • 29 people in total were injured. Nineteen people were taken to hospital by paramedics and the others arrived at hospital themselves. Eight people were discharged from hospital at around 4.30pm.
  • Police said most of the injuries are believed to be flash burns. None of those injured are thought to be in a serious or life-threatening condition. The injured are in hospitals across London including Imperial, Chelsea and Westminster, Guy’s and St Thomas’ and a Parsons Green urgent care centre.
  • Officers said they are working with intelligence agency MI5.
  • The suspect believed to be behind the blast has not yet been found and no arrests have been made.
  • The District line was suspended between Wimbledon and Edgware Road.
  • Prime Minister Theresa May is to chair an emergency Cobra meeting later on Friday. She said: “My thoughts are with those injured at Parsons Green and the emergency services who, once again, are responding swiftly and bravely to a suspected terrorist incident.”
  • Firefighters also helped evacuate 253 people from a train which was not involved in the explosion, but which had been stopped on tracks nearby.
  • The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, will also join intelligence and security officials for the Cobra meeting. In a statement he said: “Our city utterly condemns the hideous individuals who attempt to use terror to harm us and destroy our way of life. As London has proven again and again, we will never be intimidated or defeated by terrorism.
  • The Met Police and Theresa May has responded to a tweet by President Donald Trump, rebuking his speculation. The US leader said: “Another attack in London by a loser terrorist. These are sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard.” The PM said: “I never think it’s helpful for anybody to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation.” The Met said his comments were “unhelpful” and “pure speculation”.
  • The public has been warned to expect an “enhanced police presence” on Friday.
  • Police have cordoned off and evacuated an area of 50 metres in radius around Parsons Green station, including residents’ homes while officers secure the DIY explosive device.
  • Anyone with any information is asked to call detectives on the hotline 0800 789 321. Anyone with any pictures from the scene is urged to send them to

Something tells me that we won’t be seeing London’s Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan being hounded by the media to condemn this act of violence, in the same way that Trump was hounded by the media to condemn the violent “white supremacists” of Charlottesville. Yes, I’m aware that he apparently has condemned it, but sure Trump condemned what happened in Charlottesville too, and it still didn’t stop him getting hounded.

Oh btw, that Charlottesville narrative is collapsing too. The “white supremacist terrorist” didn’t even hit the woman he supposedly killed. She apparently died of a heart attack.

Not even in the car’s path. Instead, she was knocked to the ground by people in the crowd.

Anyway, while London was having its own case of “cultural enrichment”, Paris didn’t want to feel left out, and ended up having not one, but two of its own. Those wacky French people. Always having to show us who the real champs are in terms of sheer number of terrorist incidents.


From Independent (UK)

A man has been arrested after attacking a soldier on patrol in Paris.

The soldier was attacked from behind by a man wielding a knife at about 6.30am. The man was also reported to have referenced Isis during the assault in a major subway interchange.

The incident, in which the soldier in question was not injured, was the latest of several attacks on troops deployed in large numbers to patrol sensitive places in France after a series of attacks by Islamist militants that have killed more than 230 people in France in the past three years.

The latest incident was confirmed by armed forces minister Florence Parly in an interview on Europe 1 radio.

The man is not thought to have been known to police, according to French media.

Police spokeswoman Johana Primevert said the incident took place in the Chatelet station in central Paris. Traffic and access to the station, which serves multiple subway and commuter train lines, quick resumed.

Thousands of troops and police officers are deployed in France’s Operation Sentinelle, launched after the January 2015 terror attacks.

The attack came the day after the government announced changes to the force, with a greater focus on temporary and seasonal events. The soldiers still will patrol around major tourist sites, places of worship, train stations and airports. 

Now it’s one thing when it’s a soldier who gets attacked. The idiots who defend this insanity can at least attempt to justify it in their own minds by claiming that it was a response to French military aggression in the Muslim world… or something to that effect. But how can they possibly justify something like this?

From BBC

A man is on the run after injuring two women with a hammer in Chalon-sur-Saône, in eastern France.

The women were allegedly assaulted, about 15 minutes apart, by a man just before midday on Friday.

Witnesses said the suspect shouted “Allahu Akbar” (“God is greatest” in Arabic) during the attacks.

French prosecutors say they are treating the incident as a possible terror attack, but did not rule out other motives.

The women’s injuries are not life-threatening, and local media report that they have already been released from hospital.

Officials asked locals not to share information on social media about the location of police while the manhunt for the attacker was still under way.

Earlier on Friday a man was arrested at Châtelet metro station in Paris after reportedly attacking a soldier with a knife at 06:30 (04:30 GMT).

It was the latest in a string of assaults against French troops, who have been deployed across the country in response to recent terror attacks.

The soldier was not injured in the incident.

All I can say is that luckily enough, nobody seems to have been killed in any of these latest attacks. But how long will that luck hold out? As I’ve said time and time again, this is never going to just suddenly stop. It’s just going to keep happening and becoming more frequent, until one of two things happen:

  1. Europeans surrender and submit to the will of Islam.
  2. Europeans rise up and demand the removal of Islam from its borders, much like our ancestors spent over 1300 years doing.

There is no third option.

Unfortunately I’m still not optimistic that we’re any closer to option two being accepted yet.

Another week, another case of cultural enrichment in Paris.

The counter has clearly seen better days.

I haven’t been posting a whole lot recently because I’ve been feeling somewhat burned out from the daily grind of being awake to the sheer insanity that the Western world is living under these days. Sooner or later, it takes its toll on you, and you just need to take a break. Because of this, I have actually missed out on writing about several attacks that have taken place in various European countries the past few weeks. Really, what can I say that I haven’t already said several times already? The formula for when these attacks happen is so predictable at this point, that there’s really not much new that I can say. It always goes something like this:

  • A report comes out of a bombing/mass stabbing/vehicular attack, in some random European city.
  • Details about the suspect are kept as vague as possible (unless it’s one of the rare cases were it’s a white guy, in which case, details are reported immediately).
  • Occasionally, it is reported that the suspect yelled “ALLAHU AKBAR” before attacking. Motivation for attack is apparently “unclear”
Just in case you’ve forgotten…
  • Comment sections on articles about the attack devolve into arguments between “racists” who predict that it was a Muslim, and people who are more concerned about condemning these “racist” comments, than about the attack itself.
  • Eventually, it is revealed that it was indeed a Muslim. Media claim that the attacker was suffering from “mental illness”, just like every other attacker who coincidentally, attacks in the name of Islam.


  • Media starts talking about how “right wing extremists” (who almost never kill anyone) are the real threat, and that normal Muslims are the real victims, because people are saying mean things about their religious beliefs, and this is apparently much more damaging than being killed.
  • Nobody learns their lesson, and people continue on like normal, until the next attack happens, at which point, the cycle repeats itself.

Anyway, I wanted to draw attention to the fact that France has experienced yet another attack today, not because there’s anything original or noteworthy about it, but because it happened shortly after a new law came into place in France recently. This law prevents people convicted of actions related to any form of discrimination, including racism, from running for political office in the country.

The problem is that as we all know, the bar for what is actually considered “racism” in most European countries, is pretty low, so low in fact, that often just speaking out about what is happening, can be considered racist. So in other words, if a person actually speaks out about what is happening and wishes to run for political office and implement changes to stop it from continuing, they run the risk of being banned from even doing so. This is a complete violation of democracy, and pretty much makes it impossible anymore for France to even save itself through democratic means. It makes it so that the people will no longer have anyone to choose from, if they want a candidate who will deal with the mass immigration and terrorism that is plaguing their country.

You should have voted for Le Pen when you had the chance to, France.

This shows the desperation of our enemies. They can see that the people are waking up to what they’re doing, and now in their panic to shut us down, their masks have slipped, and they’re showing their true colours. They want nothing less than our complete extermination, and they’ll do whatever it takes to prevent us from stopping it. The problem is, that as JFK himself once said:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

France had a violent revolution before, when the people were pushed too far. With democratic options being taken off the table, they might eventually feel as if they have no other choice, but to do it again…

Possibly coming soon…


A reversal of roles for a change.

This hypocritical idiot doesn’t realise that he would be thrown off the top of a building for the lifestyle he lives, by the same people he is so desperate to defend.  This level of stupidity is exactly why the Western world is dying.

This isn’t a topic I expected to be addressing anytime soon, but it would be remiss of me and quite hypocritical, if I decided to ignore it, just because it doesn’t fit a narrative that I believe in. Apparently there has been yet another terrorist attack in Britain. Like many previous attacks, both in Britain, and in several other European countries, the weapon of choice was a motorised vehicle. However there is one key difference between this attack and all the others we’ve seen as of late. In this case, rather than a Muslim attacking a group of innocent white people, it was a white man attacking a group of innocent Muslims.

We’re going to have to update the score for “Muslims killed by Islamophobes”.
There we go. So the global score for Ramadan attacks so far is 139 to 1. Just watch as that one attack becomes the only one that matters.

I’m really not happy that this attack has taken place. Quite frankly, it accomplishes nothing, except giving ammunition to the controlled media and the drooling imbeciles who listen to them and parrot their lies, that there is somehow an epidemic of Islamophobic hate crimes, and that Muslims are the “real victims”. They finally have a new incident they can cite as an example of “white terrorism” and “Islamophobic violence”, and you can be sure that even a decade or so from now, they’ll still be citing it and drawing a false equivalence between it, and each of the dozens of Islamic terror attacks that will inevitably happen in the same time period.

Sure, they still bring up Anders Breivik, all these years later.

At the same time, a part of me isn’t really surprised that this has finally happened. I mean, how much longer could the things that have been happening go on the way they were? There’s been a near constant spate of Muslim on non-Muslim violence in Europe for the past few years, and Britain itself saw three major attacks occur within the space of three months. That’s not even taking into account the huge number of Muslim grooming gangs that have been raping white English girls for the past few decades, or any other violent crimes that they have committed against the native Brits. The police have failed miserably, to protect people. The media has tried to cover things up and downplay the significance of what is happening. The political establishment has ignored the problem and has continued to pursue policies that only make the problem worse. Can anyone really be surprised that after all this has been going on, that finally someone would snap and lash out in retaliation?

Just to be clear, I am not in any way condoning what happened. As I already said, this doesn’t do us any favours and I really wish that it didn’t happen. At the same time, I don’t think those of us who are speaking up about this problem have anything to apologise for. All we’re doing is drawing attention to what is happening. Much like the victims of every other terrorists attack that has occurred, these innocent Muslims are victims of the failed multicultural project, that has been forced on European nations against the collective will of the populace already living there. I can only hope that there won’t be an escalation of violence because of this, but I’m far too cynical to expect that this will be the case. I can’t see this situation ending well at all.


Yet another Terror attack in London.

Is this real life?

Well, it has happened yet again. We’re less than three months removed from the last terror attack in London, and less than two weeks since the last terror attack in England overall. In fact, the Manchester attack is so recent, that it hadn’t even stopped being a top news story yet.

“About 27,100,000″ results.”

But hey, you know what this means right? Yep, it’s time to reset the counter…. AGAIN!!!!

At least we have a slightly different image now, instead of just re-posting the same one over and over.

I don’t really know what to say at this point. What more can I say really, that I haven’t already said countless times already? I’m sure all 2 or 3 of my readers are just as bored with reading the same lines repeatedly every time this sort of thing happens, as I am with writing them.

Wow, this mysterious fellow here, posting on The Journal’s article about the attack, sure sums up how I feel right now. I bet he’s very intelligent, and possibly very handsome too.

It has in all honesty, gotten very difficult to feel any emotion anymore. I’m never taken by surprise anymore, anytime I hear about one of these attacks. If anything, I’m more surprised on the rare occasions when it turns out to be something other than a terrorist attack, for example, the fairly recent Times Square incident. As for the victims, I find that my sense of compassion for them is getting lower and lower each time. Yes, I still hate seeing innocent people losing their lives so needlessly, but at the same time I’m feeling a sense of “What are they doing to protect themselves and their countries?” I just feel a sense of… a sense of… oh, how do I put it into words?

Wow, this guy has summed up my feelings on the matter perfectly, yet again.

^Yep, that’s it. That’s what I’m feeling. It’s not so much that I feel that the victims deserve it. Of course not. However, this keeps happening again and again and again, all across Europe. It’s completely obvious to anyone with pattern recognition skills (ie, anyone, seeing as we’re biologically hardwired for it), that there is a pattern here. Muslims are waging war against our way of life, and are never going to stop until we either submit to their will, or are all dead. Yet instead of acknowledging this obvious reality, the vast majority of people won’t speak up about it. People are more afraid of being thought of as being “racist” or “Islamophobic”, than getting killed. How can anyone be expected to feel sympathy for people who would rather be dead, raped, or enslaved, than getting called names? It’s absolutely pathetic and it really makes me question sometimes, if we’re even worth saving.

At least nobody ever called them “racist”.

Then, I remind myself that not everyone is like this. There are people out there with the courage to speak their minds and point out that the Emperor is naked. To all those who do speak up about what’s happening, regardless of the consequences for doing so, I would just like to say thank you. You help to remind me, that there is still some hope for saving our people and our way of life, and this prevents me from giving up on caring altogether. I only hope that that for everyone else, those who are still asleep, that the wake-up call comes sooner, rather than later. Because if they don’t wake up soon, and start acknowledging the existential threat that we’re facing, then they’re going to get us all killed.



Horrific terrorist attack in Manchester

This is definitely the most used image on this blog at this point.

So there was an attack last night at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. I was up last night, getting the live updates as they were reported. At the time it was unconfirmed what had actually happened. There were rumours that some helium balloons had burst, making a sound similar to that of an explosion, which caused concert-goers to panic and stampede, trampling and killing/injuring other people in the process. There were rumours that an electrical transformer had exploded and that this is what had killed people. Then of course there were the rumours that it was a terrorist attack, which is only natural of course seeing as terrorist attacks happen almost constantly in Europe these days.

I didn’t want to write about it myself until we had confirmation about what exactly had happened, but now we do. Apparently it was a suicide bomber. So yeah, those who assumed it was yet another terrorist attack, assumed correctly. I can remember last week when a drunk Mexican driver ran over a bunch of people in Times Square, most people naturally assumed it was a terrorist attack, because from initial reports, it fit the pattern of vehicle based terror attacks that have been plaguing European cities for the past year or so. Then when it was confirmed that it wasn’t a terrorist attack, the liberal apologists were out in force in comments sections, sneering at all the “racists” and “Islamophobes”, who had incorrectly presumed that it was terrorism, because of their ability to recognise precadant.

“Yay, hooray, those innocent people weren’t killed by Muslim terrorists, you racist Islamophobic scum. It was a drunk driver. You were wrong, wrong, wrong, to just assume that it was terrorism. I’m so happy that it wasn’t a Muslim this time because now I get to mock you for being wrong for once, instead of the ten or so previous times were you ended up being right. What? Oh I don’t care that innocent people actually died. I’m just glad that it wasn’t a Muslim who did it, because it means that you’re wrong.”

The problem isn’t that people died. The real problem is that people might make mean comments about Muslims, on the internet about it.

There’s not really more that I can say at this point, that I haven’t already said countless times already. Rather than saying anymore, I’ll just finish off with this latest video from “Black Pigeon Speaks”.

German football team bus attacked.

Yet again…

A terrorist attack?

In Germany?

Who could have possibly seen something like that happening?

From BBC

German police have detained a suspect with “Islamist links” following a bomb attack on the bus of the Borussia Dortmund football team.

Damn… and there I was, expecting it would be some blond haired, blue eyed, native German, by the name of Fritz. Maybe next time.

Prosecutors also said the three explosive devices contained metal pieces.

All the better to tear a body apart with.

Two letters claiming the attack on Tuesday evening were being investigated, they said.

Prosecutors are treating the blasts as a terrorist attack but say the precise motive is unclear at present.

Yes, lets not be hasty and make rash judgements. We should probably wait until a proper investigation is done, before making assumptions.

Though I do 100% guarantee that if a white guy had attacked Muslims, they’d instantly assume that it was racially motivated, and the media would have 24/7 coverage about the horrible epidemic of white supremacy and racism.

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday said the attack was “an appalling crime” and praised the fans of both teams for coming together.

Merkel is responsible for this. She was the one who decided to invite the entire third world to come live in Germany, and it’s no coincidence that the number of rapes and terrorist attacks in Germany have increased ever since. She has to go.

There is an election soon enough. Hopefully the Germans will see sense and get rid of her.

Fans are arriving at Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund for the rescheduled Champions League quarter-final first-leg, set to kick off at 18:45 local time (16:45 GMT).

Earlier, a spokeswoman for Germany’s federal prosecutor, Frauke Koehler, said: “Two suspects from the Islamist spectrum have become the focus of our investigation. Both of their apartments were searched, and one of the two has been detained.”

I bet they were already well known to authorities, if they were found this quickly. Remind me again, why exactly these monsters are free to live in Europe?

German media are reporting that the suspect detained is a 25-year-old Iraqi, and the second suspect is a 28-year-old German.



Call it a hunch, but I reckon this “German” suspect, is a bit hairier and darker skinned than this guy. I’d also bet his name isn’t very German sounding either.

The blast radius of the attack was about 100m. Prosecutors said it was lucky the casualties were not worse.

“We’re so lucky that the hostile invaders who are constantly attacking us, and have killed untold numbers already, didn’t do so much damage this time.”

Ms Koehler said a piece of shrapnel had embedded itself in the headrest of one of the seats on the team bus.

Imagine if a person had been sitting in that seat.

She said three copies of the same letter were found near the site of the blasts, indicating that the attacker had links to so-called Islamic State (IS). IS had said it carried out the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin in December that killed 12 people.

ISIS will claim responsibility for every attack committed by a Muslim, whether they’re a member of their organisation or not.

Ms Koehler said the letter demanded “the withdrawal of [German] tornado fighter jets from Syria and, I quote, the closure of Ramstein airbase.”

Ramstein is a significant US Air Force base. The text is being analysed to see if it is authentic.

And then once that is done, they’ll be satisfied, and won’t commit acts of terrorism in Europe anymore.


The Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper said the letter began with the phrase “in the name of Allah”.

But it said it was possible the perpetrators were deliberately trying to mislead the investigation.

Honestly, it is quite possible and all avenues should be investigated before jumping to conclusions. Maybe some far-right, Neo Nazi group, staged the attack, in order to frame Muslims for it.

A second letter was published online, in which left-wing extremist groups claimed to have carried out the attack, but prosecutors had reason to believe this letter was not authentic.

… Or maybe it was just Communist scum instead. As an alternative to a Muslim attack, this is probably the next most likely explanation, seeing as usually, it’s leftist groups like Antifa who are most likely to be behind politically motivated violence. YouTube is full of videos of them attacking people.

What happened on Tuesday evening?

Borussia Dortmund players were on their way to their home Champions League quarter-final first-leg match against Monaco, when three explosive charges detonated, police said.

Spain international Marc Bartra underwent an operation after breaking a bone in his wrist. No other players were hurt, but a police officer on a motorbike escorting the bus suffered trauma from the noise of the explosions.

Several reports said the explosives had been hidden in a hedge.

Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Burki told Swiss news outlet Blick that the bus had turned on to the main road when there was a loud noise.

The players ducked to the floor of the bus, not knowing if there would be more blasts, he said.

Captain Marcel Schmelzer added “we’re all in shock” but their thoughts were with their injured colleague. The 80,000-capacity Signal Iduna Park was later evacuated safely.

Isn’t Germany such an exciting country these days?

Despite the apparent claim of an Islamist motive, the attack does not have much in common with previous such attacks, says the BBC’s correspondent in Berlin, Damien McGuinness.

The explosives were not designed to cause maximum damage in a crowd – or to target the stadium itself, which is several kilometres away.

Maybe they just couldn’t get that far. Or maybe the bus was just their preferred target.

Either left-wing or right-wing extremists could also be to blame.

Perhaps. We’ll just have to see what the investigation turns up.

How have people reacted?

Monaco fans at the stadium were praised for their chants of support for Dortmund.

Social media also carried offers from Dortmund residents to Monaco fans in need of a bed for the night on #bedforawayfans.

Fifa president Gianni Infantino said the football organising body condemned the incident and wished Bartra a “speedy recovery”.

Security is tight for the rescheduled match, with no backpacks being allowed to be brought in to the stadium. Fans were told to arrive early.

“We want to show that terror and hatred can never dictate our actions,” Borussia Dortmund chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke said.

My guess is that no lesson has been learned here.

Another truck attack. Sweden this time.

I’ve lost count of the resets at this point.

So with all the worry we’re probably feeling right now with regards to the actions of the Ex-Glorious Leader towards Syria, it can be easy to forget that there are plenty of other serious problems going on, that seem to be getting worse and worse. The near constant terror attacks being the biggest problem I’m referring to specifically. There seems to be a trend these days in Europe, for terrorists to pick vehicles as their weapon of choice when making attacks. The most recent successful example was in London. The day after, there was a failed attempt in Antwerp, Belgium. Just before Christmas, we had one in Berlin, and in July last year, there was the first notable example (that I can remember at least) in Nice, France.

Well today, Stockholm, Sweden, has joined this club. A man (who I’m sure the media will probably tell us was suffering from “mental illness”) drove a truck into the crowd, leaving four people dead in the process. So far, I haven’t seen either his name or his motivation for the attack being reported yet, but there does exist this picture of the “suspect”.

Just your typical blond haired, blue eyed, Swede here. I bet his name is probably Sven.

There’s nothing I can really say right now, that I haven’t said dozens of times already. No matter what the media says, this isn’t a case of “mental illness”, or “failure to integrate”. No, this is just another example of a soldier from an invading army, waging war against the European people that this army is attempting to conquer and subjugate. There’s never going to be any integration, unless we surrender to them and integrate with their way of life. That’s the precise aim of these constant terrorists attacks. It’s not about revenge for Western actions in the Muslim world, and there’s no way we can appease them, except for total and unconditional surrender. These constant terror attacks are supposed to break our will, until eventually we’ll submit to Islamic domination, just to make it stop.

And surrender is one of only two ways we can make it stop. The other way, is to recognise what is happening, and to do whatever is necessary to prevent it, which means putting an end to mass Islamic immigration to the West, and the repatriation of millions of those who are already living here. There is no conceivable third option. I challenge anyone to try and think of one.

Terror attack in London.


So who would have thought it? There’s been yet another terrorist attack in a European city (London this time). You know what the most shocking thing of all is about this? It’s the fact that people still act shocked when this sort of thing happens. I don’t understand how people can really be shocked by these incidents anymore. We’ve seen this pattern play out over and over again. All over Europe, in countries in which there are large Muslim minorities, we’re seeing a drastic increase in violent attacks (whether it be terrorism, rapes, or just other forms of violence) being committed against the native populations. In fact, the current Muslim mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, literally came out and said that terrorism is just ‘part and parcel’ of living in a major city.

“Sorry infidels. Terrorism is just a normal unavoidable inconvenience… like the rain. There’s no stopping it, so you’ll just have to get used to it.”

It’s completely insane how people just aren’t able to see what’s going on. We’re literally in a war for our very survival against a force that is invading our lands, outbreeding us, and is quickly ramping up the violence against us. There’s never going to be a point were they suddenly decide to integrate peacefully, and adopt our cultural values. They’ve been coming to Europe for the past 50 years or so, with some of them now being third generation settlers, and they’ve still shown absolutely no indication that they’re any closer to integrating. If anything, the more their numbers increase, the less they seem to integrate.

The problem is, most people on our side don’t realise yet that we’re in a war, and aren’t willing to say that enough is enough. Eventually, something has got to give. We can’t keep living under these conditions. What was once something very rare, started happening every few months, then it was every few weeks. Pretty soon, there’ll be attacks like this happening every few days, then every day, then every hour. Eventually, we’ll be forced to submit to Islamic rule, just to stop the attacks from happening. That is, unless people wake up and resist. There are literally only three options left now. Submit. Die. Or fight.